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  • A-10 Attack!: A flight-simulator with the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II, otherwise known as the Hog.
  • ACBI Inc.: Specializing in computer software development for EFIS and FMS simulation. Authorized Sylvan Prometric testing center.
  • Accu-Flight, Inc.: Full motion WWII flight simulators available to the public.
  • ACM: The original air combat simulation for Unix systems.
  • Activision, Inc.: A developer, publisher and distributor of simulators.
  • Advanced Instrument Systems: IFR Proficiency Training - unlimited monthly IFR practice. Singles, Multi, Jet Practice.
  • Advanced Simulation Systems: Ready to fly & custom built simulators. Military and Civilian aircraft. Delivery, setup & training by FAA Multi-Engine rated pilot.
  • Aero Innovation, Inc.: Human Factors specialists. Makers of the WOMBAT tests.
  • The Aerodrome: A flight simulation (FS98/FS2K) resource including high density scenery and panels.
  • Aerosim Technologies, Inc.: Developers of affordable flight simulation software and flight training tools.
  • AEROSOFT: ATC-2000 the next generation ATC Simulator coming Summer of 2000. Published by PC Aviator.
  • AFS: AFS is an Aerodynamics and Flight Simulator running on a PC dos in SVGA mode.
  • AfterBurn Simulations: Flight Simulators and Software for learning, training or entertainment.
  • Air Combat School: Flight simulators and HGU-55 fighter pilot helmets. In Arlington, TX.
  • Airbase BBS: This site let the user see all the panels that he/she can use for Flight Simulator 5 and 6. You can also see the file name, file size and a picture of the file with a description.
  • The Airbus A320 Project: A virtual A320 flightdeck project.
  • AirIndigo: Flightsim freeware archive - a collection of Freeware downloads for Flightsim.
  • Airplane Noise Simulator: The Simulator shows airplane noise as circles moving over a map. Scrollbars adjust the plane's noiseness, climb, direction, and speed.
  • ALSIM Simulators: Leader of FNPT manufacturers in Europe.
  • AMD - Aircraft Manufacturing & Development Co.: Manufactures the most up-to-date simulator with flat screen computers. The sim. cabin is the exact same as the aircraft. The best training device.
  • AMDA Aviation: Simulation based training sytems and real time graphics for the aviation and defense industry.
  • Andrew's Flight Sim Page:
  • AniJet Software, Inc.: Computer based aircraft systems training software.
  • The Anonymous Glider Pilot: Soaring and gliding freeware for fs5, fs6 and fs98.
  • The ATP/AS Utility and Info Site: The A.T.P. Simulator Utility and Info Site Europe.
  • AVCOMS: AVCOMS Aviation Computer Services Computer Flight Equipment & Software Flight Simulations Thrustmaster Dealer System Connectivity LAN, WAN, Client Server Custom Programming SNA Analysis & Consulting.
  • Aviation and Flight Simulation Page: Contains uptodate data for use by Flight Simulation hobbyists. Data relates to worldwide intersections (fixes) that aircraft use to navigate from one point to another.
  • Aviation by Simulation: Microsoft Flight Simulator a Showcase, for those new to flight simulation and people who would like to know more.
  • Aviation Simulation Technology, Inc.: AST - Certified flight training devices for the next millennium.
  • Avsim: Flight simming news including a Discussion Forums section. Many different forums relating to all aspects of simming.
  • Free Microsoft Combat FS Multiplayer Gaming Net. Realtime IP address game posting, live pilot chat, free helicopter and aircraft downloads.
  • B747-400 Precision Simulator Site: Routes to download, SIDs & STARs to download, links, help.
  • B747-400 PS1 Site Europe: B747-400 Precision simulator PS1 from AeroWinx.
  • The Bagdad Crew's FS98 Site: Aircraft for FS.
  • BCC GUMP LLC: Fly a full-motion, Airline flight simulator. Also offering instrument flight training, airline simulator interview preparation.
  • Big Al's Flight Simulator Page: Flight Simulator '98.
  • Binghamton Simulator Company, Inc.: BSC - Specializing in modifications, upgrades, and relocations of full flight simulators and visual systems.
  • Blue Byte Software: Publishers of IL-2 Sturmovik, historically accurate WWII flight simulation - ground to air battle between Russia & Germany (on PC-CD).
  • Blue Yonder Aviation: Simulates an air taxi operation in the Bahamas with emphasis on realism and Caribbean atmoshere.
  • Boeing 707-330: Boeing 707 real flight simulator.
  • BOOSTAIR: Present in Europe the new Mac or Windows flight simulator IFR and VFR for airplanes, helicopters, etc: X-Plane.
  • Build your own pedals: The aim of this page is to present one method of building pedals for flight simulators.
  • B.V.R. Technologies: An Israeli based Hi-Tech company dedicated to the development of highly sophisticated simulation and training systems.
  • CAE, Inc.: Advanced technology company best known as the world leader in the design and production of flight simulation equipment. With headquarters in Toronto, Canada, and facilities throughout the world.
  • Cambridge online Flying Club: An online Flying Club for real world pilots using FS2002 and the VATSIM Network.
  • Canadian Flight Sim Unlimited: Download Canadian Aircraft and Scenery for Flight Sim 98.
  • Carenado: The best aircrafts for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • 4CDs Corporation: The one-stop shop for flightsim software and hardware online.
  • CAT III Systems: Virtual Wings is a professional simulator for exhilarating instrument flying. The first flight simulator to take advantage of 3D hardware acceleration.
  • Chilie's Flight Sim Cockpit Page: Features a homebuilt Flight Sim Cockpit based on the F-117 including photos, drawings, construction notes.
  • China Aviation Development Foundation: Provide FAA certified Training Facilities.
  • Cityline Simulator and Training GmbH: Lufthansa CityLine's training center for Canadair Jet and Avro RJ in Berlin Germany has three fullflight simulators available and trains more than 20 international airlines.
  • ClaSoft: C-130H Hercules Engine Simulator Program - a powerful tool to learn about engine system operation and emergency procedures.
  • The Cobb Group: Home page for the only magazine dedicated exclusively to Microsft Flight Simulator. The Full Throttle page features articles, tips, links, aircraft photos and more.
  • Combat Simulations Inc.: You can fly a full size, full motion, fully ACM capable F-16A Fighting Falcon flight simulator.
  • Combat Simulator: A combat flight simulator for IBM PC.
  • COMM1 Radio Simulators: Radio simulation software for the pilot just learning or the more experienced who would like to perfect radio communication.
  • Confirmed Kill: Learn about Edios newest flight sim for the Pc, and Power Mac. Screen shots, and a little pre-realease info.
  • Cyber Sky: Flight Simulator stuff.
  • Daniel's Flight Simulation Home Page: This is a Microsoft Flight Simulator related page with aircraft scenery and other files.
  • Dave Middleton's FS Site: Microsoft Flight Simulator 5-98 add-on aircraft, scenery, sound, and links.
  • Desk Top Simulators: From joysticks to full motion simulators.
  • Destination Flight Sim: We provide FAA approved Elite PCATD instrument flight simulator instruction.
  • Dickweed Heavy Bomber Group: The DHBG is the premier B-17 squadron in WarBirds (tm). Join the DHBG and fly with the best. "We move mud."
  • Digital Dream Scape BBS: A BBS, flight Simulator stuff and aviation links.
  • Digital Image Design: Developers of EF2000 V2.0, the hottest WIN95 based combat flight simulator in the world. Soon to release TFX3.
  • Digital Perceptions, Inc.: Emergency procedure trainer CD-ROM for PC and MAC. Award-Winning Multimedia, provides effective and affordable training.
  • Drachenflieger Seite: Speed2fly emulation in java XC planer Software (java1.1) for germany with 3000 waypoints (free download).
  • Dreamality technologies, Inc.: Manufacturer of VR based simulators, Hang Glider simulator, and motion based Cockpit simulators.
  • EAC Sim-Site: Building a real full motion flight simulator.
  • Eagle Interactive, Inc.: Flight simulation development company - makers of SabreAce - Cconflict over Korea.
  • Eidos Interactive: Flying Nightmare 2, flight simulator for PC & Power Mac.
  • ELAN Informatique: Aeronautical simulated equipment. Will design and produce (to your individual requirements) any cockpit item adapted and integrated to your own systems requirements. We have a subsidiary in Saint Louis.
  • Electronic Flight Group: A professional demonstration team. We do computer expo's, airshows, special events, learnig centers and more. People get "hands on experience".
  • ELITE: Electronic IFR Training Environment: Premiere PC-based IFR Training. Professional flight training software for DOS/ Windows and Macintosh.
  • Emmanuel Parot FlightSim Site: Airliners with realistic flight model for FS98.
  • Empire Interactive: Computer software developer and publisher of flight simulations, including Flying Corps Gold, MiG Alley and Apache Havoc.
  • Emulation Systems Co.: Based in Santa Maria California, manufactures an advanced line of professional ground training flight simulators.
  • Enrico Schiratti - Project Magenta: vionics for desktop flight simulators, Glass Cockpit, CDU/FMS.
  • Environmental Tectonics Corporation: Manufactures a line of multipurpose flight simulators for training private and military pilots and aircrew.

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Heathrow runway delay is hurting aviation industry, warns Iata chief (GUAR)

Raytheon increases pilot situational awareness with Aviation ... (AVIO)

Embraer jets receive Russian certification (JRLA)

Plymouth Airport celebrates its pioneers by naming gates for them (BOST)

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Airline profits pick up in 2012: IATA (TMSE)

Contract with the SAAF terminated Denel (POLI)

Denel aircraft specialists receive retrenchment notices Solidarity (POLI)

GAA signs up for BIAS2014 (BNA_)

Jet Aviation Dubai signs agreement with FEAG (CORP)

Marines hone command capabilities for Afghanistan (DVID)

Analysis: China acquires 90 ILFC stake (JRLA)

Dassault Falcon sells two jets to Wallan (TRAD)

AviancaTaca orders ATR 72 600s (JRLA)

New Issue Milestone Aviation sells 250 mln notes (RTRS)

A Chance for Ugandans to Fly (ALLA)

Col. Michael Musiol takes over 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade (OBRF)

General Aviation Taking off at MacArthur (AVIA)

Lady Antebellum chooses Skynet Aviation (REVI)

Future of GA sparks debate at Wichita event (AOPA)

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MEBA to move to dedicated Dubai world central expo site (ZAWY)

MEBAA Elects Two to Board, Ups Insurance Cover (ONLA)

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Research Trends and Conclusions: Aviation 2013 (WHOS)

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Banner year for safety in global aviation (TN)

2012 named safest year in civil aviation history (_PST)

Neema Swai a Woman Flying Her Dream (ALLA)

Cessna aircraft makes crash landing in Malir Cantt (NWS_)

HAMM member and passenger killed in small plane crash (TYLE)

World War II Fighter Raised From Lake Michigan (CHIC)

WWII era plane recovered from depths of Lake Michigan (WREX)

Pearl Harbor Day event pulls up old fighter plane, and zebra ... (WBEZ)

WWII era plane found at bottom of lake (WZZM)

Strengthen English Skills in China's Aviation Industry (ENGL)

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