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By: Michael Stendor
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You no doubt have heard by now of the recent tragic loss of one of aviation's greatest aerobatic pilots, Leo Loudenslager, the result of extensive injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident near his home in Tennessee.

As an aerobatic competitor with N10LL, in his Laser 200, Leo's feats are legendary. He was the 1980 World Aerobatic Champion, and winner of eight gold , four silver and one bronze medal.
Leo won the United States Aerobatic Championship an unprecedented seven times. He was the recipient of the coveted Victor Award, inducted into the New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame and many others.

One of America's most admired airshow pilots, Leo gave his audiences a consistent standard of excellence in precision aerobatic flying. Leo has been quoted as saying, "the friend's, the 200 and I have made through this wonderful sport mean much more than the trophies."

Sussex Airport was Leo's base of operations for many years. The Laser 200 built and modified many times, endured many hours of countless testing, went on to have a worldwide impact on the designs of many contemporary aerobatic aircraft. Even after Leo moved to the Nashville area, he still returned to Sussex year after year to perform in the annual show.

Sussex Airport owner and manager Paul Styger has announced his desire to establish a memorial honoring Leo. This memorial would be placed on the grounds of Sussex Airport, the birthplace of the Laser 200. Design concepts are currently being studied. One consideration is a 1/3 scale mock up in bronze of the Laser 200, mounted on a granite base. A fund has been set in place to accept donations toward the project. Anyone wishing to assist in the creation of this memorial can send contributions made payable to:

The Leo Loudenslager Memorial Fund
Sussex Airport, Inc.
P. O. Box 311
Sussex, N.J. 07461
Receipts will be sent for all contributions.

Contributions other than monetary will be accepted. Donors may contact me directly at 70 Church Street, Franklin, N.J. 07416

Many people throughout the United States and indeed, the world were touched by Leo's life and dedication to aerobatic excellence. In honor of that memory, I would like to offer this opportunity for them to join me in becoming a part of aviation history by helping to erect this monument.

Sincerely, Michael Stendor

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