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- CyberAir Airpark Chicago Approach Listen to live transmissions of the Chicago Approach Frequency transmitted from O'hare Airport.
- Miami International Airport Approach and Departure Live conversations from the Air Traffic Control tower.
- Miami International Airport - Tower Frequency
- Philadelphia International Airport Watch live airport operations at Philadelphia International Airport, Pa
- NAHA - National Aviation Heritage Area: The Dayton Aviation Heritage Commission and its supporters are planning the establishment of the National Aviation Heritage Area. Read more about it or call Fred Bartenstein, Project Team Leader, National Aviation Heritage Area, (937) 767-7355, or Tony Sculimbrene, Executive Director, Dayton Aviation Heritage Commission Executive Director, (937) 225-7705.
- The Powered Paragliding Show On
- FAA Wish List Anything you'd like to add?
- A Web-based travel company, provides real-time flight tracking tool.
- The Lockerbie Trial A Website dedicated to exploring the ramifications of one of the most important trials in history.
- Thomas Quetschke - Aircraft Build Cam Click on the "Aircraft Build Cam" to "tune in" and watch live video of the construction and building process.
- Moscow Flying Ballet Here is your chance to experience an action - packed trip with the Moscow Flying Ballet.
- Aeroscribe A place where pilots and aviation enthusiasts can read and write about flying adventures.
- Flight Of The Albatross A Search for Paradise.
- Aero Design & Development Ltd. Innovative Unmanned Aerospace, Marine & Land Vehicle Design & Development.
- Starflight Endeavour The Greatest Flight on Earth. Four times around the world in a GlaStar kitbuild named Spirit of Endeavour.
- A Bridge of Wings A commemorative of the Rodina - The story of Nikki Mitchell and Rhonda Miles who on July 4, 1998 flew from Nashville to Moscow on a Maule M-5, a single engine tail wheel airctraft.
- South Atlantic Flight 1998 In November 1998 Hans Georg Schmid departed Switzerland with Long-Ez, to and all around South America to celebrate 70 years of flight to South America and to commemorate the achievments of those pioneers.
- GT Global Flyer Around the world in 80 days by Ultra/Microlight. Check out the details here.
- The Flying Adventures of Darren Cutts The adventures of the Australian pilot during the Kangaroo Island Dash and his attempts at a world flying record - the Red centre Dash which almost turned into tragedy.
- The First Air Crossing of the South Atlantic Re-enactment of the first Air Crossing from Europe to South America by two Portuguese Air Force Fighter Pilots.
- The Ponceby World Flight 1998 Fly via the Tropics in a King Air. Photos, stories and flying info - daily updates.
- Simuflite Live conversations between air traffic controllers and pilots of aircraft arriving and departing from the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
- Tom Claytor - Bush Pilot Follow the travels of an adventurous bush pilot on a solo expedition to the seven continents of the world.
- World Flight 1997 Recreation and completion of Amilia Earhart's world flight.
- World Flight 2000 Youngest Crew to Circle the Globe , Aerocommander 560E.
- A World Flight over Russia The story of 12 small planes flying around the world acros Russia in July 1992.



Ch: Aviation (more->)

Tony Tyler: Aviation industry will handle over 3 billion passengers in ... (NWST)

Heathrow runway delay is hurting aviation industry, warns Iata chief (GUAR)

Raytheon increases pilot situational awareness with Aviation ... (AVIO)

Embraer jets receive Russian certification (JRLA)

Plymouth Airport celebrates its pioneers by naming gates for them (BOST)

Ajit Singh writes to UP CM on land for airport at Allahabad (INDI)

Airline profits pick up in 2012: IATA (TMSE)

Contract with the SAAF terminated Denel (POLI)

Denel aircraft specialists receive retrenchment notices Solidarity (POLI)

GAA signs up for BIAS2014 (BNA_)

Jet Aviation Dubai signs agreement with FEAG (CORP)

Marines hone command capabilities for Afghanistan (DVID)

Analysis: China acquires 90 ILFC stake (JRLA)

Dassault Falcon sells two jets to Wallan (TRAD)

AviancaTaca orders ATR 72 600s (JRLA)

New Issue Milestone Aviation sells 250 mln notes (RTRS)

A Chance for Ugandans to Fly (ALLA)

Col. Michael Musiol takes over 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade (OBRF)

General Aviation Taking off at MacArthur (AVIA)

Lady Antebellum chooses Skynet Aviation (REVI)

Future of GA sparks debate at Wichita event (AOPA)

The many sides of airlines (TTGA)

Ma speaks out on ICAO exclusion (TMST)

MEBA to move to dedicated Dubai world central expo site (ZAWY)

MEBAA Elects Two to Board, Ups Insurance Cover (ONLA)

Roundtable: Aviation 2013 The Latest Legal Features, Research ... (WHOS)

Research Trends and Conclusions: Aviation 2013 (WHOS)

Most Highly Regarded Firms: Aviation 2013 (WHOS)

BAE Systems Wins 400 Million US Navy Aircraft Maintenance ... (AVIA)

Natca: Sequestration Would Cripple ATC, NextGen (ONLA)

Ch: Incidents (more->)

Banner year for safety in global aviation (TN)

2012 named safest year in civil aviation history (_PST)

Neema Swai a Woman Flying Her Dream (ALLA)

Cessna aircraft makes crash landing in Malir Cantt (NWS_)

HAMM member and passenger killed in small plane crash (TYLE)

World War II Fighter Raised From Lake Michigan (CHIC)

WWII era plane recovered from depths of Lake Michigan (WREX)

Pearl Harbor Day event pulls up old fighter plane, and zebra ... (WBEZ)

WWII era plane found at bottom of lake (WZZM)

Strengthen English Skills in China's Aviation Industry (ENGL)

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