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Medical Aviation Services

  • Advanced Aeromedical Air Ambulance Service: Provides both Domestic and International Aeromedical Services.
  • Aero Med Express: A Jet Air Ambulance service ALS and BLS service. Based in Rogers, AR.
  • Aero Medical Products Co., Inc.: Manufacturer of aircraft medical stretchers.
  • AeroCare Air Ambulance, Inc.: A full service air ambulance provider. AeroCare provides emergency and non emergency air ambulance service throughout the world.
  • Aeromed 365 Ltd.: Independant worldwide medical repatriation service. Based in the UK.
  • Aeromedical Ltd.: Premier Air Ambulance and Medical Escort site. Internation and intercontinetal flights and escorts a speciality.
  • Aeromedical Express: Reduce time and expense for medical recertification after cardiac event. All testing and FAA paperwork in one day.
  • Aeromedical Transport Specialists, Inc.: An Air Ambulance Service which provides BLS/ALS/CLS services, airline escort services and international repatriation. ATS offers the most "cost effective" method of patient transport.
  • Air Ambulance New England: New England air ambulance service, locted in northern Maine.
  • Air Care Alliance: Non-Profit Associations of volunteer pilots flying for the public benefit.
  • Air Evac Lifeteam: A rapidly growing air ambulance company serving the needs of rural American communities.
  • Air Evac Services, Inc.: Provides regional emergency helicopter and fixed wing regional and long distance transportation services for critically ill patients. Phoenix, AZ.
  • Air Medical Physician Association: The AMPA seeks to attract all physicians with an interest in air medical transport as members.
  • Air-Medical Systems, Inc.: Dedicated to increasing the availability of air-medical transportation to you, your loved ones and your community. Offers free air ambulance quotes.
  • Air & Surface Transport Nurse Association: Also known as the National Flight Nurses Association.
  • Allied Air Ambulance: Affordable and safe air ambulance worldwide. Flights networking reduces costs. Aircraft based coast to coast.
  • Angel Flight East: Our mission is to provide free air transportation to medically and financially distressed children & adults in need of medical services far from home.
  • Angel Flight West: Since 1983, Angel Flight has arranged for private pilots to donate free flights aboard their aircraft for patients who need transportation to and from medical treatment.
  • Angel Flight Southeast: A pilot organization providing a variety of services to the community, but mostly, we arrange free air transportation by private aircraft to distant medical facilities when commercial service is not available.
  • Angel Flight, Inc. of Oklahoma: Arranges transportation for families in financial need with volunteer pilots who provide all the services at no cost to the patient.
  • Angel Flight of Texas: Pilots and other volunteers dedicated to serving the community by providing free transportation to people who cannot access normal, commercial transportation. also provides services to blood, organ and tissue banks
  • Arizona Lifeline: Emergency medical helicopter services in Southern Arizona in a Bell 407.
  • Association of Air Medical Services: The AAMS is an international association which serves providers of air and surface medical transportation systems.
  • Atlanta Aviation & Corporate Medicine: We don't rent airplanes, but we do keep FAA licensed pilots flying. Dr. Larry Anderson is an Aviation Medical Examiner for the Atlanta area.
  • Aviation Bridge Ltd.: Air-Ambulance and VIP flights. Based in Ben-Gurion airport, Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Bayflite Air Medical Transport: In St. Petersburg, FL.
  • Christian Air Ministry: A volunteer, non profit air medical transport organization providing nonemergency transport to those unable afford commercial means.
  • Chrysler Air Services Inc.: Air ambulance worldwide service, Charters, Organ Transportation, Leer, Citation, Gulf Stream ,etc.. Excellent Prices and service
  • Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems: CAMTS - dedicated to assisting these professionals in offering a quality service.
  • Corporate Angel Network: Provides free transportation for cancer patients.
  • County Air Ambulance UK: Aeromedical service based in london UK. Our site offers animated aircraft and a photo gallery of air ambulances operating at various UK airports.
  • County Worldwide Air Ambulance: Worldwide air ambulance service operating from London,England.
  • Destiny Ministries/Antioch Aviation: Missions church and aviation group dedicated to humantarian and spritual helps.
  • Fargo Air Medical LLC: Air ambulance service, serving the Upper Midwest.
  • Fear of Flying Help Course: Online course. Free of charge help in overcoming flying fear, flying phobias, flight anxiety, panic attacks.
  • Flights for Humanity: Non-profit organization which brings patients to USA for surgery and transports medical supplies.
  • Flights for Life: Dedicated to providing free air transportation for medically-related purposes.
  • Locate, schedule and pay for your FAA flight physical. Find examiners designated to administer aeromedical examinations class 1, 2 and 3.
  • The Flying Samaritans: A volunteer, nonsectarian, health oriented organization serving and working with the medical and dental personnel in remote areas of Baja California Mexico.
  • LifeFlight: Provides regional emergency helicopter, critical care ground, and fixed wing transportation services for critically ill and injured patients. Pittsburgh, PA.
  • LifeFlight Eagle: Medical helicopters.
  • LifeFlight of Maine: Medical helicopters fly lifesaving equipment and medical personnel direct to critical medical emergencies in Maine.
  • Lifeguard International: Provides worldwide air ambulance and executive charter services aircraft from the Cessna 421 through Challenger 601.
  • Lifeline Pilots: Facilitating access to free air transportation for health and other compelling human needs.
  • LifeNet Omaha: Critical care transport service for the Omaha metro area and surrounding communities.
  • Los Medicos Voladores (flying doctors): Northern California volunteer group flies physicians, dentists, and optometrists on monthly 4-day trips to Mexico.
  • Mayo Medical Transport: Provides a full spectrum of medical transport services from its base in Rochester, Minnesota. Mayo Medical Transport is a service of Mayo Clinic.
  • MED-FLY: FAA Aviation Medical Examinations for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class in Naples Airport, FL. Fly-in or drive-in.
  • Med-Trans Corp: Establish and Operate Rotor and Fixed Wing Aeromedical Programs throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada.
  • Medair Charter: Medair specialty assistance - South Africa: medical air charter service and patient transportation management - medicair air ambulance
  • Medic'Air International: Air-ambulance flights worldwide, especially for urgent flights from Africa, Europe, and the Middle-East. Intensive care medical team (physician, flight nurse).
  • Medical Air Services Association: MASA: a pre-paid air ambulance association with over 700,000 members. No limits, no deductibles, no claim forms.
  • Medical AirXpress: Offers airline flight attendants and aeromedical personnel advanced training in all in-flight medical modalities.
  • National Patient Air Transport Hotline: Provides free information and referral for the most cost-effective way to move patients and their family members long distances.
  • Northwest Aviation Medical Examiner: Thomas J. Deal, M.D. - Aviation medical examiner: unofficial description of FAA pilot medical exam.
  • Orange Aviation Ltd.: International Air-Ambulance & medical escort company based in Israel. Also offering air taxi service.
  • Pilot Medical Solutions Inc.: The solution for pilots with jeopardized medical certificates. Find the complete AME guide, approved medications, flight fitness evaluations and hundreds more pages of free aeromedical information.
  • Poinciana Avenue Medical Centre: Dr. Andrew Spall is a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner servicing the Northern Sunshine Coast (Noosa area) in Queensland Australia.
  • Powercor LifeFlight Pty Ltd.: Providing an air rescue service in Australia.
  • Remote Area Medical: Volunteer Corps - a non-profit, volunteer, airborne relief corps dedicated to serving and providing free health care, dental care, eye care, veterinary services, and technical and educational assistance to people in remote areas of the United States and the world.
  • Rocky Mountain Helicopters: The worlds largest civilian provider of services to the air medical industry.
  • Ross Bryan, M.D.: Experienced AME in the Warren, Pennsylvania area.
  • Rural/Metro Corporation: Provider of ARFF (Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting) and EMS in over 20 U.S. states, Canada and Latin America.
  • Safety Net Resources: Pilot-to-physician emergency medical link service, pre-flight education and training, international hospital and physician referral, medical evacuation assistance.
  • Shekinah Air Medevac / Scekinah, Inc.: An Ohio Non-profit, transporting seriously ill children to specialty clinics throughout the USA free of charge.
  • SHT - SKÄRGÂRDSHAVETS HELIKOPTERTJÄNST AB: The oldest rescue helicopter operator in Finland.
  • Sierra LifeFlight: Aeromedical transport and executive charter services.
  • Sky FlightCare: Medivac helicopter service of Brandywine Hospital & Trauma Center. A member of the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS).
  • SKYDOC - Stephen W. Roberts, M.D.: A designated Airman Medical Examiner for the FAA, is soon to operate one of the nations only fly-in locations for Airman Medical Examinations.
  • Skyedoc: Roger William Sherman, M.D an FAA medical examiner, specializing in recertification.
  • SOAR, Inc.: Immediate treatment of fear of flying, phobia and panic by airline captain and licensed therapist Capt. Tom Bunn MSW, LCSW.
  • As the frontier opens, SpaceDoc provide news, insight, and links about AeroSpace Medicine and space life science research.
  • Survival Flight: University of Michigan's air medical transport program.
  • UMass Memorial LifeFlight: Provides nurse/emergency physician staffed air medical response to New England.
  • Vanderbilt University LifeFlight: Emergency air ambulance.
  • Virtual Flight Surgeons, Inc.: Provides confidential risk-free aeromedical certification information/assistance to all pilots. Free newsletters, fast, accurate e-mail answers.
  • The Volunteer Pilots Association: VPA is a charitable non-profit organization providing free air transportation to needy people who must travel to obtain medical treatment.
  • Worldwide Air Ambulances: Air ambulance and aeromedical services.

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