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Landings: What's New - 1997

What's New
Aviation's Directory
Sept / Dec 1997

Updated Landings Sections:

The weather section on Landings has been revamped with new sub-sections and a major cleanup of links related. Multiple other sections have been sub-divided to allow easier navigation of the site.

New Landings Sections:

We are working on new localized versions of section of the Landings directory. We expect completion of this work in Feb. 1998.

NEW FORUM: The Aviation Medicine Forum with Stephen W. Roberts M.D. Dr. Roberts, M.D. is an Airman Medical Examiner specializing in helping pilots with a history of health problems, take the proper steps through the FAA in Oklahoma City, to regain and keep their medical certificates.

NEW FORUM: The Aerobatics and Soaring Forum with Dr. Guenther Eichhorn: a GA pilot and a certified flight instructor, flying competition aerobatics and soaring with Single, Multi-engine Land and Sea and Glider ratings. The forum provides Aerobatics and Soaring information on a range of related topics.

Monthly Database Updates:

We have completed the database work and now provide database updates on a monthly schedule. We have new databases for G-Registrations (UK) planned for Jan 1998 as well as new updates to A&P Mechanics. We have expanded the registration section to include world registrations. Search Engines


We now have the full NTSBs for 1983-1996. We are working on getting all of them online. See under Search Engines

July / August 1997

New Sections:

Two new sections on Landings: Aircraft Values dedicated to Aircraft appraisals and values (blue book) and related companies and services. Also new is the Art Gallery featuring in its debut works of young artists.

Multiple Database Update:

The n-numbers database with over 300,000 entries, and the reserved n-numbers database with over 44,000 entries are up-to-date as of 1 July 1997. We hope to have the update for the pilot's database online before the end of August. Search Engines

Major AWARD: WebMaster 50/50

CIO Magazine and WebMaster Magazine award of excellence. To visit WebMaster online follow me. To visit our awards page click here.

Updated Technology (Servers):

New Server Software: an update to the caching portion in our server software provides an improvement of 80% in response time.

Newsletter Update:

A revamping of procedures related to distribution and management of the Landings Digi-News (email Newsletter). have solved a number of problems related to the initial release. Current distribution is to over 26,000 subscribers.

June 1997

New Feature: Editorials

A new feature on Landings is in depth editorials. Join us for the first editorial by Craig Peyton as he so eloquently reflects the thoughts and feelings of many in the general aviation community when he examines the future of flying in the year 2000 (you'll find this editorial "right on the money")

Newsletter Initiated:

We have released the first issue of the Landings Digi-News (email Newsletter). You can subscribe here. The first issue of LANDINGS DIGI-NEWS contains:

An editorial, aviation news briefs, forum briefs (aviation law), and items of general interest (at Landings).

New Forum: Aviation Law

The Aviation Law Forum is mediated by Phil Kolczynski: a former military pilot, FAA and Dept. of Justice Aviation Trial Attorney with a total of 20 years Aviation Law experience. The forum provides Aviation Law insights on a range of topics such as: Accident Investigation Law, Aircrash Liability, Aircraft Product Liability, Military Aviation Mishap, Technical and Expert Witnesses, FAA License Issues, Aviation Litigation, and other General Issues.

Redesigned Sections:

The Weather section has undergone a complete redesign making it much easier to use, the Miscellaneous and Helicopters sections have been subdivided to help find related information and the Joe Benkert Forum has been redesigned with new graphics and easier to read Q&A (there are now over 600 in depth answers to the widest array of aviation topics anywhere in Joe's forum).

April / May 1997

Multiple Database Update:

The n-numbers database with over 300,000 entries, the pilot's database with about 680,000 entries, and the reserved n-numbers database with over 44,000 entries are up-to-date as of 1 Apr 1997. Search Engines

Database Planned: A&P Mechanics and Aircraft Dealers

We are in the process of putting databases with A&P Mechanics and Aircraft Dealers on-line. We expect completion before the end of May.

Redesigned Sections:

The Organizations section has been redesigned to offset the length of the list on that section. It is now subdivided into alphabetical pages.

February / March 1997

Updated Certified Pilot Database:

The Certified Pilot Database has been updated and is now current to January 1997. We are now on our way to a regular update (every 3-4 months) and expect an April update before the 15th of the month. See the search engine page.

New Database: Airport information (Worldwide)

Search for Airport information (Worldwide): A forms based server to obtain basic airport information for airports world-wide. This database was put together with Patrick Baudis ( See the search engine page.

New Award: Up-Set Approved: OurSquare Award

LANDINGS, was recognized as one of the few sites considered "good enough" to be on OurSquare (an "interset" built for students and graduates of the world's leading academic institutions). To visit OurSquare follow me. To visit our awards page click here.

New Award: GameSpot *top-notch* Award

GameSpot,, has selected LANDINGS as an official GameSpot HotSpot!

GameSpot describes itself as the hottest site on the Web for the most up-to-date reviews, features, demos, links, hints, cheats, and tech support on PC games (with over 2.2 million page requests a month).

To visit GameSpot follow me. To visit our awards page click here.

New Award: EyeOnTheWeb: Best site in its category

EyeOnTheWeb ( is web navigation for the neXt generation, allowing both new and experienced users to easily master the WWW. LANDINGS, was recognized by Eye Sites as the best site in its category. To visit EyeOnTheWeb follow me. To visit our awards page click here.

New Award: Cool Central: Cool Site of the Hour

LANDINGS, was the Cool Site of the Hour. Cool Central is devoted exclusively to the best sites the Web has to offerTo visit Cool Central follow me. To visit our awards page click here.

Redesigned Sections:

The Airlines/Charters section has been redesigned to offset the length of the list on that section. It is now subdivided into alphabetical pages.

Updated Technology (Servers):

New main server installed: as part of our ongoing upgrade policy we have acquired new server equipment aimed at offsetting the increase amount of traffic LANDINGS handles. Overall LANDINGS is now served using four servers. We are still working on achieving much higher throughput for image serving and hope to finish that update withing a month.

New Server Software: an updated version of our server software increases throughput by using intelligent custom caching and dynamic HTML creation on the fly. The new update also includes a much needed revamping of our update link procedures aimed at assuring a shorter turn around for the publishing of new link requests and updated links. The process is now automatic and runs on a daily basis.

New Landings Services:

COLOR LINKS - Make your link visible in COLOR type. This option helps you stand out among the thousands of LANDINGS links. Follow this link to order COLOR listing.

1st Anniversary: Advertising Packages

MARCH 21st is our first anniversary. We decided to celebrate this event by offering new advertising packages designed for a broader range of advertisers. Our new advertising packages start at $150.00/mo. and provide from 20,000 to 30,000 exposures at a minimum. Please email us for more details and provide your fax number, your Web address, and your company name, to receive our detailed 'rate card'.

December / January 1997

Updated N-Number Database and New Worldwide Airport information Search Engine:

A new search engine allows searching for Worldwide Airport information. This database was put together by Patrick Baudis ( and the search engine created by Dr. Guenther Eichhorn.

The N-Numbers are now current to December 1st 1996.

New Award: WebCrawler Select

LANDINGS, has been deemed an outstanding Web site by the WebCrawler Select Editorial Team. A review of the site is appearing in the 12/16 issue at (Landings gets many other awards, we include only a small selected number of them on the Awards page. In addition, LANDINGS appears in most of the Internet directories in print -- such as the Lycos Select 1000, Internet Yellow Pages, etc..).

Redesigned Sections:

News Section - Landings in cooperation with GANews & Flyer provide the latest news to the aviation community through our 26-times a year online News delivery. The News section has been redesigned and now features a new front page, and several new sub-section designs, all aimed at providing an easier interface and better delivery of the News.

The Hangar Talk section has been redesigned featuring easier access to the variety of topics covered here, as well as a more immediate interface to the wide range of categories covered by 'The Joe Benkert Forum'.

We have also enhanced and redesigned sub-sections of this section including the Poetry, Stories, Tips and others.

Updated Technology (Databases):

As part of our ongoing upgrade policy we have acquired new equipment and created new procedures aimed at achieving a two month update cycle for the various databases that we host here at Landings. We expect the next update of the databases to be online before the end of January 1997, and thereafter every two to three months on a regular basis. We are also planning additional databases and related services, stay tuned.

New Landings Services:

BOLD LINKS Make your link visible in BOLD type. As you know a LANDINGS directory section can be quite long. This is a cost effective way to get your link noticed! Follow this link to learn more about BOLD listing.

Advertising Promotion (Limited Time):

20% OFF this is your chance to realize the marketing power of the Web via Landings banner advertising. Purchase six months of advertising in advance and receive 20% off our regular offer. Please email us for more details and provide your fax number, your Web address, and your company name, to receive our detailed 'rate card'.

You may be interested in learning about our recently won awards and you are invited to use our Add Link page and get your site linked with!

We are always working on improvements and services, and we invite you to contact us (please use the contact form or email: to share with us your impressions, comments and ideas.

From all of us: Thanks for Landing!


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