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List of Homebuilts

This information was pulled off the net from a rec.aviation newsgroup. The header provides reference to the originator.

Article: 17218 of rec.aviation.homebuilt
Path: cfanews!!purdue!!!!!!psgrain!!!!!!!!crosby
From: (Charles Crosby)
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.homebuilt
Subject: List of homebuilts on the net
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 95 12:56:32 EST
Organization: Dept. of Mech and Aero Eng, University of Pretoria
Lines: 1061
Message-ID: <49q40g$>
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]This is a list of builders/owners of amateur built aircraft with Internet 
access. The list will be updated and posted on a 2-monthly basis.  Please 
e-mail new entries and updates to Charles Crosby at the following addres: 

Any owner/builder of an amateur-built aircraft with access to e-mail 
is welcome to join the list.

New entries should be in the following format:

Aircraft type
Builder/owner's name,e-mail adress,Town, State and country
Approximate % complete,Engine,A/C registration if known.

PLEASE try to conform to this format, and PLEASE don't quote the entire 
list in you submission!  In future, submissions consisting 99% of the existing 
list will be deleted, pulverised and cremated!  

Likewise, submissions that don't conform to this format will not be 
added to the list.  It simply TAKES TOO LONG for me to rewrite everyone's 

Homebuilts on the net (1 December 1995)
This version of the list contains 245 planes of 84 types:

AcroSport - II              : 4  Airbatic                    : 1
Aero Designs Pulsar         : 3  Avid Flyer (Various)        : 7  
BD-4                        : 3  Bearhawk                    : 1
Berkut                      : 3  Bowers Fly Baby / II        : 1  
Bushbaby                    : 1  Bushby Mustang II           : 2  
Christavia Mk 1             : 2  Christen Eagle II           : 1  
Capella XLS                 : 1  Cassutt                     : 2  
Christavia Mk 4             : 1  CIRCA Nieuport 17           : 1  
Corben Super Ace            : 1  Corby Starlet CJ-1          : 3  
Cozy 3-place                : 2  Cozy MK IV                  : 11 
Defiant                     : 2  E-Racer                     : 5  
Express (Various!)          : 6  Europa                      : 4  
Evans VP-2                  : 2  Falco                       : 3  
Falcon XP                   : 1  Fisher Prod FP-404 biplane  : 1  
Fisher FP 202               : 1  Fisher Celebrity            : 2  
Glasair I                   : 2  Glasair II-S FT / RG / TD   : 9  
Glasair III                 : 1  Glastar                     : 1  
GP 4                        : 5  HP-14                       : 1  
Hummelbird                  : 1  JT-6 motorglider            : 1  
KIS                         : 2  KIS Cruiser                 : 1  
Kitfox IV / Speedster / 5   : 12 Kolb Firestar               : 2  
Kolb Twinstar Mk-II / Mk-III: 2  Lancair 320/360             : 7  
Lancair ES                  : 1  Long-EZ                     : 14 
Loehle Air Camper           : 1  Marquart Charger MA-5       : 1  
McClure Gyrocopter          : 1  Mignet Flying Flea          : 1  
Moni                        : 2  Murphy Rebel                : 2  
Pietenpol Aircamper         : 1  Pitts Special               : 2  
Prostar PT-2                : 1  Quickie 1                   : 1  
Quicksilver                 : 1  Q-200                       : 2
Rand KR-1                   : 2  Rand KR-2 / KR-2S           : 9
RANS S-6                    : 1  RANS S-10                   : 1  
RANS S-12                   : 2  Rihn One-Design             : 2
RV-4                        : 9  RV-6 / RV-6 A               : 20
Seawind                     : 1  Skydancer 360               : 1  
Steen Skybolt               : 1  Stephens Akro               : 1  
Stitts Playmate             : 1  Stolp Starduster Too        : 1  
T-18 / S-18                 : 2  TEAM HiMax                  : 3  
TEAM MiniMax                : 2  Varieze                     : 4
Velocity (various)          : 8  Viking Dragonfly            : 4
Vision                      : 1  Vixen                       : 1  
VmaxPROBE                   : 1  Vortecs VT-1                : 1
Wittman Tailwind W-10/W-8   : 3  Zenair Zodiac 601 HDS       : 5


The distribution by country is:
Australia    5
Canada      11
Denmark      1
Finland      1
Germany      2
Mexico       1
Nederland    1
New-Zealand  4
South Africa 7
Spain        1
Sweden       1
Switzerland  1
UK           4
USA        205AcroSport-II
Skip Egdorf,, Los Alamos, NM, USA
1%, Lyc O-360, No Reg.

Acro II
Stan Ayers,, USA
25% complete ( I guess), Planning to use a Subaru Legacy, 2.2L, No Reg yet.

Acrosport II
1%, IO-360, Not Registered

David McCord,, Grass Valley, CA
About 40% complete., No registration yet., Looking for O-290 or O-320.

Aero Designs Pulsar
Russ Collins,, Austin, Texas 
35%, Engine: Undecided, as yet, Rotax 582 or 912, No registration 

Aero Designs Pulsar XP
Casey King,, Austin, Texas
Approximate % complete: 25, Engine: Rotax 912, No registration

Aero Designs Pulsar
Charles A. Brown,, League City, Texas, USA
Approximate % complete: 50, Engine: Rotax 582, No registration

AIRBATIC (Citabria look alike),R.L,SouthAfrica
100%-flown 130hrs since April94, Honda 1600 16vDOHC with 2.22:1 HTD PRSU,ZU-AFD

Avid Flyer - C
David Hintenlang,, Archer, FL, USA
100%, Rotax 582, N8203J

Avid Flyer MK IV model D
Robert Hogue,, Mountain View California, USA.
70% completed, Rotax 583 (yes the 583 not the 582), N6189N

Avid Speedwing Mk4
Graham Laucht,, Birmingham B17 0EP, West Midlands, England
100%, Rotax 582LC, G-LORT

Avid Flyer MK IV model D
Dan Linden,,Aurora, IL, USA.
90% completed, Subaru, No Registration

Avid Flyer "C" Speedwing
diana Nichols,, Lake View Tr. CA USA
100%, rotax 532, N82185

Avid model C (upgraded to mostly MkIV)
Paul Westcott,, Juneau, AK, USA
Rotax 582 with Warp Drive Propeller, Avid Floats, 350 hours TTAE

Avid model C (upgraded to mostly MkIV)
Rich Wirth,, Juneau, AK, USA
Rotax 582 with Warp Drive Propeller, Avid Floats, 90 hours TTAE


Deene Ogden,, Round Rock, TX USA
100%, flying for 15 years, Lyc 0-360 A1A, CS prop, N99AD


50% complete.  On gear, engine mounted.

Berkut 011
John R Daniels,, Pacific Palisades CA, USA @ SMO
ETA 15 April 1995 (avionics only left), Lycoming IO-360, no registration yet 

James Redmon,
60%, IO-360

Jerry Parrish,, Seattle, Washington, USA
40%,  Will use Lycoming IO-360, N961JP

Flybaby 2A (Tandem 2 place)
Dave Munday,, Cincinnati, OH, USA
1%, Lyc O-290-D, No Registration

100%, Rotax 912, ZU-ARPBushby Mustang II 
Wayne Sweet,, 1520 Highway 68, Monterey, CA 93940
Flying since May 1991, Lyc O-360A1A

Bushby Mustang II
Chris Tieman,, Troy, MI  USA
Flying since 1965, Lyc O-320 160hp, N1117M

Capella XLS
Mike Maurer & Alan Herbison,, Salt Lake City, Utah
50%, Rotax 912, No Reg

Ralph Nesbitt,, Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
75% complete, Continental O-200, No Registration

Cassutt IIIM Racer
Danny Sheehan, 71 Bennett St, Hudson, Ma 01749, in%""
Flying, C-85, 

Christavia MK 1
Ken Beanlands,, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
50%, Lyc O-235-C2C, No Reg

Christavia MK 1
Skip McConnell,, Garden Grove, Ca. USA
45%,  Lyc 0-235-C, not yet registered

Christavia Mk IV
Corky Scott,, South Strafford, Vermont
Wings 1/2 complete, fuselage not started yet, 1986 Mazda 13B Rotory, No reg

Christen Eagle II.
rick mcshane,, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
200 hp Lycoming (AEIO-360-A1B), Finished in 1988,  Reg ?????

CIRCA Nieuport 17 Replica
Ron Wanttaja,, Seattle, Washington, USA
250 hours into construction, Will use VW, No registration yet.

Corben Super Ace
Mark Becht,, Chandler, AZ, USA
Construction just begun, Model A Ford, None as yet, but an NX# dammit!

Corby Starlet CJ-1
15 % completed, Rotax 582, No registration

Corby Starlet CJ-1
Charles Crosby,, Pretoria, South Africa
2.0% complete, VW 1835 cc, No registration

Corby Starlet CJ-1
Dave King,, Kelowna,British Columbia, Canada
15% complete, Subaru EA-81 or Franklin 2 cyl ??, No Registration

Cozy MkIV (with some aerocannard components)
Allan Aaron,, Sydney   NSW   Australia
about 40% complete, o-320 or o-360, Not yet registered.

Cozy MK IV
Michael Antares,, Penngrove, CA, USA (northern CA)
Just starting, O-360, no registration as yet

Cozy MkIV
David B. Curliss,, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
5%, O-360, no registration

Cozy MkIV (modified to 'Extra EZ')
Mark Hall,, Grand Prairie (Dallas), Texas
55%, Lyc O-360, no registration

Cozy MK IV
Marty Kansky, M2K@ORNL.GOV, Knoxville, TN  USA
Chapter 4, Bulkheads, Lycoming O-360, No Registration

Cozy Mk IV (Modified to Aerocanard)
50% Complete, Lycoming O-360, No registration

Cozy MK IV
Edward D. Boykin, or, Marietta, Ga, USA
5% completed, Lycoming (golly tough one), no registration

Cozy MK IV
Kyle Dansie,, Salt Lake City, Utah USA 84105-2701
75% complete????, Have not decided on engine yet, No registration yet

Cozy MkIV
Lee Devlin,, Greeley, Colorado, USA
just beginning, O-360, no registration

Cozy Mark IV
Eric Westland,, Mukilteo, WA, U.S.A.
50% Complete, Lyc. O-360, No Registration Yet

Cozy MK-IV
Marc J. Zeitlin,, Acton, Ma.  01720   USA
20%,  Engine Lyc O-360, A/C registration if known  ---

Cozy, 3 place
Jack Brooks,, Milwaukee, WI 53233, USA
90% complete, Lycoming O-320 E2D, No registration

Cozy 3 place. 
??????????????,, 5343-D Wayne St., Raleigh,NC 27606, USA.
fus boat stg,can built,elev being finished, tdeck glassed., O-320 lycoming 

Vernon Asper,, Diamondhead, MS, USA
70%, (2) Ford V-6 auto engines, N22VL

Charles Caldwell,, Fayetteville (FYV), Arkansas  USA
5200 into building, (2) O-360s, No registration

Cliff Cady,, Brandon,FL,USA
90%, Lyc. O-320 E2D, No Registration

Keith Outwater (vac4050@cae802), 2119 N. Margaret, Tucson, AZ 85716
20%, 0-360, no registration yet

ERacer Mk.I
Rick Pellicciotti,, Memphis, TN, USA
0%, Chevy V6, no registration yet (N128ER applied for)

Glen Whittaker,, Florissant, MO USA

Preston Marshall,
20% complete, No Registration

Richard Meredith-Hardy / Dave Simpson,, Baldock, Herts, UK
40% complete, Rotax 912, No.47, No reg yet.

Europa 912
John Strydom,CRAWSHSM@TELKOM14.TELKOM.CO.ZA, Bergville, South Africa

Europa	914
Alan D Stewart,, Chelmsford, Essex, England
65 %, Rotax 914, No Registration yet

Europa 914
Adam Bruss,, Arizona, USA
Hopping to use 914 if it ever comes out, 30% complete, No registration yet

Evans VP-2
Hank Basse,!, Cedar Park, Texas, USA
80 completed, VW 1835 cc, No registration

Evans VP-2
Max Saunders,, Wellington New Zealand
70%, VW 1835 cc, unregistered

Wheeler Express (Express Design Inc)
Joe Chisolm,, Phoenix, AZ
50% complete, Lyc IO-540, No Registration

Wheeler Express (now Express Design, Inc.)
Rick Dove/David Moon,, Melbourne/Palm Bay, Fl
50% complete, Lyc IO-360, No Registration

Wheeler Express FT (now Express Design, Inc)
Jim Phelps,, Arlington, WA
10% complete, Hayes rotary, No registration

Auriga (Now also called Express Series 90)
James A. Siebel, JSIEBEL@AOL.COM, Rockford, Il USA
75%, IO360 C1E6, No Reg.

Craig Snively <>, Redmond WA. 
80% done. We have a Lyc IO-540 (C4B4) 260 hp, N540MP 

Wheeler Express FT (now Express Design, Inc)
Mark R. Turner,, Rochester, Minnesota, USA
80% Complete, Lycoming IO-540 C4B5 (260HP), N89MT

F.8L Falco (from Sequoia plans)
Steve Cornelius,, Chandler, AZ, USA
5%, Planned Lyc IO-320B1A, No reg.

Sequoia Falco
Pierre Wildman,, Menlo Park, CA USA
1% complete, Lycoming IO-360 planned, No registration

Chris Russell,, Hartselle, AL

Falcon XP
Built D Newman, Owned by S Keithley,, Visalia, Ca.  US
Complete, 300 hrs (+/-) airtime, Rotax 503, N917AA

Fisher Aero Corp. Celebrity
Reid Baldwin,, Lansing, MI, USA
20% complete, haven't decided on engine, No registration yet.

Fisher Celebrity
Reinhard Wasmund,, Hamburg, Germany
80% complete, Rotax 912, No regristration yet

Fisher FP-202
Bob Evinger,, Terre Haute, IN, USA
170 hours flown, Rotax 447FC, N202FP

Fisher Products FP-404 biplane
Michael Boettcher,, Middleton, Wisconsin
Just started, Rotax , No Registration

Glasair I-FT 
flying since 1987, 1000 hrs, Lyc O320E2D, 150 HP, N470XX.

Glasair 1RG
Richard E. Davis,, 152 Leisure Lane, Chatham, IL 
Flying 240 Hours, N132JB 

Glasair II S FT
John Burnaby,
20% complete, unknown, not registered

Glasair Super IIs RG
Curtis Brown,, Cheshire, OR 
Lycoming 0-360, Just getting started

Glasair Super IIS-FT
Marc Gordon,, Carnation, WA  USA
Approximately 5% complete, No engine yet, No registration yet

Glassair II RG
Michael R. Smith, Jr., No e-mail adress. Update please?, Starkville, Mississippi, USA
25% complete, N/A on engine, N/A on A/C Registration

Glasair II-S FT
David Fisher,, Hanover, NH
10% completed, No engine yet, No registration

Glasair Super II-S FT
Marc Gordon,, Carnation, WA, USA
1% complete, 180hp c/s (planned), no reg.

Glasair Super II-S FT
Jeff McDonald,, Saratoga, CA
0.01% completed, No engine yet, No registration

Glasair Super II-S RG
Greg Vines,, San Diego, CA, USA
10%, No Engine Yet, No Registration Yet

Glasair TD
Dwayne Hull (builder/owner),, Encinitas, CA USA
Flying, Lycoming O320, N811DH

Glasair III
Bruce Bateman,, Danville, CA USA
10-15% complete, Lyc IO-540, Not yet registered

Sid Lloyd, or, Houston, TX
10%, Lyc O-320

Steve Baum,, Santee, CA. USA, Earth
80%, IO-360-A1A, No reg

Patrice Theriault,, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
10 % completed. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

HP-14A (Schreder Metal Sailplane)
Allen Barger,, Greenville, TX, USA
2% complete, No registration yet

Peter Allen,, Adelaide, South Australia.
1% complete., 1/2 VW engine., No Registration

JT-6 motorglider (Own design)
Jukka Tervamaki,, Helsinki, Finland
1300 hrs flown, Retractable Rotax 502, OH-520X

KIS 2 Place
Kirby & Bob Jefferson,, Albuquerque, New Mexico  87122
80%, Lycoming O320, Not yet received

KIS (tail dragger)
Richard Wakeford,, Glasgow,Scotland, U.K.
50%, O235, N/A at present

KIS Cruiser (4-place)
Kenneth D Grant,, San Jose, CA
5%,  Not yet selected (Frankin 350 ?)

Kitfox IV-1200
Eric Damm,, Naperville,IL USA
Completed 11/94, Mosler VW, 65 HP, N93ED

Kitfox IV-1200 s/n 1861
Mike J. Frazier, , Forest, VA, U.S.A.
70% complete, Engine: Rotax 912, No registration

Kitfox 4 
Charles Lamb, LAMB@LINCOLN.AC.NZ, Christchurch, Canterbury, NEW ZEALAND.
TT 20.1 hours, Rotax 582LC, ZK KIV

Kitfox IV
Todd Lawicki,  Nashville, TN.
130 TT, ROTAX 582LC, N37TL

Kitfox Model IV
Thomas L. Osborne,, Sandown, NH 03873, USA
100% complete, Rotax 582, N93TL

Kitfox IV
Mike Pongracz,, Salem Oregon, USA (Sec EAA Chap 292)
%, engine, reg ???

Kitfox IV
Rob Stivers,, Sunol, California
Unknown % complete, Rotax 912, N99FL

Kitfox IV
Mel Towner,, Neptune Beach, FL, USA
70% complete, Great Plains VW / Wilson A/C firewall forward, Not yet registered

Kitfox Speedster
Jerre M. Hill,, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
80% complete, Rotax 582, N691PF

Kitfox Speedster
Staehli Jean-Jacques/Denis Rochat,, Lausanne, VD, Switzerland
70 % competed, Rotax 582, A/C registration, not known

Kitfox Speedster
Jack Scott,, Savannah, Georgia, USA
50% Complete, Rotax 912, (not yet registered)

KitFox Series 5 Taildragger
Doug Weber,, Buckley, Washington, USA
2% complete, Subaru Turbo Ea81 or Continental IO-240, N41KW

Kolb Firestar KXP 
Ben Ransom,, Davis , CA  95616  USA
80% complete, project Feb 94 complete, Rotax 447, Warp Drive, Ultralight, n/a

Kolb Firestar II
Phil Weston,, San Diego, California, USA
65% complete, No engine yet, not registered yet

Kolb Twinstar Mk-II
Del Armstrong, Rick Lafford, , lafford@clpd.Kodak.COM, Rochester, NY, USA
80 hours flown, Rotax 503, N93RD

Kolb MK III on Full Lotus floats
John Pierce,, Kennebunk Maine US
cut first tubing 4/3/94, plan rotax 912, No Registration

Lancair 360
Ken Berkovec,, Fremont CA, USA
5% Complete, Lycoming IO-360, No registration yet.

LANCAIR 235/320
Warren Engard,, Concord, NC (USA)
45% complete-90% to go! Lycoming O-320, No Reg.

Lancair 360
Tom English,, San Francisco, CA, USA.
85% complete., Lycoming IO-360-B1F (Modified to 200HP), N91TE (Reserved)

Lancair 320
Sven Jerlhagen,, Stockholm, Sweden
75% complete, Lyc O-320, no registration

Lancair 360        
Tom McReynolds,, Palo Alto, CA, USA 
%60, Lyc IO-360, Not Registered     

Lancair 360
rick mcshane,, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
65% complete., Lycoming IO-360-B1B, No Reg 

Lancair 360
johan overweel,,elzenlaan 36,3241BD,middelharnis,The Netherlands
Lycoming AEIO 360 with 200 hp, building since oct. 1993, ready at dec. 1995.       

Lancair 320/360
Steve Roell, RoellSR%DFAN@DFMAIL.USAFA.AF.MIL, Colorado Springs, CO USA
Less than 5% complete (just started), No engine yet, No registration yet

Ed Rosiak,, Cupertino, Ca.
Just Starting, Planning to use Cont. I/O 550

Loehle Sport Parasol Air Camper
James D. McFadden,, Mineralwells, WV USA
100% complete 10 hours in the air, Rotax 503 cdi, N938SP

Harry Bawcom,, Tempe, Arizona, USA
Flown for 900 hrs, Lycoming 0-320 (changed from 0-235 at 670 hrs.), N7HJ

Richard C. Beausoleil,, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
About 1-2% (Just starting), Lycoming 0-320, No registration yet

Lamar Eidson,, San Antonio, TX
Flying 4 years, 0-320E2D, N242LE

Stet Elliott,, Santa Ana, CA
80% complete, Lyc O-320, No registration yet

Griff Hamlin, hamlin@UG.EDS.COM, Cypress, California   
Flying for 6 years, 150HP Lycoming engine, N485SP.

Bryan Hennessy,, Boise, ID, USA
90% Complete, O-320-E2A, 762BH

Long Eze
Preston Marshall, 8105 Counselor Rd, Manassas, Va USA 22111,
Flying for 6 years, o235 Lyc, N29PM

Bill Prince,, Sunnyvale, CA (USA)
460 hours, Lycoming O-235-L2C, N 97WP

Moises Romero,, St. Louis, MO
75%, Lyc. O-320 or 150+h.p. reliable source, No Reg.

Sam Staton,, 2552 Chesterbrook Court, Jacksonville, FL 32224-3849 USA
Fuselage only - through Chap.6, Engine undecided - probably Acura Legend V6, No reg

Carl Stevens,, Palmdale, CA (USA)
230 hours, Lycoming O-290-G/D, N223MM

Long Eze
John ten Have, 41 Homewood Cres, Karori, Wellington, NZ,
4500hrs into it  70%? , Continental 0-240, No registration yet.

Brent H. VanArsdell, VANABR@DELPHI.Com, Lockport, Illinois, USA
200 Hours, Engine ????? (Lycoming O-235???), N85H

Long EZ
Gerry White,, Ocean Springs,Ms.
20%complete, Lyc 0-320 or Mazda ?,Not Registered

Marquart Charger (MA-5)
Jim Schinnerer,, Fort Collins, CO, USA
1% complete, planning O-320, no tail number yet

McClure-design Gyrocopter
Brett Paulin,, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
100%, Rotax 582, G3015

Mignet FLYING FLEA   HM-360 (Le Pou du Ciel)
Ralph M. Wefel,, Central Point, Oregon, USA
100%,  Continental A-40-5, N 360 HM

Moni single gear        
Dave Green / Ray Debs,, Folsom, CA  USA         
Flying (60 hours), KFM 107E, N91DG                   

Moni Tri-gear
Ray Masters,, State College, PA  USA
70% completed, KFM 107-Maxi, No Registration

Murphy Rebel
Stefan Pappe,, Heidelberg, Germany
30 % complete, Rotax 914 or Zoche Aero-Diesel, No registration

Murphy Rebel
Paul Ray,, Phelan California USA
85-90% complete, Lycoming O-290, N85HQ

Pietenpol Aircamper
David Swagler,, Aurora, CO  USA
5% (building ribs and spars), Corvair 164 c.i. (probably), n/a

Pitts Special S1A
Jeffrey Lo,, Livermore, California, USA.
100% complete; flying 31 years, Lycoming O-320, N8L

Pitts Special  S-1S
Daniel R. Salcedo,, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. USA.
approx. 30% complete, Engine unknown, Registration unknown

ProStar PT2
Joe Gambucci,, Northfield, MN 55057 USA
50%, Subaru EA82, N904G

Quickie 1
John ten Have, 41 Homewood Cres, Karori, Wellington, NZ,
250hrs flying, Onan 22hp, ZK NSR

QuickSilver MXL II Sprint
Rick Pellicciotti,, Memphis, TN, USA
100%, Rotax 582, no registration (Part 103 exemption)

Dr. Michael Bergen,, Annapolis, Maryland USA
75% Complete, Continental O-200, No Registration

Paul A. Fisher,, Taylor Ridge, Illinois USA
300 flight hours, Continental O-200 (100 HP), N17PF

KR 1
Bill Reents, az819, Youngstown ohio usa
100 % flying 17 yrs 1360 hrs, vw 1800 cc eng, N 7138

Rand KR1 based Mini P-51 replica
Rudi Venter,, Pretoria, South Africa
70%, VW 2180 cc with Rayjay turbo charger, Not registration yet

Rand KR-2 
Robert Alexander,, Houston, Texas
just bought the plans so far...

Rand KR-2
Al Doherty,, Winnipeg mb Canada 
65% complete

Rand KR2
Con Kelley,, Richmond, VA USA
30%, undecided, 

Rand KR-2
Steven Meassick,, Rociada, NM, USA
40%, unk, n/a

KR2,R.L,South Africa
100% - flown 300 hrs since Jul 89, owner G.Beukes, VW 2000 type 4, ZS-VVD

Rand KR2
Rudi Venter,, Pretoria, South Africa
98%, VW 2180 cc with Rayjay turbo charger, Awaiting registration from DCA

Rand KR-2S
Glenn Chong,  GLENN@STAFIRE.UTIAS.UTORONTO.CA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
approx. 10% complete, N/A (engine), No registration

Mike Stearns and Jason Parker,, Orange County, California, U.S.A., Phone: 714-996-7349 -- questions welcome 
75% complete, Continental O-200A, N514SP

Jeff Scott,, Los Alamos, NM, U.S.A., 
60% complete, Continental C-85-12F, No Registration Yet

RANS S-6 Coyote II
Russ Osborne,, Walls, MS, USA
100%, Rotax 582, N99ME

Alison Hine,, Stratham, New Hampshire, USA
Flying, 210 TT, Rotax 582, N104AH

RANS S-12 Airaile
Rick Pellicciotti,, Memphis, TN, USA
100%, Rotax 582, N28M

Carlos I. Terre, dress, Valencia, SPAIN                  
Rotax 582

RIHN DR-7 One Design
Rick Manzie,,Las Vegas, NV, USA
20% complete, Doug Dodge fuse., Sheuenemann wing kit,No registration

RIHN DR7 "One Design"
Dr. Joseph Maj,, Midland, MI USA
Just started, Lycoming 0-360, No registration

Allen Barger,, Greenville, TX, USA
Flying 300 hrs, Lyc. 0320-D3G, N13TX

David Bonorden,, Austin, TX, USA
11.3 % complete, Buick 215 cid V8 (proposed), No registration

Richard E. Bibb,, Reston, Virginia, USA
75% Complete, O-320-E2D, N414KT

Jim Caufield,, 1755 NW 173 Ave. #502 Beaverton, OR 97006
25% completed(empenage, wings), O320, No registration

Ray Coxon,, Canberra, Australia
2% Complete, O-320, VH-FRV

Brad Fennell,, Mesquite, TX  (USA)
10%, O-360, None

David Hyde,, Chesapeake Beach, MD USA
20% Complete (?), O-320/360, No registration

Mike Pilla,, Matawan, NJ 07747
emp+wings completed, fuse almost out of jig, O-320-E2D => -D1A, N227AP

Ed Wischmeyer, owner,, Sunnyvale (near San Jose), California
118% complete, 160 HP Lycoming O320-B3B, N629EW

Doug Bloomberg,, 11212 W 102 Drive, Broomfield, Colorado 80021
Tail Left wing done, Looking for O-360, No N number

Earl Brabandt,, Beaverton, OR, USA
40%, Lycoming O-360A1A/Hartzell, N66VR

David Bryant,, Perth Western Australia
90% , Engine Lycoming O320 E3D   150Hp., No reg yet

Danny Burns,, Guelph, Ontario CANADA
30% complete, IO-360 (awaiting delivery), No registration yet

Brian K. Cooper,, Pasadena, CA, USA
0% completed (just starting empennage kit),Lycoming O-360 / CS Prop, No reg

John Cummins,, San Diego     
Empenage complete, wing kit ordered, O-360 with constant speed

Bill Downey,, Austin, TX, USA
1% complete, Lycoming 0-320 or 0-360, No registration

Tom Goeddel,, Fair Haven, NJ, USA
20% complete, Lycoming 0-320 or 0-360, No registration

Bob Hall,, Colorado Springs, CO
Tail complete, wings 80%, no registration

Randall Henderson,, Portland, OR, USA
20% complete, Lycoming O-360, No registration

Van's RV-6
Terrance Jantzi,, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
70% complete, Lycoming IO-360, C-GZRV

Luis Madsen,,Copenhagen, Denmark
60% Lycomming OY_LUI (temp.).

Russell Neeper, or, College Station, TX, USA
0%  completed (getting started on the empennage kit), engine undecided, no reg

Curt Reimer, OR, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
3% complete, engine undecided, not yet registered

Paul A. Rosales,, Lancaster, CA.  USA
0% complete (just starting tail kit), Lycoming 0-360/Fixed Pitch 

Chris Ruble,, Milpitas, CA
10% (empennage completed/Wings in jig), Lycoming O-360 / CS Prop., No Reg. number

Jim Schmidt,, Jupiter, Florida USA
5% complete., Most likely 0-320 150-160 HP., No Registration

Fred Stucklen,, 148 Winkler Rd., E. Windsor, Ct. 06088, USA
Completed 9/1/93, Total Hours: 580.0

Dusty Veideman,, Revelstoke, B.C. Canada
100% completed Sept1/95, O-360 fixed pitch Aymar-Demuth, C-FUVX

Wayne Westerhold,, Raleigh, NC, USA
0% (starting on the empennage kit), Lycoming 0-320 or 0-360, No registration

Turbine Seawind
Douglas Karlsen: Builder, DeLand, FL USA
100% Rolls Royce Allison B17C 

Skydancer 360 (4-place, low wing, all-composite, utility/aerobatic)
Richard C. Beausoleil,, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Still in design phase, Lycoming I0-360 (200 hp), No registration yet

Steen Skybolt
J Grist,, Appleton, Wi. USA
100% complete, 180 Hp Lyc., N444PR

Stephens Akro
Builder: Doug Cline Owner: Dave Schwartz,, Spokane, Washington ,USA
Flying (finished in 1972), AEIO-360, 200 HP Hartzell CS Prop, Reg N31RS

Stits SA-11A Playmate
R.G. Welch, fly, Auburn, WA USA
100% Complete, Lyc 0-290D, N5729

Stolp Starduster Too
Chuck Price,, San Jose, CA, USA
70% completed, Lyc. IO-540-L1C5, Not yet registered

Sunderland S-18  (folding wing T-18)
Jon Levi,, Fallbrook, California     USA
50% complete, no engine yet  (Lycoming  O-320 planned), no registration

Thorp T-18
Rich Tweedie,, San Jose, California, USA
60% completed, Lycoming, No registration

TEAM Himax 1700R
David J.Miehl, ,Springboro, Pa,USA
50% complete, no engine yet (Rotax 447 planned), no registration

TEAM MiniMax
Rick Nelson,, Huntsville, AL  U.S.
Completed Jan. '95, Rotax 447, N267MM.

TEAM MiniMax 1600R
Denis Weir,, San Jose, Ca, USA
120 hours into building, Rotax 503 d/c d/i, A/C registration: n/a

TEAM MiniMax
Rick Nelson,, Huntsville, AL  U.S.
100% (30hrs TTAE), Rotax 447 (oil injected, CDI), N267MM.

Team Minimax, students, ITESM College in Mexico City.
First Flight: 23 Febuary 1994

Builder:L Powell Owner:J Hurst,, Addison, TX  USA
2000+ Hours Flown, Lycoming O-320 (160hp), N14TD

Stephen Kearney,,4215 Terrace St.,#2,Oakland, CA 94611
85% complete,Lyc. O-235,No reg.

Dr. Marshall Voris,, 423 S. Ravinia, Dallas, TX USA
100% complete, Continental 0-200, N778CD

Thomas Hubbard,, Albuquerque, NM, 
100%, H-200, N25TB

Velocity 173
Bob Ginsberg,, New Hill, NC, 
fixed - IO-360 - N173BG - 60% complete (4/5/95)

Velocity 173
G A Venkatesh,, Morris Plains, NJ USA
25% complete, Engine choice still open, No registration

Velocity 173RG
Larry D. Johnson,, San Jose, California, USA.
.5 completed (1000 hours), Lycoming io360, no registration #

Velocity, standard, fixed gear
Chuck Caldarale,, Minneapolis, MN, USA
15-20% complete, Lycoming IO-360 or Franklin 350, N828CL

Velocity Classic
Bill Cox/Hal Moore,, Palo Alto, Ca, USA
80% complete, Lycoming IO-360, No registration

Kirk Lindberg,,St.Paul, MN  USA
150 hrs flown, 200hp Lycoming IO-360-C1C,N94KL
Velocity RG
John Ewins,, Town/State??
Progress??, Engine??, Registration??

Velocity RG
David Parrish,, Lincolnton, Georgia,USA
about 200 hours into it, Subaru SVX with Ross reduction, no A/C reg as yet

Viking Dragonfly Mk II
Rob Broberg/Roger Enns,, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Flying Time 153 hrs, HAPI 1835, dual electronic ignition, Ellison TBI, C-GIIV

Viking Dragonfly
Al Fitzgerald, ALFITZ@DELPHI, Red Cloud, Nebraska  USA
95% complete, 60HP Hapi VW Conversion, Not Registered

Viking Dragonfly Mk II Special
rambo, Nathan Rambo, Camarillo, CA. 
Flying time 900 hrs, Custom VW 2180.

Viking Dragonfly Mk I
Michael VandenBos/Bob Bryce,, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Flying Time 60 Hrs, 60 HP HAPI VW, Super Posa Carb , C-GWSF

Vision,, Sean Ponsonby, Daytona Beach Fl.
35%, subaru conversion

Kitfox Vixen
Tony McWhorter,,Woodstock, Ga.USA,
100% complete,Rotax 912, N93TR. 

VmaxPROBE...a small pusher for an attempt on FIA C1A/0 3km record.
Lars Giertz
AMW 3-cyl, 100HP. Should try to fly early '96.

Vortecs VT-1 single seat, high wing, pusher
Dirk Rackley,, Vancouver WA USA
about 20% complete, Engine prototype, all aluminum, in line 4.

Wittman Tailwind, W-8 (rebuilt) (Jim Van Dervort)
400 hours

Wittman Tailwind, W-10
Richie Bielak,, Old Bridge, NJ, U.S.A.
0.01% (working on wing ribs), probably Lycoming O-235, no registration yet

Tailwind W-10
John Glowacki,, Baraboo, WI, U.S.A.
1% (ribs built, looking for spars),  O-320 or so, no registration yet

Zenith Zodiac CH601 HDS that will be powered by a
Wayne Beattie,, Southern Connecticut. 
Rotax 912. wings 80%,  fuselage complete 

Zenair Zodiac 601HDS
Rich Grialou,, San Jose, California, USA
Completed empennage, Engine - Rotax 912 (planned), A/C Registration - None

Zenair 601 HDS
Glenn L Sproat,, Vandalia (Dayton mailing), Ohio 45414

Zenith Zodiac CH-601 HD 
Todd Osborne,, Atlanta, GA
Completed Tail, working on wings, VW Conversion Planned

Zodiac CH 601-HDS
Roy Thoma,,  Hillsboro, Or, USA
0.1%,  Subaru (?)--
Charles Crosby                                  Ph: (27)-(0)-12-4202861 (w)
Dept of Mech and Aero Eng                           (27)-(0)-12-3451586 (h)
University of Pretoria, South Africa            Fax:(27)-(0)-12-436540,,

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