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Aviation Books

  • "A-1 Combat Journal" By Byron E. Hukee
  • Aero Graphics Inc. Military aviation picutre books by Randy Jolly. Air Combat Command, Vol II, Hardcover, full color.
  • The Aeronautical Bookstore Ltd.: Over 1000 aviation books in 20 aeronautical categories. Specialists in Historic British Aviation.
  • AIR: Military Aviation Photography: The second volume of Dean Garner's military aviation photography.
  • Aviation books, video, and software for entertainment and education.
  • Aircraft Spotters Handbook World War Two aeronautics aircraft spotters handbook and recognition guide. Scans from the books.
  • Airline Operation The only German book that was made for flight crew and operations staff as quick reference and learning material.
  • "The Almost Complete Guide to Aviation Wisdom" The Fiction and Non-Fiction works of author Captain Chas Melichar
  • Artie the Airplane - Children's Books Have fun while learning with "Artie the Airplane" children's books by Captain Chuck Harman.
  • Aviation Heritage, Inc. Offers a wide variety of aviation books as well as providing superb research services to our customers.
  • Aviation Magazines & Books Selling off private collection. Great reference material for modelers to flying buffs.
  • "Aviation in Tennessee" A highly illustrated, detailed history book is now available.
  • AVlist Aviation books by Bill Clarke, discount books.
  • "The Beaver Bush Plane at home in Ontario": Full color, hardcover pictorial of this legendary aircraft.
  • Beyond the Clouds Publisher of "Pilot's Guide to Recreational Destinations, Eastern United States", the best attractions and activities in the vicinity of airports.
  • "A Biplane Odyssey": An exciting story of flying adventures in a World War II-era Stearman Biplane. By Alan Lopez.
  • BN Historians An independent society. Activities have included the publication of three books. All the latest news about Britten-Norman aircraft.
  • Booksellers at Valhalla: Rare, scholarly, and antique books, ephemera, and objects in ballooning, airships and Zeppelin, and pre WW1 HTA.
  • Booksellers secializing in fine and rare aviation books and aeronautica.
  • "Cloud Dancing" Bob Whelan discusses what to expect and seek in the sport of soaring.
  • "Cobras Over The Tundra": Young American and Russian pilots face the challenge of flying the unforgiving wildernesses of Alaska and Siberia during WWII.
  • The Cockpit Gourmet: A regional Guides to fly-in restaurants.
  • CometCommunications Home of "Aviation Computing Systems" by Mal Gormley, and Aviation Computing World: A global perspective on aerospace information technology.
  • "Confessions of a Pilot" By Gene Seibel. The story of a pilot and his 20 year love affair with a 1958 Tri-Pacer.
  • "Cowboy Mafia": Retired Continental Captain Roy Graham authors best-seller to be adapted to major motion picture.
  • Daedalus Publishing "Snowshoes and Stethoscopes" a true story about a modern day Arctic Flying Doctor.
  • "Dead Stick Landing" Description of the book.
  • Desktop Wings, Inc. Publisher of Alfred Poor's "Cross Country", 30 VFR Flights for Microsoft Flight Simulator, book and disk of situation files
  • Dreamflyer Publications Aviation books (plus a free aviation book for an early reader child) and aviation links.
  • Fly for Fun - Aerobatics with Bill Thomas Five time US aerobatic team member has books to take you from entry level to world class competitor.
  • "The Flyer Guide to Flying in Florida" A complete pilot guide to flying in Florida.
  • Flying Books Secondhand mint condition aviation books for sale or exchange by an aviation enthuiast.
  • Flying High The book is the first investigative history of one of the world's most influential corporations, the Boeing Company. Written by Eugene Rodgers.
  • Flying History Home of "American Eagles", a 50th anniversary review of the US Air Force, the "Living History Series" of WWII aircraft, and "Cockpit: Illustrated History of World War II Aircraft Interiors".
  • "The Flying Inventor" - by Alan Mitchell Autobiography of an ex RAAF eng. giving a history of 85 Boomerang Sq. Later a pilot and inventor.
  • Flying the Rim: A pilot's tale about his search for uranium flying a Piper Super Cub in the rim country of the southwest. By Earl Rogers.
  • Fly'n the Fleet A book of true adventure - loaded with pictures - about flying a vintage "Fleet" biplane.
  • Fokker-Team-Schorndorf: The latest releases of aviation history books.
  • GARMAR Libreria Internacional Bookstore devoted to aeronautics.
  • GeZi's Aviation and Piloting Page Aviation stories.
  • Ghosts Online The aviation photography of artis Philip Makanna.
  • Gleim Publications, Inc.: Renowned publisher of the famous "Red Books" provides the most effective pilot training books, software and audios for private pilot through ATP.
  • "GPS for VFR" by Mike Meadows. Practical GPS guide for VFR pilots. Free downloads, training for general aviation
  • "Guide to Over 900 Aircraft Museums": By Michael Blaugher. In the USA and Canada.
  • Guide to Bush Flying Concepts and Techniques Bush Flying for the Pro.
  • "Hole in the Sky" Downloadable book: Two Arizona 22-year olds travel 1000 miles into Mexico in 1949 in a Luscombe.
  • "How To Crash an Airplane (and survive!)" A comprehensive book. 5 years of research by an aircraft accident investigator.
  • "How You Can Fulfill Your Dream of Flying" By Jonathan Griffin. Would-be pilots - find out how you can fulfill yor dream of flying.
  • HPT AERO Publishing The illustrated guidebooks to Residential Airparks.
  • "I Must Fly" Deadly serious situations and hilarious escapades. A pilot who survived four decades as an Alaskan bush pilot, crop duster, air tanker pilot fighting raging firestorms and, finally, aviation company founder.
  • "Inertial Systems in Navigation and Geophysics" By Dr. Oleg Salychev. The applied aspects of inertial technology and estimation theory for the navigation and geophysics: Inertial Navigation, Airborne Gravimetry, INS/GPS integration.
  • "Inside the Sky" Meditation on Flight by William Langewiesche.
  • Japphire Productions LLC "TRACON" - the aviation thriller.
  • JD Wetterling Books Aviation related fiction and non-fiction by JD Wetterling, former USAF fighter pilot, columnist, essayist and novelist.
  • Kaye Enterprises The 99.9% Aviation Bookstore, hundreds of aviation titles presented in association with Amazon
  • "Learning To Fly In 21 Days" A personal account of the trials and tribulations of learning to fly in 21 days.
  • "The Lost Hope" A book about Polish pilots flying over France in 1940.
  • "The Military Pilot's Airline Hiring Guide" A comprehensive, step-by-step guidebook for military pilots with airline aspirations.
  • Missy Cummings: Features her new book "Hornet's Nest: The Experiences of One of the Navy's First Female Fighter Pilots."
  • Various resources on all what is sporting an engine.
  • Oakton Hills Publications "Wings of History The Air Museums of Europe" - Aviation history told through the aircraft that still exist, plus complete travel and collection guide.
  • Odyssey Aviation Publications Publishers of aviation books and audio tapes as: "Flying On The Gages" and "Purchasing & Evaluating Aircraft" by Brian M. Jacobson.
  • "On The Way To The Stars" X-15 limited edition prints by artist William J. Reynolds.
  • "Once Around The Patch": Written by Don Fairbanks about his life in aviation.
  • Pioneer Pilot A personal account of the early years of aviation, based on the 1911-1931 journals of Walter Lees.
  • Plan of Action, Inc. Aviation textbooks by FAA designated pilot examiner.
  • Platypus Publications Gain the "know-how" to fly free and stay cheap. Fly more enjoy it more, insider secrets and strategies for worldwide travel on a shoestring budget.
  • Please Call the Tower A book about the FAA enforcement program.
  • Sandpiper Publications Aircraft Ground Service Guide - Aircraft Crash Rescue Guide - Military Aircraft Crash Guide.
  • "Secrets of Successful Aerial Photography" A comprehensive guidebook provides instruction in the art of aerial photography covering everything from exposure and equipment choice to tips on running a successful business.
  • See How It Flies An on-line book about the basics of flying. Many details.
  • "Sentinels of the Sky" Glimpses of the Indian Air Force. By Ritana Books.
  • SportPlanes Resource book on homebuilt.
  • "Squawk 7700 - A Pilot's Adventure": Aviation autobiography about a regional airline exprience and impediments the author avoided to reach his goal.
  • Survive-Air Offers book called "Suriving the First 24 Hours of a Forced Landing" and laminated survival checklist from CheckMate.
  • Survivors 97 Listings of surviving 'classic airliners'. A book by Gatwick Aviation Society.
  • "To Fly" A downloadable book that recounts the author's flight training for his private pilot's license.
  • "True North": By Mark Harrison.
  • Ultralight Aircraft shopper's guide From Cybair Ltd. Shows all ultralights marketed since the 70's including the late 1997 models. Specifications, prices, addresses & more, 240 pages softbound.
  • "Vantage Points": A new novel about a woman pilot during WWII by Ken Libbey. Carefully researched for authenticity. Site includes photos of WWII aircraft.
  • Wilson Media Pty Ltd.: Australian aviation author Stewart Wilson's site, information on books, profile and other interesting information.
  • Wind Canyon Books, Inc. An aviation history/adventure (plus navy, soaring and other related titles) publisher with over 35 quite favorably reviewed titles, selling directly from its site.
  • "Wings Of Discovery": An inspirational, entertaining, and informative flying adventure book about following your dreams and conquering your fears.
  • Wings Over The Alaska Highway: A photographic history of aviation on the Alaska Highway, from World War II to present. And chapters on each airport.
  • Wings Over Marion Indiana Marion Indiana aviation history from 1919 to present. Licenses, chronology, indexed, hard cover.
  • The Women's Airforce Service Pilots 1943-1945 A free book about a woman who went through the WASP training program in World War II.
  • "A World Flight Over Russia" By Brad Butler. The story of 12 small planes flying around the world in 20 days while crossing the whole of Russia in July 1992.
  • The Write Shiel Home Read excerpts and view photos from Walt Shiel's "Cessna Warbird" and aviation articles. Subscribe to free The Warbird eXpress (TWX).

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Heathrow runway delay is hurting aviation industry, warns Iata chief (GUAR)

Raytheon increases pilot situational awareness with Aviation ... (AVIO)

Embraer jets receive Russian certification (JRLA)

Plymouth Airport celebrates its pioneers by naming gates for them (BOST)

Ajit Singh writes to UP CM on land for airport at Allahabad (INDI)

Airline profits pick up in 2012: IATA (TMSE)

Contract with the SAAF terminated Denel (POLI)

Denel aircraft specialists receive retrenchment notices Solidarity (POLI)

GAA signs up for BIAS2014 (BNA_)

Jet Aviation Dubai signs agreement with FEAG (CORP)

Marines hone command capabilities for Afghanistan (DVID)

Analysis: China acquires 90 ILFC stake (JRLA)

Dassault Falcon sells two jets to Wallan (TRAD)

AviancaTaca orders ATR 72 600s (JRLA)

New Issue Milestone Aviation sells 250 mln notes (RTRS)

A Chance for Ugandans to Fly (ALLA)

Col. Michael Musiol takes over 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade (OBRF)

General Aviation Taking off at MacArthur (AVIA)

Lady Antebellum chooses Skynet Aviation (REVI)

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MEBA to move to dedicated Dubai world central expo site (ZAWY)

MEBAA Elects Two to Board, Ups Insurance Cover (ONLA)

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Banner year for safety in global aviation (TN)

2012 named safest year in civil aviation history (_PST)

Neema Swai a Woman Flying Her Dream (ALLA)

Cessna aircraft makes crash landing in Malir Cantt (NWS_)

HAMM member and passenger killed in small plane crash (TYLE)

World War II Fighter Raised From Lake Michigan (CHIC)

WWII era plane recovered from depths of Lake Michigan (WREX)

Pearl Harbor Day event pulls up old fighter plane, and zebra ... (WBEZ)

WWII era plane found at bottom of lake (WZZM)

Strengthen English Skills in China's Aviation Industry (ENGL)

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