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Desser Tire: Americas 1st choice in Aircraft tires

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Flight Schools / Fixed Base Operators: Canada

  • Active Aerospace, Inc.: Computerized flight training for commercial airlines. In Richmond, B.C. Canada.
  • Advance Flight Training Centre, Inc.: AFTC offers a selection of Aviation Flight School Training as well as Charter Services.
  • Aero-Location Abitibi: Flying school in Quibec, Canada.
  • Aérotaxi/CESPA: The biggest flying school, at St-Hubert airport, 20 minutes from downtown Montreal, Canada. Offers a fully IFR equipped training environment with four runways.
  • Air-Hart Aviation: Canadian style fFlight training specializing in floatplane, tailwheel and off Airport procedures.
  • Air Ottawa A flight school in Embrun, Ontario, Canada.
  • Air Richelieu: Flight instruction in St. Hubert, Canada.
  • Airline Training International: Located in the heart of Toronto, Canada. focussed on private and commercial pilot training.
  • Algonquin Flight Centre Inc.: A Canadian flight school in central Ontario, offering professional flight training including float ratings.
  • Atlantic Flight Centre: Scenic Flying school by shore of world-renowned Bay of Fundy. Located at the St. John's Airport.
  • Aviation Career Academy Inc.: Professional Flightschool offering PPL, CPL, IFR, Multi and ATPL in USA, Germany and Canada.
  • Avitat Gander: Esso Avitat. Gander's Premier FBO! Operated by: Edward D. Burry Ltd. Gander, Newfoundland, Canada.
  • Avtech Aviation: Montreal St-Hubert airport based full service FBO.
  • Bar XH Air: A successful and growing schedule and charter airline serving Western Canada with flight instruction, air ambulance, international charter and more.
  • Brantford Flight Centre: A Flight School in Brantford, Ontario for students from around the world.
  • Calgary Flight Training Centre Inc.: Calgary's leading flight trianing institute. As a Cessna Pilot Center, CFTC offers the latest in CD-Rom based instructional support from recreational through Diploma-Level professional pilot training.
  • Calgary Flying Club: Established in 1927,the Club is one of Canada's premier flying organizations.
  • Canadian Flight Training Center: Flight Instructor Center of Excellence website featuring articles, links and access to information to help Instructors with teaching, course development and student materials.
  • Canadian Seaplanes Unlimited: Seaplane training as well as standard flight instruction in Toronto City Centre Airport.
  • Carson Air - Southern Interior Flight Center Our flight training division, Southern Interior Flight Center, presently is in a partnership with the Okanagan University College in Kelowna. Located in Kelowna, British Columbia.
  • Centennial Flight Centre Ltd. A flight school and charter service in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • Centennial Flying School Ltd.: A full service flight school located at Boundary Bay Airport near Vancouver British Columbia Canada.
  • Chinook Helicopters Ltd.: Helicopter Flight Training since 1982. Located in Abbotsford, B.C. Canada.
  • Courtenay Flight Center, Inc.: Canadian flight school offering private & commercial licenses, float, night and instructor ratings. Scenic tours & Rentals.
  • Edmonton Flying Club: In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • Empire Aviation: Ontario's Finest Flight Training Unit.
  • Ferguson Aviation Services: Flight training, aerial photography, aircraft rental and restoration. Located at the Peterborough Airport, Ontario, Canada.
  • Flight Discovery: Kamloops, BC, Canada. Recreational and professional flight training utilizing the new Katana.
  • Gateway Helicopters Ltd.: Gateway helicopters flight training school in North Bay, Ontario Canada.
  • Glanford Aviation Services Ltd.: Hamilton International Airport's CYHM Largest FBO. Featuring quality Shell products and standards. First at CYHM to handle wide body aircrafts.
  • Goderich Flight Centre: Flight training in Southern Ontario. Taildragger and Multi IFR training available.
  • Harv's Air Service: Providing the best in flight training, charter, and aircraft maintance. Locat in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada.
  • Helicopters Canada: Offers flight training for domestic and foreign students for the issue of private and commercial helicopter licenses. North Bay, Canada.
  • Hemisph-Air Ltd.: Flight school & charter in Dorval, Quebec, Canada.
  • High Alpine Air Services Inc.: Flight training and aircraft charter in Castlegar, B.C. Canada. Mountain flying specialists.
  • High River Flight Centre Ltd.: Aircraft flight training, charters and Zlin aircraft sales. AB, Canada.
  • Interlake International Pilot Training Centre: An international flight training school in Canada specilizing in accelerated flight training programs.
  • Juan Air: Four C-172 Pa34 Pa31 flight training, rentals, air taxi service. Victoria B.C. Canada.
  • Kanata Flight Centre: Offers flight training, aircraft rental and maintenance service, sightseeing, photo flights and light aircraft inspections and maintenance.
  • Langley Flying School, Inc.: Flight & ground training, Initial and Advanced, multi-Eengine/night rating, IFR Instruction, instructor rating.
  • Laurentide Aviation: Canada's oldest commercial flight training school just west of Montreal.
  • L.F.C. Flight Centre, Inc.: Offer advanced flight training in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
  • Mitchinson Flying Service Ltd.: Flight school, charters & rentals and aviation services in Saskatoon, Canada.
  • Montair Aviation, Inc.: Flight training in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. PPL, CPL, single and multi-IFR economic rates, quality aircraft.
  • Montreal Flying Club: Founded in 1928. one of Canada's largest training centers with a worldwide reputation of excellence.
  • National Flyers Academy: Professional Pilot Training and Charter service.
  • Northern Thunderbird Air Inc.: Flight school located in Smithers, BC, offering a diverse multitude of flight training programs.
  • Oakhills Aviation Providing Private, Commercial, Multi and IFR training in the Quinte area, Ontario, Canada.
  • Okanagan Aviation Services Ltd.: Learn to fly in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. Ideal flight school location within Vernon city limits. Aircraft rental, charter and avgas sales also available.
  • Ottawa Aviation Services: : Offering professional flight training in Canada's National Capital Region.
  • Pacific Flying Club: Non-Profit Club at Boundary Bay, BC. Flight instruction, rentals, large well maintained fleet, including Cessna and Piper Aircraft.
  • Pilot training information for all Canadian pilot ratings and licences.
  • Principal Air: Provides excellent, personalized flight training leading to the recreational, private, commercial and instructor ratings working out of the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia.
  • Pro Aviation Inc.: Most important french flight traning center in the province of Quebec Canada. Certified Cessna pilot center.
  • Pro Wings Aviation Ltd.: Offered the PPL, CPL and Multi-instrument at a reasonable cost. Located at the foot of the Rockies. Chilliwack, BC, Canada.
  • Shell Aerocentre/VanAero Flight Services Ltd.: A full service FBO located at the Vancouver International Airport, CYVR, that can accommodate the requirements of the corporate traveler and pilot alike.
  • Silverline Helicopters Inc.: Offers comprehensive helicopter flight training and charters just North of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • SkyNorth Av Fuels Fort Nelson's only full service FBO. B.C., Canada.
  • Springbank Aero Services Inc.: Located at the Springbank Airport (CYBW), a full service FBO for all propeller and rotary aircraft under 12,500 lbs. flying to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Comfortable flight lounge. Full service maintenance facility.
  • Springbank Air Training College Ltd.: Flight training; ultralight, private, commercial, night, VFR-OTT, multi-engine, multi-IFR. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • St. Thomas Flight Centre: Professional flight training in a relaxed and friendly environment. We offer training from the Recreational Permit through to Multi-engine Instrument Rating and Commercial licence. Southern Ontario, Canada.
  • Stage Air Ltd. All of aviation needs are taken care of at Stage Air. Located in Penticton B.C. Canada.
  • Stephenville Aviation Services Ltd.: First Class FBO facility in Stephenville Newfoundland Canada.
  • Stewart Air Ltd.: Provides seaplane training and rentals in Victoria British Columbia Canada.
  • Tacata Airways Ltd.: Train where Top Gun received pilots license. Thirty years accident free training. Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.
  • Tomvale Air Services Ltd.: Land O'Lakes/Tomvale Airport (NA9), located 70NM southwest of Ottawa, Canada. Refuelling, training, storage, maintenance, waterfront properties & aviation software packages (International and U.S. versions).
  • Victoria Flight Training, Inc.: Flight school located at sunny and warm Victoria BC. RPP, PPL, CPL, Night, Mountain, Multi, IFR ratings and aircraft rentals.
  • Western Air Services: First class flight school located in Goderich Ontario Canada. Affordable payment plans available.
  • WestPoint Aviation: A Private Vocational College specializing in Flight Training. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • Winnipeg Flying Club: Flight training, aircraft rentals, FBO services, and aviation social events in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
  • Woods Bay Lodge: School for floatflying and skiflying. PPL also available. Ontario, Canada.

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