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  • Top flight aviation attorneys.
  • Aaleda Systems Ltd: Aviation consultants specialising in performance and other operational and engineering data for small airlines.
  • AAROTEC, Inc.: World leader in airport planning, design, construction supervision, privatization, financing.
  • ADF Innovation Consulting: Technology, innovations, projects, patents, engineering, BPR.
  • Advanced Management Concepts: Aviation and business consultants specialising in airline startups, JAR-OPS, JAR-145, management training, aviation software, accounting systems, flight inspection.
  • Advantage Management Group, Inc.: Team of FAA DER's that assist Repair Stations, part suppliers and owner/operators with all forms of FAA approvals/certification from STC, RVSM, manuals etc.
  • Advocate Aircraft Taxation Company: Avoid sales and use tax on airplane purchases and maintenance legally guaranteed.
  • AeroBiz.Net: A one-stop aviation consulting company. Specializing in Aerospace engineering, maintenance training, FAA certification, technical publications, computer programming.
  • Aero-Tech Support Systems, Inc.: Aero consulting firm generates government contracts based on your companies capabilities and processes.
  • Aeronavigatsia Consulting Inc.: Management consulting: air transport, air navigation services, aviation weather, northern aviation, consumer issues, trade, change management and logistics.
  • AeroPro, Inc.: Aviation maintenance consultants in Freeport, ME.
  • Aerospace Business Group: Electronic publishing and information management solutions for engineering, maintenance and flight operations.
  • Air Consult: Airline management consultancy services contracted on a truly worldwide basis.
  • Aircon Air Spares & Services Pvt. Ltd.: Indian company offerring services for obtaining permits & arranging handling & supervision for corporte and commercial aircraft landing, overflying and transitting India. Offers facilitation at all Indian & Nepalese airports.
  • Aircraft Certification & Qualification, LLC: ACQ is a consulting firm specializing in Type Certification of aircraft and aircraft products. In Atlanta Georgia.
  • Aircraft Development & Systems Engineering BV - A.D.S.E.: Former Fokker senior engineers regrouped to provide services in the field of aircraft design and systems engineering.
  • Aircraft Registrations: Friendly jurisdiction Aircraft Registration Consultancy. We also arrange Air Operators Certificates.
  • Airfirst Consulting: Offers human resources training in aviation for individuals or groups.
  • Airline Career Resources, LLC: Career counseling and interview preparation.
  • AirPlan Aviation Technical Services, Inc.: Offering Airport and aviation planning and management consulting services around the world.
  • AirSafety Experts, Inc.: Captain Michael Maya Charles is a pilot expert with 25 years airline, GA and corporate experience. Expert witness testimony, aviation expertise and consulting.
  • AirSupport LLC.: Complete airshow planning and management consulting services.
  • Airport Systems Consultants: Provides concepts for ATC/ATM and security systems. Provider of installation and maintenance specialists for Airport systems.
  • Airport Technologies, Inc.: Specializes in economic development and management of airport facilities.
  • AirShares Management: Partnering Service - we'll put you in any make, any model at any of the 57 airports on the Miami Sectional.
  • Airworthiness Worldwide, Inc.: Offering aviation consulting including FAA DAR services, aircraft & engine audits and evaluations, pre-buy inspections, airline certifications. In Hollywood, FL.
  • Albion Group of Companies: Consulting services & resource in the transportation and logistics industries.
  • Aldrich Aerospace Inc.: DAR services for conformity STC projects.
  • Allaviation: Consulting, appraisals, rental, sales and self flying. Luxury bahama vacations.
  • Allied Aircraft Assistance Worldwide Association - A.A.A.W.A. Ltd.: Providing the aviation industry with solutions.
  • American Aviation Consultants, Inc.: 35 + years experience in consulting, ferrying purchasing, brokering, containerizing, shipping of aircraft, parts, and survival gear also available.
  • Ameritech Consultants: Import/Export specialists of aircraft and aircraft parts.
  • A.O.G. Solutions nv/sa Offer aircraft spare parts, logistic solutions and transport to Airline Operators and aviation material suppliers - a reliable, fast action based alternative to current resources throughout Europe.
  • APR Consultants, Inc.: Specializing in airport pavement roughness and aircraft ride quality issues.
  • Argus Consulting, Inc.: Consulting Engineers providing ramp services, fuel storage facilities, hydrant fueling systems, and aircraft deicing systems for commercial and military aviation.
  • Ariane Information, Inc.: A consulting group assisting commercial operator by providing among others; Consulting services, customized train the trainer programs, technical publications, videos, and other services.
  • ARINC, Inc.: ARINC and AEEC... setting the standards for commercial air transportation.
  • Arizona Aviation Consulting, LLC: Aircraft fractional programs, acquisitions, and brokerage in central Arizona.
  • ASA International, Inc.: Aviation consulting. Provides qualified professionals for aviation management projects.
  • Asset Preservation, Inc.: A National 1031 Exchange Intermediary specializing in aircraft exchanges.
  • ASTECH Engineering, Inc.: Specializes in helping organizations quickly conceptualize, design, develop, and implement cost-effective Avionic/Aircraft System solutions.
  • ASTRA: AeroSpace Technical Research Associates. Worldwide technology consulting and information brokerage service, primarily supporting the aerospace community, both private sector and government.
  • ATAC-Aircraft Sales & Consulting: Let 410 & other from the East. Marketing, technical and product support organization, aircraft and spare parts sales.
  • Attorney-at-Law: James L. Richmond aviation attorney.
  • Attorney Richard Gottesman: Specializing in airplane crashes. Nationwide. Free consultation for families suffering injury or death.
  • Aviation Business: Provide technical consulting, analysis, after sales services.
  • Aviation Consultancy & Engineering Services Ltd.: London UK based company supporting Business Aviation in consultancy, management, engineering and sales. Member of NBAA & BAAC and also sole UK Representative of Duncan Aviation.
  • Aviation Consultants: Complete accident investigation and expert witness services as well as Part 135 and Part 141 program development services.
  • Aviation Consultants Inc.: A full service aviation consulting and aircraft management provider. We also offer fractional ownership programs.
  • Aviation Consulting Services: Manuals written, edited, revised, Engineering services, World-Wide Reps, DER & DAR available.
  • Aviation Information Resource Group, Inc.: A.I.R Group - Part 135 consulting, pilot back ground checks, manuals, FW & RW.
  • Aviation Italy: Consulting and marketing services on Italy's aerospace & aviation programs and activities.
  • Aviation Law Center: Aviation and business related regulatory and transactional legal services furnished by lawyer-pilots in all 50 states.
  • Aviation Law InfoCenter: Information center for people interested in aviation law, lawyers, litigation, air safety, passenger safety, air rage, airports and security.
  • Aviation Law Corporation - Phillip J. Kolczynski: Aviation Lawyer concentrating on problems of Aviation Professionals: aircraft accidents, FAA license violations, business disputes - free newsletter.
  • Aviation Resources: Fund development for aviation and aviation education.
  • Aviation Retrieval Consultants: Provides advice and training to Commercial airlines and aeromedical providers.
  • Aviation Solutions Ltd.: A multi-function aviation consultancy, esatblished in 1992, specialising in reservations/distribution issues, revenue accounting, information management and business planning for start-up carriers.
  • Avicor Aviation Inc.: Aviation business consulting, aircraft appraisals, acquisition and sales, market research, feasibility studies. For Corporate and commercial aviation. Lake Oswego, OR.
  • AVITAS, Inc.: A full service consulting company providing a range of advisory and technical services to all involved in the aviation industry.
  • AvraTech Consulting: An aviation research and consulting firm bringing you the latest in aviation research material and technological applications: books, manuals, software.
  • BACK Aviation Solutions: A full service aviation consulting firm offering services in data, strategic consulting and a full range of asset management.
  • Bailey & Marzano: Law firm located in Santa Monica, CA. We specialize in aviation law, transactions and litigation, fractional ownership, FAR and contracts.
  • Baum, Hedlund - Aristei, Guilford & Downey: Los Angeles, CA.
  • BLR Group of America, Inc.: AOC - Aeronautical Operational Control and Flight Operations Management.
  • Boyce Aviation Consulting: BAC provides guidance and documentation in FAA certification in Part 135, Part 121, Part 133, and Part 137. Soldotna, AK.
  • The Boyd Group/ASRC, Inc. (Aviation Systems Research Corporation): Since 1984, Consultants to airports, airlines, manufacturers. Publishers of Airports: USA traffic forecasts.
  • Bright Ideas: Aviation consultant: Avionics/Technical Author/Marketing Consultant.
  • Burd Lozano & Zacherl, L.L.P.: In Miami, FL. Specializing in aviation and more.
  • CAAP, Inc.: Full line consulting services for the aviation community. Operational, business and technical services as well as audits and placements.
  • Cage Consulting, Inc.: Pilot Interview preparation/Pilot Career Training. Books, CD, and services for airline professionals and young people starting aviation career search. Seminars in the areas of pilot education, general aviation, pilot recruitment.
  • Career Consultant: Resume service specializing in pilot resumes. Get your aviation career flying.
  • Caribbean Aero Nautical: From cropdusters to jets, consultant services.
  • C.H. Guernsey & Company: Engineers, Architects, Consultants, providing innovative solutions to the Aviation industry.
  • Charles Forman Attorney at Law: Connecticut and Pennsylvania Legal aviation services.
  • CIC Research, Inc.: Marketing, economics and survey research firm located in San Diego, provides consulting services to planners, developers, utility companies and local and Federal government agencies.
  • CaroPam Corporation: Aviation consultants, over 25 years experience in Military, Commercial, and general aviation.
  • Consortium International Law Firms: Network of attorney pilots for Aircraft Repossession, Ownership and Lease transactions.
  • Copternet Helicopter Consultants: Helicopter consultancy providing detailed purchasers reports by a helicopter test pilot.
  • Coral Yachts and Aircraft, LLC: Aircraft/yacht consulting and acquisitions. North Palm Beach, FL.
  • Corporate Aviation Consultants: For all your needs when buying, selling, and operating executive aircraft. 25 years of world wide experience.
  • Cranfield Aerospace Ltd.: The company has the broad knowledge base that allows its customers to tap into an organisation whose skills go beyond first rate design and engineering.
  • Damos Research Associates, Inc.: Services in pilot evaluation and the develoment and validation of pilot selection systems. CRM courses. Low-cost simulators.
  • David Dunlap Consulting: Aviation consultant for software producers, movie and news media, government conntractors, and others by request.
  • Dispute Resolution Specialists: Aviation related mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution services.
  • Double Eagle Consulting: Russian Aviation Consulting specializes in aircraft, airline, airport audits, ATC breifings, scheduling, reviews of aviation systems, etc.
  • Eagle Air Services: Before buying your airplane, check for free advice.
  • Ed Horton Aviation and Consulting: Expert witness and aviatin consultant to the legal community.
  • Edinburgh Aviation Consultants: Aviation Consultancy specialising in finance for UK and Europe-based aircraft and helicopters.
  • Emergency Services International: Specialized Aviation Consultants internationally known for dealing with aviation response training, aircraft survival analysis, and aviation incident safety and investigations.
  • Empire Aviation, Inc.: Aviation consulting and aircraft acquisition services, Coporate aircraft management and charter services.
  • ERES Consultants, Inc.: Provides pavement engineering services including pavement management, research, training, evaluation and design, maintenance management, and software development.
  • ERGO/GERO Human Factors Science: Human factors consultants in visual displays, software interfaces, situational awareness, psychophysical image evaluation, pilot testing, and error analysis.
  • Errol K. Kantor: Attorney At Law in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Euroavia International: Offer consulting services for the air transport industry. Market analysis. Forecasting. We arrange air cargo conferences.
  • FAC Airport Consultancy: A specialist advisory group providing world class support services to national and international airport owners, managers and operators.
  • FATEC Engineering: Provides technical consultancy in the field of materials, especially fatigue of metallic materials used in aerospace applications.
  • Flight Plan Aviation Consultants: A commercial civil aviation transportation consultancy firm based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Flight Sciences, Inc.: Since 1992, our Fuel Conservation Consultants have increased profits and reduced pollution for the world's most savvy airlines.
  • Flightspeak: A training organization and consultancy specializing in technical English for Aviation. Various training modules on offer including web based training.
  • Focused Research International, Inc.: FRI - conducts custom research for museums, authors and organizations in support of aviation historical and aircraft restorations.
  • George E. Crow: Aviation law office.
  • GKMG: A Washington, D.C. law firm practicing in all aspects of aviation law, including regulatory matters and aeropolitical strategic planning.
  • Global Aeronautical Services: Offers aviation consulting, appraisals, acquisitions, management and world wide aircraft deliveries.
  • Global Oriental: On-line fund management for pilots - we offer 33% returns annually on our 6 year track record and no fees.
  • Grey Owl Aviation Consultants: A team of aviation personnel providing the aviation public with total aviation regulatory support services and customized service for the operator's needs.
  • Hedrick Law Firm: The Hedrick Law Firm focuses on Aviation Law, including aircraft accidents (US and Int'l) and FAA enforcement matters.
  • Inflight Innovations: Cabin crew consulting for the aviation industry.
  • International Air Safety, Ltd.: Aviation safety audits, aircraft accident investigation and reconstruction, heliport design and construction, pre-buy inspections.
  • International Flyers, Corp.: We help people like you find flight training & first officer programs.
  • Investigation Services Group: Aircraft recovery and investigation, Pipeline surveillance & inspection, High-Tech video system.
  • J.A. Spears & Associates Ltd.: Providing a full range of consulting services for all types of Turbine and Jet Aircraft investments. Ontario, Canada.
  • James E. Holbert Aviation Services: Aviation consulting & management, flight & ground instruction, pilot services; publication: "Aviation Tips and Techniques."
  • James L. Richmond: Attorney for 25 years, specializing in international and aviation matters.
  • JEG Consulting: Aviation consultancy providing individual services and innovative solutions to businesses.
  • Jet Research: Commercial aircraft consultants providing expert records analysis and evaluation, maintenance tech. reps, and aircraft inspections.
  • Joseph Del Balzo Associates: JDA provides comprehensive aviation system solutions for industry and governments worldwide.
  • Jouve Data Management, Inc.: Puts aircraft technical manuals onto ATA compliant CD-ROMs or online for airlines, aircraft, engine and component manufacturers.
  • K.Dawson & Associates, Inc.: A skilled and confident aviation consulting firm offering over 100 years of combined experience in helicopter management, operation and maintenance, and airborne forest resource protection.
  • Kaltech Aviation Consultants: We provides the airline and corporate industries a myriad of services including: Startup airline, manual composition and other related services.
  • Kay and Associates, Inc.: Worldwide service and support to Military Aircraft and systems. Airframes, Avionics, Composites, PMEL.
  • Keiser & Associates, Inc.: Provides airport planning and air cargo consulting services.
  • Key Risk Management Limited A safety consultancy to the aviation, railway and other transport industries, providing services in risk assessment, safety cases, human error analysis, etc.
  • Lakeland Aerospace LLC: Aviation/Airline technical consultancy. MSG3 specialists, Mx Program auditors, QA assessors, CSET/Nasip evaluations.
  • Landrum & Brown, Inc.: Airfield facilities and operations planning, environmental planning, terminal planning, financial planning and program implementation.
  • Latta Aviation Consultants Inc.: Assisting with aviation requirements specializing in independent audits, regulatory, maintenance and writing manuals.
  • The Law Offices of Michael L. Dworkin: Specialist in aviation matters. Also a newsletter on line concentrating on aviation law.
  • Learjet Sales Mediator: Learjet Sales/Maintenance Mediator. Get the best deal for your money.
  • LB Aviation Consultants LLC: Aviation Consultants for private and small carriers.
  • Legal Air Systems: International Aviation Legal Consultancy, specializing in legal support to aviation regulatory bodies.
  • Lewis Engineering and Associates: Specializes in aviation safety, accident investigation, and safety engineering.
  • Lido GmbH Lufthansa Aeronautical Services: A provider of customer tailored system and service solutions for all aspects of flight preparation to international airlines.
  • Lightning Fast Weather Services: Weather forecasts customized to your need and location, including aviation interests. Also meteorological consulting services.
  • Lightning Technologies, Inc.: Consulting and Test Laboratory for Lightning Protection Design, Certification, and Verfication Testing.
  • LoPresti Aero Aerodynamic Consulting Services: Aerodynamic consulting service.
  • Machone: Aviations Consultants supplying advice and services to the Aviations industry. Current with JAR OPS Regulations. Piloting services available.
  • Magaña, Cathcart, & McCarthy: Aviation law firm, representing persons and families injured by aircrashes.
  • MarketFlight, Inc.: Specializes in a diverse variety of airport/FBO services.
  • The Marlborough Partnership: Specialises in senior-level management appointments entirely within the aviation and aerospace sectors.
  • McIntyre Borges & Burns LLP: Law firm offering aircraft partnership/co-ownership agreements for reasonable fixed fees.
  • MergeGlobal, Inc.: MGI-Strategy consultants in freight transportation. Also publishers of "MGI Cargo Analyst", a comprehensive source of up-to-date data on the world's major freight markets.
  • Law Firm specializing in Maritime/Admiralty and Aviation Law. Experts in International and Federal law.
  • Midwest Aviation Consulting: Helicopter and airplane pre-purchase inspection and research service. Also perform other consulting services such as aircraft selection.
  • Mistral Aeronautical Group: The group's expertise ranges form aircraft sales, consulting, job placement to engineering.
  • Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins, LLP: Aviation law firm specializing in aviation litigation and FAA enforcement action.
  • National Aero Safety: Provides insurance field services, and aviation safety consulting in most areas.
  • Navworld: Fosters continued interest in the art and science of navigation stressing the human endeavor aspect of navigation history and cerebrations.
  • Norbert Lüehring: German legal information about gliding from lawyer Norbert Luehring.
  • NOVA Advisory Group International: International transportation industry Operations & Logistics consulting firm specializing in aviation and rail issues.
  • NuAviation International: Aviation consulting company dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the commercial aircraft technology industry.
  • Orloff Consulting: Involved in aviation accident reconstruction and have analyzed numerous aircraft accidents.
  • Oscar H. Blayton, Attorney At Law, Inc.: Providing services in Aviation Law to Developing Nations, and companies servicing those areas.
  • Papadakis & Allman: Highly experience and successful Aviaion Lawyers in Austin, Texas.
  • PARC Aviation Ltd.: Providing human resource services to the aviation industry, and expert consultancy, advisory and recruitment services.
  • Paul Kerpoe - Aviation Consulting: Aviation consulting services, Aviation news commentary and business issues.
  • Paul Sillers Consultant: London based consultant specialising in the analysis, design and development of inflight products and services.
  • Performa Global Limited: Consulting firm that helps airlines and airport push the service envelope and build competitive advantage.
  • Phaneuf Associates Inc.: Provides consulting services to government and corporate clients world wide concerning FAR, rulemaking, pre-NASIP inspections, etc.
  • Polaris Aerospace Inc.: Airworthiness Services / Reglatory Interface DOT Airworthiness Inspector (retired) A/C inports & exports.
  • PPB Aviation Consulting: Provides affordable aircraft cost analysis information needed before purchasing, entering into a lease-back program, or partnership arrangement.
  • Professional Investigations, Inc.: Highly expert investigative staff providing relevant and quality information in international, corporate, aviation, and other areas.
  • Quest, Inc.: Specializing in background checks for the aviation industry: criminal record searches, worker's compensation claim searches, and more.
  • Ransome Associates: An Aviation Consulting firm who provides concise and comprehensive information to Airlines, Charter Operators, Corporate Flight Departments and all other aviation companies.
  • RayLine Systems: Provides background checks for all aerospace related employees. From student identity verification to CFII verification.
  • Reem Aviation Security Consultants: Aviation security training, aviation security consultants, background checks, gsc training, cargo security training, aviation security managers training.
  • ReliabilityOne Consultants: Provides consulting to the aerospace industry by creating solutions to ensure safety and operating efficiency is maintained.
  • RFT Systems (Aerospace) Ltd.: Engineering consultancy specialising in mechanical systems and thermal analysis for aircraft and avionics.
  • Robert J. Allen Barrister & Solicitor: Canadian lawyer specializing in aviation litigation.
  • Rotor World, Inc.: Provides professional expertise in representing sellers and buyers in both, International and Domestic markets, to meet your needs for all types of helicopters.
  • R.W. Mann & Company, Inc.: Airline Industry Analysis and Consulting; of service to management, principal investors, employee owners, counsel (expert testimony).
  • SafetyNet Associates: Full service private investigation firm with a particular speciality in aviation matters. Will assist you in all facets of Certification under FAR 145, 135, or 137. Castroville, TX.
  • Safeval Aviation Consulting: Safety Program Development for companies, Safety Educational Programs for pilots/crews, Training for Situational Awareness for pilots/crew, Preventing CFIT for pilot/crew and more.
  • SAP AG: SAP Aerospace & Defense, the leading enterprise resource planning solution for manufacturing and aftermarket services.
  • Schuster & Associates: A full-service law firm. We can provide transactional services and business counsel for clients interested in buying or selling aircraft, starting an aircraft partnership, and much more.
  • Simat, Helliesen & Eichner, Inc. (SH&E): World's leading Consulting firm in air transportation: strategic and tactical planning, marketing, economic research, financial services, asset management, operations, information services, safety and security.
  • Sortor Occupational Safety Consulting: Provides safety and health inspection & hazardous materials training for airport-related operations.
  • Spranza International: Provides comprehensive aviation security workshops to include ICAO, FAA and physical security requirements in both basic and advanced programs for civil aviation carriers and terminal operators.
  • SRF Aircraft Services Inc.: An aviation consulting company specializing in Aircraft Sales, parts and shared ownership. Brantford, ON, Canada.
  • Sterling Jet, Inc.: A full service brokerage and consultation service in Miami, FL.
  • Stibbs & Burbach, P.C.: Aviation law in Texas. Practice includes defense, commercial, transactional and disputes with FAA.
  • Sullivan Law Corporation: Aviation lawyer specializing in aircraft transactions, FAA regulations, aircraft related damage or injuries.
  • Syneca Research Group, Inc.: Aviation studies/research to the FAA and others. Interesting military historical research.
  • T C Willis, LLC: Known as the "Red Adaire" of Aviation and has a solid record of certificate crisis intervention successes.
  • Telesis Information Systems, Inc.: Professional investigative and insurance adjusting agency. Specializing in airport support/aircraft claims.
  • Thuis, Mazor & Associates, LLC: Business aviation consulting firm - specializes in administration, finance, sales, and marketing. Servicing aircraft management and support companies.
  • TSC Consultants Limited, Inc.: Provides over 25 years of experience in Quality Management Systems. We are experts in the Aerospace, Defense and Commercial Aviation Industries.
  • Transonic Aviation Consultants, Inc.: The page for TAC-2000 Quality Assurance Standard. Specializes in the certification and export of Heavy Transport Category Aircraft.
  • Transportation Consulting: Provide wide variety of marketing, re-engineering and operational services, primarily in the transportation industry. Airport marketing and proposal writing and evaluation.
  • Transportation Services Consulting, Inc. (TSC): Lancair IV inspections, certification, Lancair and Insurance company approved flight training.
  • Trinity Consulting, Inc.: Provides turn-key FAR Part 147 AMT program implementation, avionics curriculum, aviation maintenance instructional aid design and fabrication.
  • V2 Airline Consulting Services: Professional Commercial Airline Consulting Services. Based in Brazil, but able to attend to global needs.
  • VATAmerica, LP: VAT recovery services for corporate and charter aircraft.
  • WareAir Aviations services: Airwothiness Directive reports for your aircraft.
  • Washington International Trade Advisor, Inc.: WITA provides export licensing services, export licensing seminars and aerospace marketing services to high technology commercial and military manufacturers.
  • WeatherData, Inc.: A weather risk management consulting firm providing weather software solutions to aviation/air cargo and logistics customers.
  • Weidner & Wegmann LLC: Our law firm represents pilots in FAA Certificate Actions, Civil Penalty Actions, Medical Certificate Actions, FFPB's, NTSB Hearings and Appeals, Aviation Accident and Incident Matters, Acquisition, Financing and Leasing of Aircraft and FBO representation.
  • Whitworth-Borta & Co.: An engineering/design company specializing in airport engineering including airport lighting and paving.
  • Wilcox Aviation Resources & Consulting, L.L.C.: Providing FAR Part 91 and 135 general aviation minimum equipment lists and MEL management programs. In KS.
  • William C. Boston & Associates: Information on registration of aircraft including the registration of aircraft and assisting and advising clientele concerning the recording of financing instruments.
  • Willis & Kaplan, Inc.: An engineering consulting company specializing in aircraft structural design and analysis. Services include FAA-Consulting DER, Aircraft Engineering, STCs, PMA, and Aircraft Modifications/Alterations.
  • Wolk & Genter: Aviation attorneys devoted to handling the claims of vicims of airplane crashes and dedicated to raising public awareness about aviation safety.
  • YASAVA Aeronautics: Swiss aeronautical consultancy offering aircraft sales, financing, management, special operations (med evac, humanitarian) in Africa. Offices in Switzerland, Ireland and Nigeria

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