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  • A & L: Applications & Logiciels. Software custom made under DOS & Windows for Air Traffic Control.
  • Abacus: Makers of add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • Access Software, Inc.: Software Solutions for aftermarket parts sales and F.A.A. repair stations.
  • Advanced Aviation Services International, Inc.: Providing computer operated aircraft maintenance planning services for the aviation industry.
  • Aerocom S.A.S.: A modular technical software for aviation, suitable for prop and jet, single or multiengines aircraft and helicopters.
  • Aerocom Aviation Software: Provides aviation software including the industry standard Payload and costing system for charter flight quotes.
  • Aeromedia Inc.: Publisher of Ground School in Box, a complete plug-and-play multimedia teaching solution. The instructor's best friend.
  • Aeroware Enterprises: Kitlog Pro builder log software: The complete builder's resource tool for experimental aircraft.
  • Aerosystems International: Leading Uk Aerospace Systems Company specialising in airborne software, systems integration, and aircraft ground support systems.
  • Aerotest International: Aero engine test facilities and software. C130 specialists.
  • Aircraft Financial Program: Financial data for aircraft purchases, operation and sales.
  • AirLog Imaging LLC: AirLog digitizes the boxes of records that accumulate with your aircraft to CD-ROM. Find information in seconds using built-in database. In Lexington, KY.
  • AirNav Systems: Aircraft tracking and monitoring software.
  • Airport IDs Information Page: Shareware to X-Ref Airports/IDs, calculate distances, and display location on maps. Includes 8400 locations in database.
  • Aeroware: Developers and vendors of airport management software, including property/lease, automated billing, fixed asset management, GIS and fuel management.
  • The #1 Web and Phone scheduling system for your Flying Club, Partnership, Flight School, or 135 Operation.
  • Airway Productions: Aviation maintenance training software for the A&P and IA.
  • Albert's Ambry Pilot Workbench: General aviation calculator and pilot flying hours log. Includes novel weight and balance calculator.
  • Alsim: develops and markets flight trainers designed for professional flight training organizations. Alsim produced in 1997 the trainers approved by the DGAC.
  • AME-Systemberatung Gechingen: Software for administration in flying clubs and flight schools.
  • A.M.S.C.I.: Aero Maintenance Software allows you to manage aircraft maintenance. Designed for FBO, maintenance units.
  • Apexx Software LLC: PC-NAV is the PC EFIS system for general aviation.
  • Flight and Duty Software for MS.Excel
  • Automated Aircraft Scheduling: A great, low-cost service for 24-hour aircraft scheduling that's fast, accurate, and reliable.
  • AV-Base Systems: Provides integrated aviation maintenance and inventory software, including bar coding, consignment inventory control, job costing for FBO's and airlines.
  • Aviation Computer Media, Inc.: ACM's Regulatory Maintenance Library includes all FAA mandatory requirements to obtain and maintain FAA certification for aircraft maintenance facilities and aircraft inspectors.
  • Aviation Data Research, Inc.: Fully automated AD search software for light aircraft and rotorcraft.
  • Aviation Data Service Inc.: Civil aviation information. Our files include aircarrier, buisness turbine, and helicopters. We publish the Jet & Propjet corporate directory yearly.
  • Aviation Information Services: Aviation scheduling, maintenace, invintory, expence tracking and charter quote software.
  • Aviators Software: Since 1990, Aviators Software's mission has been to create computer software for the aviation community that empowers and enriches.
  • Aviation Tutorials: Interactive multimedia aviation tutorial software, teaching VOR, NDB, GPS navigation. Designed for private, instrument pilots, CFI's, and flight simulator enthusiasts.
  • Avionic-CBT Limited: Computer Based Training software for the aviation industry. Products include the "Air Data Conversion" calculator.
  • Avitech International, Inc.: Aviation software. Maintenance record keeping and inventory vontrol for every aircraft. Hollywood, FL.
  • Avsoft Systems, LLC: Development and sale of educational software for commercial and airline pilots. Specialize in interactive Computer Based trainers.
  • BalloonBooking: Software for your planning of balloonflights and passengers. Available in English, French and Dutch.
  • BComm: The Complete Aviation Parts System.
  • Big Server Software, Inc.: Mach One is an integrated software product for aircraft maintenance, bookings, scheduling, estimating, inventory management and finance.
  • Bottemiller Software: Software programs which decode many forms of aviation data, including any METAR in the world. Shareware is available on site.
  • Brink International Systems: An Aviation Software Source offering PCAviator, the complete aviation software program for pilots and the largest inventory of American Airlines/AE PCFOS software available.
  • Caesius Software, Inc.: WebQL from Caesius Software gathers competitive airfares from the web and integrates them into spreadsheets, databases, and revenue management systems.
  • CALEB Technologies Corp.: Develops optimization- based decision support system to use during irregular operations for the transportation industry.
  • C.A.L.M. Systems, Inc.: A software development firm specializing in aviation maintenance tracking and management systems.
  • Cambridge Online Systems Limited: A multi-disciplined computer systems and services organisation working on a variety of projects.
  • Camp Systems, Inc.: Developers of CAMP (Computerized Aircraft Maintenance Program) for maintenance and inspection tracking and Andromeda software for flight scheduling, maintenance and inventory management.
  • Canadian Digital Photo/Graphics Inc.: Software solution for the Repair Assessment Program and Aircraft Maintenance.
  • The CAASS Support Home Page: CAASS - The Computer Assisted Aircrew Scheduling System. Offers setup, consulting and tech support.
  • Ceicom: Consulting services and software development for the airline industry. Aracs 2000 makes it easier.
  • Charlie Tango, Inc.: Aviation shop management software for avionics & maintenance facilities.
  • Chartbro Business Solutions: Skyline Aviation Software - an integrated reservations system for small to medium sized airlines.
  • Clickairport: Airport safety management tool to capture and report bird/wildlife threats to airfields. Information collected regarding detection, dispersal and birdstrikes.
  • Coastal Environmental Systems: Precision Digital Barometers: accurate and intelligent; real-time atmospheric Sensor Pressure and Altimeter Setting; standard, traveling standard or operational equipment.
  • Colsoft Pty Ltd: Software package providing the aircraft operator full facilities for tracking all their operations and engineering manuals and the revision status of each manual.
  • Com-net Software Specialists, Inc.: Flight Information Display Systems. We provide the passengers at airports with all the flight info. We display the info. on public monitors updated by the airlines.
  • Computer Assisted Testing Service, Inc.: CATS, a worldwide computer-based testing solution provider, is one of only three allowed FAA Computer Testing Designees in the world.
  • Computer Training Systems: Offers computer based aviation training programs - General Aviation &: Aircraft Specific.
  • ComputAir Ltd.: LoadMaster - aircraft weight & balance (load control) software system.
  • Concentra Corporation: Concentra Corporation is a leading provider of sales and engineering automation software solutions.
  • Condor Engineering, Inc.: A full-service manufacturer of Test, Simulation and Interface Products for MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429 and other avionics data buses.
  • Cornerstone Logic, Inc.: AeroClub Manager: Great software to manager flying clubs, track aircraft, pilots, medicals, currency, dues, expenses.
  • Corporate Jets Unlimited: We produce Virtual Reality Tours as a unique marketing tool for aircraft sales and charter.
  • Custom Software Solutions: Pilot Club Master. Software designed to handle flying organizations of any size. Free download. Free use for 180 days.
  • Cybridge Services: Private pilot aircraft maintenance software. Easy, affordable. Tracks components, inspections.
  • Damarel Systems International Ltd: Damarel supplies airport systems for common user and local check-in, boarding, flight information etc.
  • DATAflyt: Flight following software system,based on real dispatchers Using your existing communication system. Simple fast and cost effective. In use by the major Gulf Coast Helicopter operators.
  • Eagle Research Laboratories, Inc.: PC-based debriefing stations using animation and automated flight crew performance assessment.
  • EDV-Himmelbauer: Aviation Software for Psion Ser 5 Palmtops Aviation Utilities, Movingmaps, Logbook.
  • The Electronic Book Wurm: Avionics Installer educational software for general aviation aircraft electronics installation from start to finish.
  • EMSystems: Investig8or - software performs accident reporting, investigation and analysis. Graphically maps accident sequence timelines, performs root cause analysis. Free demo.
  • Erickson Enterprises: Aviation Software FAA Study Course for Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic.
  • ETCAI Products: Computer based software for teaching and learning electronics and avionics. The Page contains two unique electronics troubleshooting programs.
  • FAA Isntrument Written Test Preparation: Web-hosted Instrument Written test prep which adapts successive review tests to your weakest areas of knowledge. Free demo.
  • FAA Written Exam Software: Private and Instrument Pilot exam FREEWARE for Windows and MacOS.
  • The Flight Dynamics and Control Toolbox: For Matlab/Simulink. Contains a detailed 6-DOF flight model plus extensive documentation. Free downloads!
  • FlightPlanz Software: Flight planning and tracking software for pocket PC computers.
  • Flightquote: FlightQuote Air Charter Quote Software. Worldwide airport database.
  • Flying Solutions: A solution for group owned aircraft owners to operate their booking log remotely. The log is held on our server and is accessed with remote access software.
  • Gateway Technologies Corp.: Aviation software for maintenance, inventory, aircraft scheduling crew scheduling, corporate scheduling, flight opertations, charter operations.
  • Global Fusion Intranets: Airline Employee Intranets - designs and administers Intranets for airline employee groups worldwide.
  • Hanley Innovations: Airfoil analysis software - test wing cross sections on your computer and reduce the cost of wind tunnel testing.
  • Dr. Hans Trautenberg Software Consulting: CAL - The flight planning and flight analysis tool for the soaring pilot. Data exchange with many soaring computers and GPSs.
  • Horizon Software: The Ground School - Software for the pilot to assist in study for the various flight theory exams.
  • Inair Inc.: Aviation Management software used by the FAA. Maintenance, inventory, operations/dispatch, training and "Deltek" cost accounting.
  • Infomart Corp./Hitech Marketing: Database containing every aircraft in 95 countries. Contains all singles, twins, turbo-props, jets, commercial, commuter, helicopter, charter, etc.
  • InteliSys Aviation Systems, Inc.: Developers/vendors of a fully integrated, enterprise suite of airline management software - Amelia: maintenance, flight operations, reservations/scheduling, human resources.
  • Investec, Inc.: International (and some domestic) airline crewmembers use Per Diem to calculate the layover deduction for significant tax savings.
  • Innovative Software Designs - ISD: Aviation management software.
  • Internet Business Applications: ARMS aircraft parts management software. Buy, sell, overhaul components and manage the process.
  • J. Booth & Company: Automated Reservation System for Aircraft (ARSA) - a computerized reservation system for flying clubs featuring telephone interface w/voice mail.
  • JJP Concepts: Aviation websites and electronic marketing material, electonic brochures, electronic resumes, and websites on CD, ideal for trade shows.
  • kXb International, Inc.: Crew Records and Training Scheduling software.
  • Light Aircraft Syndication Modelling: Aircraft syndication cost modelling spreadsheets. Provides cost-benefit analysis for small aircraft syndicates.
  • LogNav Aeronautics Navigation: Flight planning software with vector or raster moving map and GPS connection, airports and beacons databases.
  • M-TWO Systems for Behavioral Sciences: Presentation of CASSIOPEA: a system for cognitive assessment in pilots selection. Scientific issues.
  • MACH-1 Software Corporation: MACH-1 Software provides an integrated enterprise-wide solution for the aviation industry including scheduling, dispatching, maintenance, inventory control and finance.
  • Main Fiesta: SkyWriter Software for Drop Zones.
  • Micro Computer Systems: CompuTrak is an aviation maintenance software written by maintenance people, for maintenance people.
  • MicroLAN Technologies, Inc.: Provider of an extensive charter airline quotation, dispatch, invoicing, and management software package.
  • Moore Media Solutions: Windows Flight Log Wizard software - free demo.
  • Online Scheduling and FBO / Flight School Software.
  • Netsys International (Pty) Ltd: A computer hardware and software developer that specialises in software products for the meteorological and aeronautical industries.
  • Nexon Solutions: Software solution for general aviation companies.
  • NTH Solution, Inc.: Web-based application to help keep track of all flight schedules.
  • OrcaStar Software: The new "Engine 'N Prop" greatly simplifies use of engine and prop performance charts. Graphical and interactive.
  • Panamedia: Developer of "Key in Hand" Courses (Hardware and Software) for Aviation. Offers to all the Aeronautical Comunity a Computer Based Training (CBT) for Aviation.
  • Panel Planner Software: Instrument panel design software for Windows. Instrument database includes all popluar avionics and instruments. Supports any aircraft.
  • PathAway: PathAway GPS Navigation and Mapping Software for Palm handhelds provides affordable navigational support for aviation, boating, and other forms of travel.
  • PCAIRE: A company formed to allow aircrew to calulate and track their exposure to cosmic radiation.
  • Pentagon 2000 Software Inc.: Aerospace & Defense ERP Systems, is a global leader in the development and marketing of fully integrated aerospace and defense ERP software products.
  • Pilot's Personal Flight Log (Shareware): Files are available for download.
  • PohlTec: Software development for the Palm OS, WinterOPS and NavPlan/NavLog for the ambitious VFR and airline pilot.
  • Polaris Microsystems: Software for Aviation and Industry.
  • The Preston Group Pty Ltd: Software for simulation, scheduling, optimisation & visualisation for airlines, airports and aviation authorities
  • Professional Flight Management: Developers of the industry's best Flight Scheduling/Flight Logging software for Corporate Flight Departments.
  • ProFormWare, Inc.: Airman/Rating Certificate (FAA FORM 8710-1) on Disk. View as you fill out. Keep track of students/ratings. etc.
  • Quick Aviation Software: Software for the aviation industry - MRO, FBO, maintenance Windows 95/98 Novell/NT.
  • Ramco Systems Corporation: Aviation operations & maintenance. Enterprise Asset & maintenance management solutions for airlines, freighters, helicopters and aviation services providers.
  • Rannoch Corporation: Aerospace Hardware, Software, and consulting services. Innovative low-cost sensor systems for aviation. Located in Alexandria, VA.
  • RC CAD: A software for designing airplanes. RcCad is 3D and works in real-time. Free version available for download.
  • RMS Electronic Commerce Systems: RMS data translation software OmniTrans handles EDI for X12, EDIFACT, SPEC2000, PADIS and more.
  • S2 Software, Inc.: System training software for Hawkers and Citations.
  • Savannah Computing Limited: Reservation System for the small schedule & charter airline. The Savannah Booking System is an Internet Booking System that provides WorldWide access.
  • Sergeant Buzzcut's Military Software Outlet: Software used by military forces in the US and abroad. "Deep Attack!" mission planning software integrates attack aviation with other combat multipliers.
  • Sicuro Engineering Inc.: Aircraft design software analysis and application data, computational fluid dynamic, aerodynamic, finite element analysis aircraft stability and control, static and dynamics, aircraft cost.
  • Sight, Sound & Motion: Produces FltMaster, a suite of software tools, which provides 6 DOF simulations, 3D modeling/visulizations and flight analysis of any air vehicle.
  • Sigmex BV: World-Wide suppliers of Weather Information Systems, including the WAFS SADIS and ISCS systems.
  • SIMTRA AB: Developes and markets the PathPlanner - state-of-the-art software for planning groundmovement of aircraft and ramp vehicles. Performes simulation no other software can.
  • Sinex Aviation Technologies, Inc.: Through Sinex technology software, customers are able to track aircraft maintenance activity with unparalleled accuracy, better forecast aircraft availability, and significantly enhance their bottom line by reducing aircraft downtime.
  • SoftAir Software: "SoftAir Charter Manager" is fast and comprehensive. Can be customized to meet the specific needs of your Charter Operations.
  • Software Innovations: Software Innovations's FAA Databases and mailing lists on labels, disks, and CD-ROMS.
  • StanWare Airlog Plus: A Windows 9x/NT application for tracking flight hours.
  • Stransim: Flight visualization software for flight data monitoring/FOQA from data recorders.
  • Systems Atlanta, Inc.: Developer of IDS4, a networked system used by ATC facilities, Airport Operations, Airlines, etc. for the Dissemination of critical information between facilities.
  • Tactical Mapping Systems - E.R.M., Inc.: Radar analysis software, topographic maps, NTAP, CDR, COMDIG, E-RIT, RADES and more. This software can analyze, plot and animate virtually any type of radar, gps or user defined data.
  • Taskfinder Software: Flight Recorder Analysis and Task Setting software for glider pilots. Windows 16 and 32 bit software. Located in the UK.
  • TData Corporation: Aviation research software and microfiche librarires. Airworthiness directives, US registered pilots, aircraft owners etc..
  • Technical Applications Group: A database of traffic & capacity statistics on U.S. and international airlines serving the United States.
  • Tom Sylvester, Inc.: PowerQuotePLUS has more unique features than any other FAR 135 Charter Quoting Software.
  • Tomvale Software - Tomvale Air Services Ltd.: The new expanded and improved Millenium Version of Tomvale Software.
  • TriVectus, LC: FlightMath - Easily computes wind correction, time and distance problems, and density altitude, and can download surface weather conditions for many airports.
  • Tybee Jet Corporation: AFMatic, the Automatic Airplane Flight Manual. Calculates takeoff and landing, including obstacles.
  • Ventura Technologies Inc.: LighterLog - Flight logging computer and Windows PC software keeps perfect flight logs with no effort.
  • VFR CD The Netherlands: All the aeronauticall information of The Netherlands with photo's and audio radio telephony.
  • VFR Computing: Small-system consultation and application development and integration services, specializing in the unique needs of small aviation enterprises.
  • PC Instrument Trainer, reduced to the Essentials! Practise ADF, VOR, RMI, DME and HSI with an effective PC tool.
  • Xetex International Inc.: Metar/TAF training software.

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