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Landings: What's New - 1996

What's New
Aviation's Directory
October-November 1996

Updated Sections:

As part of our continuous efforts to upgrade and enhance the Landings Aviation Directory, the following Directory sections have been updated, subdivided and enhanced: Other Services / Products (which now contains sub divisions for Services, Products, Consultancies, Insurance, Loans, Photography / Productions, Software, and Other), Publications (which now contains new divisions for video, tapes, books, etc..), and Hangar Talk (new Personal Pages section and new Poetry section), and the Soaring section has been re-organized.

Updated Technology:

As part of our ongoing software development we have finished another upgrade of the Landings CGI (server) software which now provides up to the minute information to visitors about the total number of visitors since March 21st 1996, and to our sponsors it provides exact information on the number of advertising exposures, and the number of click throughs achieved. The upgraded software contains many other (less obvious) enhancements and more about it can be read here.

On Landings each visitor receives a unique ID which stays valid for the duration of the visit. Thus, if the same visitor requests 1 or 100 pages during a given visit, all these activities are registered to one single visitor (Visitor IDs are valid for two hours). Moreover, each page request generates multiple hits (5 hits on average) and thus each visitor generates many page requests (referred to as landings above) and each page request generates many hits. In addition, Landings is unique in its ability to tell how many takeoffs were generated in a given time frame -- a capability that is not matched elsewhere on the net (to the best of our knowledge).

September 1996

New Landings Services:

SITE SERVICE: The Landings SITE SERVICE  provides an unbeatable way to present your product and/or service to the Aviation Community. Starting at only $4.16/mo. your company can be set up with a commercial web site, with full graphics, interactive contact form, secure orders, and more. If that's not enough, the service provides UNLIMITED CHANGES and UPDATES (with some exceptions), and you do not need to know anything about HTML or FTP to do any of it. All you need is your browser and the Landings SITE Wizard takes you from there. To learn more about this breakthrough service see the SITES SERVICE page.

TOP LINKS provide high exposure and are listed at the top portion of each of Landings' directory pages. Because of this preferred location, each TOP LINK is assured a significant increase in exposure. Go to the TOP LINKS page to learn more about this service.

MARKET LINKS provide two other benefits: first, this service allows your company to be listed under multiple categories. Second, it provides a way to link your company under categories other then those selected by the Landings Editorial process. To learn more about it goto the MARKET LINKS page.

New Landings Advertising Options:

We have added section specific advertising (allowing promotions to relate to specific section of Landings). Please visit the Advertising Options page for more information on how your company can utilize Landings to reach its target market.


The most complete and up to date General Aviation News, provided in cooperation with GANews & Flyer. For the current issue (every two weeks a new issue is published on-line) see the News section.

August 1996

Updated Databases and Search Engines:

All databases have been updated and are now current as of August 1st. Please see the Search page.

The newly designed and expanded 'Joe Benkert Forum':

The Joe Benkert Forum has been greatly expanded and redesigned and now includes close to 30 topics, ranging from Aerodynamics, to Flight Instructing, to Meteorology and related questions, for which Joe provides expert advice. You'll find him an extremely valuable resource and this is your opportunity to get real tough questions answered (check the forum pages you'll see what we mean by 'real tough'). Mr. Joe Benkert is a fully rated pilot with a long history in the military, airlines, and corporate flight. He is a published author and is currently on a national tour conducting motivational seminars for flight instructors.

Updated Sections:

As part of our continuous efforts to upgrade and enhance the Landings Aviation Directory, the following Directory sections have been updated, subdivided and enhanced: Airlines, Tours/Travel, and Museums and History.


The most complete and up to date General Aviation News, provided in cooperation with GANews & Flyer. For the current issue (every two weeks a new issue is published on-line) see the News section.

June / July 1996

The News:

The busiest and most comprehensive Aviation site anywhere is now your General Aviation News Source:
GANews & Flyer has joined with Landings to provide complete coverage of general aviation news. News published in these pages will now be seen on Landings. Since 1949, GANews & Flyer has been providing the latest news to the aviation community through its 26-times a year, nationally-distributed tabloid newspaper. Landings has specialized in providing a wide spectrum aviation information over the World Wide Web. Together, GANews & Flyer and Landings offer the most complete aviation information available online.

New Database:

Airworthiness Directives: Dr. Guenther Eichhorn has completed a new search engine for Landings. You can now browse the ADs and search them.

New Pages:

Aviation Related Vanity Plates: the original list from the NASA server plus a number of additions can be seen here.

May 1996


Linking NASA: Thanks to Mr. Ken Jenks (see credits) Landings is the new home for the information sources of the 'First General Aviation Server' at NASA. We are still in the midst of incorporating the vast resources of this site into Landings. We'll keep you posted.

'The Joe Benkert Forum' launched: visit the forum on its first flight. The current topic: Meteorology and related questions

Aviation Art Competition: The best of the 1996 International Children's Aviation Art Competition will be displayed here shortly. To begin with we are displaying images collected from the New-England section of the competition, and later we will display other selections. Some of the images will join our forth coming Art Gallery as part of the permanent exhibit. We expect them to be on-line by the fourth week of May.

Links: we are finally up to speed with all the link requests made over the last few months. Over a thousand new links have been compiled and incorporated into Landings since its opening March 21st.

April 1996


Great news: Landings is proud to be the new home for the information sources of the 'First General Aviation Server' at NASA. We are now working on incorporating into Landings some excellent new databases, lots of great flying jokes, unique pages related to Aviation Poetry and Writing, and much more. The first of these contributions can be experienced under the new Hangar Talk section.

And it gets even better: the 'Hangar Talk' section of Landings is quickly becoming the best interactive resource for the aviation community anywhere: from pro-active contributions by the Aviation Community, through great fun resources, to the very best the interactive media can offer: 'The Joe Benkert Forum'.

Mr. Joe Benkert has a long GA history: aside from being a fully rated pilot with over 19 thousand hours in the military, the airlines, and corporate flight, he is also a well respected authority nationally, and is currently on a nationwide tour for ASA Inc. (a leading publisher of aviation text books). Joe Benkert is also the author of a college level text book 'Introduction to Aviation Science' (Published by Prentice Hall), and has authored many other aviation articles in national and local publications. In addition, for many years he has owned and taught at Aviation Career Institutes where he trained professional pilots and air traffic control specialists.

'The Joe Benkert Forum' will be a main feature of Landings and will become available to the Aviation community within a few weeks. The forum will feature a wide range of aviation topics and will provide an active home for discussion / question and answer sessions.

We are proud to have 'Joe Benkert' join the Landings effort as the host of this forum!

Landings has opened its gates on March 21st:

The volume of traffic, interest, and communication has been tremendous and best of all we have had a great number of enthusiastic responses:

Just discovered this site yesterday. Wow!!!!! It's got to be illegal, immoral, fattening, or high in cholesterol! Nothing THIS interesting and entertaining can be good for your health. Oh what the hell! I bookmarked you anyway, and am going to tell my aviation friends about this site. Thank You.

Great image of the Merlin GT towing a banner! ... Nicely done! ...

Outstanding pages, Congratulations!

  • Excellent information being made available for aviation interests.
  • Site has really improved in design, keep up the good work!
  • I love this place...
  • I am a frequent user and find the information a great asset to my work. ... Thanks for the great work.

This sort of response is hard to get (on or off-line!) and we will keep doing our best to make sure it stays this way: We are scrambling to handle the flood of new links, the suggestions and help requests, and we have some great plans for future areas featuring greater interactivity and an even wider range of information offerings.

NEW Database:

Dr. Günther Eichhorn, has added a new database, and a great search engine: see the Reserved N-Number database under the Search page.

In addition, all of Landings databases were updated and are now current through March 1, 1996.

And if that's not enough, there are new databases planned, stay tuned!

NEW categories:

NEW files:

New Links Listing Look up this file to find what was added in various categories. Each update will list most of the new links in this page. We currently have a backlog of a few hundred new link requests and we are doing the best to include them all. Some of them will not show up on the 'New Links Listing' so please check the Directory section itself. Once we catch up (within the next few weeks) the new links will always appear on this 'New Links Listing'.

NEW Awards:

Great Site Status by NetCarta Corporation!

March 1996

Landings has just gone through a complete re-design. Landings was designed to be quick, to provide a wealth of information, and through the Aviation Directory and our search engines to provide you with an ever present interface to the complete universe of on-line Aviation.

Most of the original pages went through a complete re-organization and we currently feature the following NEW categories:

You may be interested in learning about our recently won awards and you are invited to use our Add Link page and get your site linked with!

We are always working on improvements and services, and we invite you to contact us (please use the contact form or email: to share with us your impressions, comments and ideas.

From all of us: Thanks for Landing!


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Strengthen English Skills in China's Aviation Industry (ENGL)

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