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airNEWS: 2012/12/15

Banner year for safety in global aviation (TN) Flying has never been safer, according to the International Airline Transport Association (Iata), unless you happen to be flying in Africa. To November 30 this

2012 named safest year in civil aviation history (_PST) 2012, safest year in aviation history air accident rate was at a record low this year, making 2012 the safest year in civil aviation history, a media report said.

Neema Swai a Woman Flying Her Dream (ALLA) It was on a Monday afternoon around 3 O'clock at Progress Flight Academy in South Africa, an aviation training institute, when a young female trainee pilot

Cessna aircraft makes crash landing in Malir Cantt (NWS_) The concerned circles associated with the aviation industry have been severely criticising since long the role of the Civil Aviation Authority, as the state's

HAMM member and passenger killed in small plane crash (TYLE) For the second time in less than five months the the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum family in Tyler is mourning the loss of a member killed in a plane crash.

World War II Fighter Raised From Lake Michigan (CHIC) The aircraft, which is still owned by the U.S. Navy, will be shipped to the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida for restoration. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty

WWII era plane recovered from depths of Lake Michigan (WREX) The FM 2 "Wildcat" Fighter was recovered on Friday during an operation sponsored by the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation. The group hopes to eventually

Pearl Harbor Day event pulls up old fighter plane, and zebra ... (WBEZ) The plane was requested by the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Greenhill was joined by his extended family, many of whom are aviation

WWII era plane found at bottom of lake (WZZM) The Naval Aviation Museum Foundation is sponsoring the recovery. The aircraft crashed during training near Waukegan, IL in December 1944. WFLD/CNN

Strengthen English Skills in China's Aviation Industry (ENGL) Several Chinese airlines and other aviation industry companies gathered Friday in Beijing for a seminar to discuss the importance of English language

We didn't ground Hardy Aviation CASA (NWSB) The Northern Territory's biggest airline, Hardy Aviation, has grounded its flights after the regulator wrote to the airline on Friday about safety issues. The airline's

Human Factors In Aviation Safety (LEAD) The people who operate and support the Nigerian aviation system are crucial to its safety

Pilot dies in Manhattan (JRLD) A longtime business partner said the pilot killed in a plane crash in the Will County village of Manhattan was the president of Bemidji Aviation Services in

Bemidji Aviation president, Diffley, killed in plane crash (GZTR) Shough is vice president of Bemidji Aviation. Shough tells the Bemidji Aviation employees issued a statement expressing sympathy to the Diffley family.

Stall Training Issue Addressed by FAA, Aviation Industry (ONLA) Firefighters extinguish flames at the crash site of Continental Connection Flight 3407 operated by Colgan Air, near Buffalo, N.Y., on Feb. 13, 2009. Forty nine

AVIATION: Digging out info on plane crashes nationwide (BLOG) Crash investigators inspect a helicopter that struck a metal canopy atop refueling pumps and exploded at Corona Municipal Airport on Nov. 26, 2012.

Plane Crash Kills Bemidji Aviation Head (MINN) MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) The head of a small Minnesota aviation company is Diffley was the president of Bemidji Aviation Services and was contracted by

Partner: Pilot killed in crash was inspecting pipeline (TRNC) Shough said he and Diffley bought the aviation company in 1970 after the two met Bemidji Aviation employees issued a statement expressing sympathy to the

Government reject Erebus disaster report claims (HRDN) The New Zealand Airline Pilots' Association this week claimed the Mahon report into the 1979 tragedy has not been lodged with the International Civil Aviation

All 29 onboard survive Indian Ocean plane crash (TDYU) The Aviation Herald cited two "minor" injuries. EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a developing story. It will be updated as new details emerge, or in the event local officials

Nigeria Loses 1166 Lives In 131 Air Crashes � AON (OSUN) He commended the Federal Government and the Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah, for lifting the suspension placed on Dana Airline following the June

CEO of Bemidji Aviation killed in plane crash in Illinois (KARE) Diffley and a business partner bought Bemidji Aviation Services, Inc. in 1970, according Bemidji Aviation provides passenger and cargo flights as well as other

Will County: Plane crashes into field (JRLD) one dead

One Killed In Will County Plane Crash (CHIC) The Federal Aviation Administration and Will County Sheriff's police said the plane went down around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday. The plane was obliterated upon

Indonesia approves Russian Superjet flights (EN__) "The Indonesian civil aviation authority simply validates an existing type Indonesia is one of the last major aviation growth markets with a population of 240

NZ not yet fulfilling aviation safety obligations (SCOO) 33 years on from the Erebus Disaster, and the failure to submit the Mahon report to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) means New Zealand is

Sukhoi deemed airworthy before Salak crash inquiry ends (TPST) The ministry's Civil Aviation Directorate validated a type certificate for the Superjet 100 on Tuesday, clearing the way for Sukhoi to deliver orders for the 100 seat

Ensuring airport safety, security through facility improvement (NWSN) TOWARDS shaping Nigerian aviation industry to meet world class standards, the Federal Government has been embarking on remodeling of airports' facilities

Yes, I Am Paranoid (LEAD) I am in a state of paranoia because aviation, as an international profession, is guided I would be extremely paranoid when the Ministry of Aviation and all the

Aviation experts welcome inquiry into PK 787 engine failure (BREC) The inquiry ordered, into the incident of engine failure of PIA flight PK 787, on November 18 (Sunday) by the President of Pakistan has been welcomed by

Report: Lack of time to restart chopper engine (NWSM) The passenger in the chopper, a Federal Aviation Administration inspector who was performing a commercial pilot competency check, told investigators that he

Aviation school (TEMP) Edgardo J. Angara renewed his call for the government to create a special school designed to equip Filipino aviation cadets for Philippine military service.

Owls Head had 16 aviation accidents, 4 fatal, over 40 years (NWSB) Owls Head had 16 aviation accidents, 4 fatal, over 40 years One of those accidents was the deadliest in Maine aviation history, when 17 people died on May

F50 crash in Aweil, South Sudan (NWSE) According to information now finally verified, the aircraft belongs to a Kenyan registered airline, Skyward International Aviation, and is registered with the Kenya

EKU Aviation Instructor, student make emergency landing (WKYT) RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) It was a lesson they weren't expecting. Tonight we've learned a small plane that made an emergency landing at Blue Grass Airport

Victims in Corning helicopter crash ID'd (T-) He worked for Haverfield Aviation, a Gettysburg, Pa. He previously worked for Coastal Helicopters in Juneau, Alaska and Hillsboro Aviation in Hillsboro,

Hillsboro helicopter lands at Portland school (TRNP) A helicopter from Hillsboro Aviation made an emergency landing at Robert Gray Middle School in Portland on Thursday morning. No one was injured in the  
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