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A&P Scholarships

  • For PAMA members, Continuing Education Scholarship Program. Provides for training for aircraft maintenance technicians who are PAMA members and who are unable to receive advanced training through their employers. Complements PAMA's existing Student Scholarship Program, which provides financial assistance to students who are pursuing an A&P license at FAA Part 147 schools.

    Contact: PAMA, 636 Eye St. N.W., Ste. 300, Washington, DC 20001-3736. Tel. (202) 216-9220.

  • Professional Aviation Maintenance Association Scholarship Fund. Annual scholarship to a student pursing an A&P license.

    Contact: PAMA Scholarship Committee. 500 NW Plaza, Suite 912, St. Ann, MO 63074.

Flight-Training Scholarships

  • Joseph F. Vorbeck Scholarship. Each year four aviation students at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College will receive $2,500 each. The scholarships will go to two outstanding freshman and two outstanding sophomores. It is posssible to win the scholarship both years but you must reapply in order to do so.

    Contact: Clermont College Financial Aid Office at: (513) 732-5284.

  • The Eig-Watson School of Aviation (Miami-Dade Community College) in Florida has awarded scholarships to outstanding students to help pay for flight training.

    Contact: Eig-Watson School.

Scholarships for Youth

  • LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Foundation is offering scholarships to young individuals wishing to pursue aviation careers. The Foundation is currently accepting applications from young men and women ages 16 to 23. The deadline to submit this yearŐs application is February 28, 2003.

  • Hurd Aviation Scholarship. Valued at $3,000. The scholarship funds flight training in single-engine airplanes. Each student is adopted by a flight team including an aviation mentor, a flight instructor, a ground school instructor and financial sponsors. This network provides the necessary support needed to help the student succeed. The student pilot must pass the FAA written exam in order to continue with the flying portion of the scholarship.

    Contact: Aviation Scholarship Foundation. P.O. Box 235, Lake Villiage, IN 46349.

  • Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Fun n' Fly Scholarship. Aviation Summer Camp Scholarship/Tuition Waiver, Work/Study Merit Scholarship of $200-$2000. 10 awards/yr. First come, first served (best time to submit is early spring). Award is renewable. Age: 16-21. Moderate financial need, letter of recommendation, and essay required.

    Contact: FTAC, Dominik Strobel, PO Box 1971, Fairfield IA 52556. Phone: +1-641-472-5217 Fax: +1-641-472-0461

  • Welcome Sky Aviation Scholarship Program is a non-profit regional effort based in Central california to help fund primary flight instruction for new pilots age 16-21.

    Contact: Welcome Sky Program, 7076 Morain Drive, Sanger, CA 93657. Phone: +1-559-787-3313

  • Soaring Society of America Youth Soaring Scholarship. $600 towards a sailplane flying lessons, and lesser prizes of textbooks and memberships. Young persons between ages 14 and 22 and not holders of any FAA pilot license. Application forms are available at gliderports only.

    Contact: CADET Scholarship, Soaring Society of America, PO Box E, Hobbs, NM 88241.
    Tel.(505) 392-1177.

  • Organization of Black Airline Pilots, Inc. Program. Eligibility: African American teenagers and other minorities who are interested in learning how to fly are eligible to apply. Special features: The Organization of Black Airline Pilots was established to make certain Blacks and other minorities had a group that would keep them informed about opportunities for advancement within commercial aviation. The organization co-sponsors this program with the Summer Flying School in Tuskegee, Alabama. Award(s) & Amount(s) Varies.

    Contact: P.O. Box 5793 Englewood, NJ 07631. Tel. (201) 568-8145.

  • Robbins Airport Scholarship. Eligibility: A fully funded private pilot program for eighth grade and freshmen students from Chicago's south suburbs. Low-income youths that reside in Robbins, Harvey, or Ford Heights are favored. The glider program is the entry level for any student. Students who successfully complete the glider program by earning their private pilot's certificate are invited to began the airplane program. Students fly every Saturday morning and work towards their private pilot certification in the gliders and then the single-engine airplane. All costs are covered through certification. Students usually fly gliders for two seasons and then the airplane for a year. Award(s) & Amount(s): Contact Sponsor. Deadline: April 15.

    Contact: Aviation Scholarship Foundation. P.O. Box 246, Palos Park, IL 60464. Tel. (708) 448-1914.

  • The Steven M. Price "Young Aviators" Program. Provides scholarships to underprivileged boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 16 to train to become private pilots. To qualify, a student need not necessarily be a U.S. citizen; however these scholarships are offered in the form of ground and flight school instructional programs taught by our Director of Flight Training in our classrooms located at Craig Airport in Jacksonville, Florida. Acceptance into the program, and ongoing compliance with the criteria, may eventually lead to the receipt of a pilot's license prior to graduation from high school. The "Young Aviators" Program will consist of two independent schools: A Flight School and an Airframe and Power Plant Mechanical School. The "Young Aviators" Flight School will provide ground school and flight instruction to students who meet and maintain certain qualifications. It is not the intention of this program to turn every student into a pilot, but rather to expose them to flying, and the discipline and commitment required to achieve that goal. The "Young Aviators" A&P Mechanical School will consist of both the classroom instruction and on-the-job training necessary to take the Federal Aviation Administration's A&P written examination. The intention of the A&P School is to prepare our students for careers within the aviation industry. All students applying to the "Young Aviators" Program must sign an agreement with the Foundation, involving several key issues. These issues include the necessity for all students to maintain a 2.5 grade point average in their regular junior high or high school subjects, to abstain from all illegal substances, to observe certain dress codes, to maintain certain academic performance standards within the program, and to perform community service projects, as required. Upon successful completion of the ground school program, and passing the FAA written flight examination, ground school cadets may apply for status in the flight program and begin flight training. Once in Flight School, the student will receive training that will lead to a private pilot's license. The entire program will span over a two-year period.

    Contact:Stephen M. Price Foundation. 6910 Atlantic Blvd., Suite B. Jacksonville, Florida 32211.
    Tel. (904) 724-6885. Fax. (904) 721-6240.

Scholarships for Women

  • Esther Combes Vance / Vein Vine Memorial Flight Training Scholarship. Eligibility: The applicant rnay hold a student pilot's certificate, no other ratings or certificates may be held. The scholarship is open to any Montana female student pilot or a Montana female interested in leaming how to fly. She must be a resident of the state of Montana and receive her flight training in Montana by a Montana registered CFI. Flight training must begin within three (3) months of receiving the award and be completed within two (2) years of receiving the award. If this timeline cannot be met, the scholarship will be forfeited. The Scholarship winner will be required to join the Montana Ninety Nines for a period of not less than two years. Note: Payment will be made upon receipt of documentation of hours flown, payable to the recipient and the flight instructor or flight school. The documentation must be signed by both the recipient and the instructor. This must be submitted to the Montana Ninety Nines treasurer and payment will be made upon receipt. Requests for applications should be sent to the above address, please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope. Award(s) & Amount(s): $500. Deadline: February.

    Contact:The Montana Chapter of the 99s, 1811 Baxter Drive, Bozeman, MT 59715.
    Tel. Gail Sanchez-Eaton: (406) 586-4126; or Tina Pomeroy: (406) 222-6826 after 5:00 P.M.

  • International Society Of Women Airline Pilots Career Scholarship. ISA has earmarked funds for a pilot who has already demonstrated her decision to join ISA members in this great profession. These scholarships are to be used for advanced pilot ratings such as the US FAA ATP certificate or equivalent. Applicants who do not meet those requirements may pursue a MERIT scholarship. When funds are available, other unique scholarships are awarded, such as the Fiorenza de Bernardi Merit Award, and the Holly Mullions Memorial Scholarship (reserved for single mother). These merit scholarships will aid pilots endeavoring to fill some of the basic positions, i.e. CFI, CFII, MEI, or any of the equivalents.

  • The ISA International Airline Scholarship. In recent years, the ISA scholarship program has grown due to the generosity of several airlines. ISA+21 has been able to offer aircraft type ratings (727, 737, 747, 757, and DC-10 aircraft) as well as flight engineer certificates to women actively pursuing an airline career. Eligibility: Any woman pilot who is pursuing a career as a professional pilot, is able to demonstrate financial need, and meets the following requirements: All applicants must have a U.S. FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with an Instrument Rating and a First Class Medical (or equivalent). For Merit Scholarship and Career Scholarship - a minimum of 750 flight hours. For a Flight Engineer Certificate Scholarship - minimum of 1,000 hours flight time and a current FE written. For a Type Rating Scholarship - an ATP Certificate and a current FE written.

    Award(s) & Amount(s): Contact Sponsor. Deadline: April 1, postmarked.

    Contact: Luan Meredith-Ward, 2250 E. Tropicana Ave., Suite 19-395, Las Vegas, NV 89119-6594.
    Tel. (314) 845-7282.

  • Zonta Amelia Earhart Fellowship Awards. $6,000 grants to women for graduate study in aerospace-related science or engineering.

    Contact: Zonta International, 35 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60601.

  • The Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships. Each year, The Ninety-Nines award several Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships to qualified 99s (members of at least two consecutive years) for advanced flight training or courses in specialized branches of aviation. Seventeen scholarships were awarded in 1999 that paid for one entire rating or license. The AE awards winners received: 2-Instrument ratings, 2-Commercial licences, 7-multi-engine ratings, 3-Flight Instructor certificates, 1-Airline Transport Pilot licenses, and two B-737 Type Ratings with United Airlines.

    Contact: Headquarters at (800) 994-1929, or via e-mail at 99s Int'l Headquarters.

  • Women Soaring Pilots Association Scholarships. The scholarships are awarded annually by the Women Soaring Pilots Association (WSPA) to support and encourage aspiring women pilots.

    Contact: Sharon Smith, 801 Elsbeth, Dallas, TX 75208.

  • National Council for Women in Aviation/Aerospace.

    Contact: National Council for Women in Aviation Headquarters.
    Tel. (800) 727-6292. Fax. (630) 243-1828.

  • Whirly-Girls Scholarships. Annual $4,000 scholarship to a female commercial airplane pilot to obtain an initial or additional helicopter rating.

    Contact: Charlotte Kelley, President of the Whirly-Girls Scholarship Fund, Executive Towers 10-D, 207 W. Clarendon Ave., Phoenix, AZ.
    Tel. (602) 263-0190.

  • Judith Resnick Memorial Scholarship. $1,000-$5,000 through American Flyers. Must already have a Prvt/Inst. Considered monthly.

    Contact: Tel. (800) 233-0808.

  • Jan Jones Aerobatic Scholarship. $1,000 for aerobatic training.

    Contact: I.C.A.F., 715 S. Beach, Suite 102, Daytona Beach, FL 32114.
    Tel. (904) 238-5267.

  • Women in Aviation, International Scholarship. Several awards annually that range from $500 to $30,000. Many awards/grants awarded, e.g. Flight Training Magazine, Women in Aviation, International Achievement Awards, SimuFlite Maintenance Scholarship, etc. All applications must include three recommendation letters, 250-word descriptive essay, resume, copies of all aviation licenses and medical certificates, last three pages of your pilot logbook; deadline December 12.

    Contact: Women in Aviation. Tel. (937) 839-4647.

  • Women Military Aviators, Inc. (WMA) Scholarship. One scholarship of $2,500. Applicant must be a woman interested in an aviation career to pursue an FAA (or equivalent private pilots rating or advanced ratings). Award based on financial need as well as on goals and aspirations; deadline June 3.

    The following is a list of 99's Scholarships:

  • Please see the website for more information.

  • Rita Buhl Memorial/Long Beach 99s Scholarship. $1,000 to an applicant living and soloing in So Cal. Based on essay/need.

  • Sacramento Valley 99s Scholarship. $1,000 male or female based on essay/need.

  • Alameda County 99s Scholarship. $1,000 based on essay/need.

  • Capt Semmes/Imperial So Lo 99s Scholarship. $500 male or female based on essay/need.

  • Marian Delano Memorial/El Cajon Valley 99s Scholarship. Due 1/15 $500 to a F who has passed written and soloed in CA, NV, AZ, UT, or HI. Based on essay/need.

  • Pam Van der Linden Memorial/Coyote Country 99s Scholarship. $750 based on essay/need

Business Aviation Scholarships

  • Airports Council International North America Commissioners Roundtable Scholarship. One to four $2,500 awards for students working towards a career in airport management or airport administration, with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Applicants must demonstrate economic need and prepare a 250 word essay; deadline December 1.

    Contact: Airports Council International.

  • Air Traffic Control Association Scholarship. Variable awards annually ranging up to $2,500. The applicant must have a minimum of 30 semester hours still to be completed before graduation in an aviation related program leading to a bachelorís degree; deadline May 1.

    Contact:ATCA Scholarship, 2300 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 711, Arlington, VA 22201.

  • American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE). Several $1,000 scholarships to full-time enrolled students in an aviation/airport management program. Must be a junior or senior and have at least 3.00/4.00 (or equivalent); deadline April 1.

    Contact: AAAE.

  • The AOPA Air Safety Foundation/Donald Burnside Memorial Scholarship. One $1,000 award to an individual enrolled in a college curriculum leading to a degree in the field of aviation. Must be a junior or senior at the time the application is submitted, be a U.S. citizen, and have a minimum GPA of 3.25; deadline March 31.

  • The AOPA Air Safety Foundation/McAllister Memorial Scholarship. One $1,000 award to an individual enrolled in a college curriculum leading to a degree in the field of aviation. Must be a junior or senior at the time the application is submitted, be a U.S. citizen, and have a minimum GPA of 3.25; deadline March 31.

    Contact: Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (33 cents) to Scholarship, AOPA Air Safety Foundation, 421 Aviation way, Frederick, MD 21701.

  • Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association Scholarship Endowment Fund (ADMA). Two to four $750 scholarships annually to students pursuing careers in aviation - either aviation management or professional pilot. Applicants must have completed two years of their program; deadline March 15.

    Contact: ADMA.

  • Aviation Insurance Association Scholarship. One $1,000 annual award. The applicant must have completed 30 college credits, of which 15 must be in aviation courses with a GPA of 2.5 or higher; deadline February 28.

    Contact: Aviation Insurance Association.

  • Raytheon Corporation Scholarships. Two BE90 initial training courses through Flight Safety International. Each scholarship is valued at $6,725. Applicant must have commercial, instrument and multi-engine rating, 50 hours PIC in the last calendar year, CFI desirable, and senior in a UAA member institution. Deadline: Applications must be turned in to the PSO office by February 15 in order to be sent by March 1 deadline.

    Contact: Raytheon.

  • National Business Aircraft Association Scholarship. Five $1,000 scholarships awarded annually to U.S. Citizens enrolled in an aviation related program and an NBAA and UAA member institution. Must be a sophomore, junior, or senior in the following academic year. Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher; deadline October 16.

    Contact: Ann W. Devers, Manager, Educational Programs, NBAA, 1200 18th St., NW, Washington, DC 20036.

  • Simuflite Scholarship - Four awards valued at $10,500 for corporate aircraft training. Applicant must be a senior with a minimum 3.25 overall GPA and submit a 250 word essay; deadline March 31.

    Contact: Simuflite.

  • United States Aviation Insurance Group. Three $1,000 scholarships to full-time college or university students who have a career interest in business aviation management and are participating in the National Business Aviation Association's Professional Development Program.

    Contact: Cassandra Bosco at (202) 783-9362.

  • National Air Transport Association, Foundation Pioneers of Flight Scholarship. Four $2,500 renewable scholarships for college juniors or seniors.

    Contact:Mark Collatz, Manager Public Relations, National Air Transport Association Foundation, 4226 King St., Alexandria, VA 22302.

  • The NATF, Pioneers of Flight Scholarship Program. Two $2,500 grants for sophomores or juniors pursuing full-time study in general aviation. Student must be recommended by a NATF member. Applicants must possess a Student Pilot Certificate (or higher) and be able to qualify for a Second Class Medical Certificate; deadline November 22.

  • Southeastern Airport Managers Association Scholarship. Two annual awards up to $1,500 for students with a B.S. degree in an airport management or directly related curriculum.

    Contact Southeastern Airport, Manager Association, c/p John R. Games, Treasurer, Owensboro-Daviess County Regional Airport, PO Box 1913, Owensboro, KY 42302.

  • Wilfred M. Post, Jr. Aviation Scholarship. Four $1,000 grants to juniors/ seniors pursing b.s. degrees in aviation management.

    Contact: Northeast Chapter, American Association of Airport Executives, Executive Secretary, NEC/AAAE, 4224 King St., Alexandria, VA 22302.

  • The Richard Lee Vernon Aviation Scholarship. One $500 annual award to an individual accepted to a course of study in a recognized professional aviation training program in an institution of higher learning or aviation technical school; deadline May 1.

  • Robert W. Innis Aerotechnology Award. One $400 award annually to a rising junior or senior pursuing a degree in Aviation Studies, who demonstrates financial need, scholarship, and leadership in Aerotechnology activities; deadline March 1.

Schedulers and Dispatchers Scholarships

  • The National Business Aviation Association. Scholarship for schedulers and dispatchers to $10,000 through assistance by Exxon, Aviat and Signature Flight Support. The scholarships are offered to past or present schedulers or dispatchers. To request an application, and for further information,

    Contact: Janelle C. Lacoste, Executive Services Coordinator, Freeport-McMoRan Inc., P.O. Box 6119, New Orleans, LA 70141. Tel. (504) 582-4322. Fax. (504) 582-4661.

General Scholarships

  • Leesburg, VA - The ICAS Foundation is currently accepting applications for people interested in receiving one of five scholarships awarded through the organization.
    The ICAS Foundation is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preserving the air show industry's valuable heritage through cataloging and storing of artifacts, articulating the value of air shows and demonstration flying to the public, helping families of those in the air show industry who have lost their lives, and supporting the pilots and performers of the future through scholarships.
    The scholarships each award $1000 to individuals for various flight training objectives - from tail-wheel flying to aerobatic instruction. Deadline for application is October 15, 2002.

    Contact: ICAS Foundation, Inc.

  • The Spaatz Association Aerospace Leadership Scholarship. The applicant must have earned their Mitchell Award, earned their Solo Wings in a powered aircraft, must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA (normalized), and have not received or been selected for a similar scholarship or grant. The scholarship is intended to be used primarily to bring a cadet from solo to his/her private pilot's license. A limited amount of the scholarship may also be used to attend a CAP leadership activity, or to serve in a leadership position at a suitable CAP activity. The scholarship must be used within one year of awarding and while the winner is still an active cadet in good standing. Apply by submitting: (a) A resume of your CAP career; (b) Proof of academic standing; (c)3 letters of recommendation: one from your Squadron Commander or Deputy for Cadets, one from your flight instructor, and one from the individual of your choice; (d) No more than 2 written pages explaining: 1) What you've done for the Civil Air Patrol, 2) What the scholarship will be used for, and 3) How your use of the scholarship will benefit the Civil Air Patrol in the future; Include also a full-length picture in CAP uniform, preferably service dress, but not a utility uniform.

    Contact:Col(s) Bob Mattes, 5373 Lupine Street, Edwards, CA 93523-2403.

  • The Joseph Frasca Excellence in Aviation Scholarship. Two $1,000 scholarships awarded to students presenting evidence of excellence in studies, activities, events, and organizations related to aviation. Must be a junior or senior enrolled in aviation maintenance or flight, have a minimum 3.0 overall grade point average, and be a member of Alpha Eta Rho (contact Alpha Eta Rho); deadline June 1.

  • Alpha Eta Rho Scholarship. Five $500 scholarships awarded annually. Applicant must be an active member of a local Alpha Eta Rho Chapter and recommended by the Chapter (only one applicant is accepted from each Chapter). Minimum GPA of 3.0 required; deadline February 15.

  • Avfuel Corporation - general scholarships for training.

    Contact: AvFuel Corp.

  • Jim Wilharms Memorial Aviation Scholarship. The scholarship is in honor of Jim Wilharms, a graduate of Blackhawk Technical College's airframe and powerplant mechanic program in the early 1970s. The scholarship was established following his death last April in an auto accident.

    Contact: Blackhawk Technical College.

  • The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has launched a free program for members that will help a prospective college student select a school and find scholarships and educational loans.

    Contact: AOPA. Toll-Free Tel. (888) 455-2672.

  • Ninety-Nines, Van Nuys Air Expo - Residents of the greater Los Angeles area who are pursuing careers in aviation and aerospace may apply for one of three $3,000 scholarships that are offered by the San Fernando Valley Chapter of The Ninety-Nines and the Van Nuys Airport Air Expo scholarship fund.

    Contact: Melinda Lyon at Tel. (310) 472-3773.

  • FlightSafety Scholarship. One award valued at approximately $10,000 for training in the King Air 200 Turboprop commuter aircraft. Applicant must be a senior or first year graduate student, instructorís certificate in multi-engine airplane and instrument ratings as well as second class medical; deadline February 16.

    Contact: FlightSafety.

  • Experimental Aircraft Association/EAA Aviation Foundation. A variety of awards and scholarships for students seeking careers in aviation. For information, please see:

    EAA Scholarships WebPage

  • Illinois Pilot Association Scholarship. One annual $500 scholarship to students in an aviation degree program.

    Contact: IPS State Headquarters, 801 1/2 S. 4th St., Apt. A, Springfield, IL 62703.

  • The Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association. Two $1,000 scholarships: one for a four-year aviation student, and the other for a two-year A&P or aviation tech-school student.

    Contact: ADMA, 1900 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19103-1498. Tel. (215) 564-3483.
    Fax. (215) 564-2175.

  • Parks College of St. Louis University Cobro Maintenance Science Scholarships. Awards of up to $10,000, or 120 percent of a student's annual tuition and fees, up to a three-year minimum of $30,000.

    Contact: COBRO Maintenance Science Scholarship, Parks College of St. Louis University, Cahokia, IL 62203.

  • Virginia Airport Operators Council Aviation Scholarship Award. $500 scholarship and two runners-up $50 a career in aviation and who has been accepted by an accredited college.

    Contact: VOAC Scholarship, c/o Herbert B. Armstrong, Airway Science Program, Hampton University, Hampton, VA 23688.


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