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Landings: Aircraft Engine Manufacturers, Service and Modifications

Custom Mods/Restoration
Aviation's Directory

Engine Manufacturers, Services and Modifications

  • Able Experimental Aircraft Engine Co.: AltiMizer altitude compensating carburetors; VW based experimental aircraft engines; induction system packages for Subaru, VW, Rotax sport aviation engines.
  • ACES Systems: Aviation division of TEC - propeller, turbine fan trim & balance, rotor track & balance instruments. Vibration and noise reduction & surveys. Jet engine performance enhancements.
  • AeroMaritime America Inc.: Overhauls and repairs Rolls Royce 250 series engines. Mesa, AZ.
  • Aerosance: Full Authority Digital Engine Controls allowing single lever, electronic fuel injection for piston powered general aviation aircraft.
  • Aerospace DER Services, Inc.: FAA DER's in the areas of Structures, Turbine Engines, Systems & Equipment, Power Distribution. 8110-3 Repairs, Engineering Orders, PMA's, STC's.
  • Aerotech of Louisville, Inc.: Aircraft starting and charging system accessories.
  • Air West Aircraft Engines: Overhaul continental and Lycoming engines, Cessna single engine service center, Diamond Aircraft service center, Rotax certified engine service center.
  • Airflow Performance Inc.: Aircraft Multi-point fuel injection. Spartanburg, SC.
  • AirLiance Materials LLC: Provider of traceable aftermarket aircraft and engine parts from one of the world's largest spare part inventories. Online procurement available.
  • Allison Engine Company: A leading designer, manufacturer, marketer and supporter of gas turbine engines for aviation, industrial and marine applications.
  • Alternate AirPower: Manufacturer of Geschwender PSRUs for experimental aircraft using auto engines.
  • Andair: Premium fuel valves and pressure gascolators.
  • Angel-One: Used Aircraft Extended Engine Warranties 4 years or 1000 tach hours.
  • Atec, Inc.: Engine Test Facilities, Equipment, Hush Houses - all turbines. Test Support Systems: Data Acquisition, Fuel, Oil, Air, Start, Dress Equipment etc.
  • Avatar Alliance L.P.: Worldwide supplier of aircraft and engine spare parts to the Commercial Aviation Industry.
  • Avfuel Corporation: The leading independent supplier of aviation fuel and related support services for corporate, commercial, large/small customers.
  • Aviation Engine Service, Inc.: Certified FAA approved major repair station for commercial and military Pratt & Whitney JT3D and JT8D series engines. Miami, FL.
  • Aviation Systems International, Inc.: Commercial aircraft parts, engines, rotables, avionics, instrumnents for Boeing, Douglas, Airbus, Lockheed, Pratt & Whitney, GE, Rolls Royce.
  • AvioTech International: An aircraft engine management company specializing in aircraft engine and component management, engineering, sales and lease options.
  • AvNet Industries, Inc.: Supplier of Pratt & Whitney JT3, JT8, and JT9 series engine components.
  • Barrett Performance Aircraft, Inc.: Lycoming engines. Tulsa, OK.
  • Bonaire Aviation Company Offers the TCM Gold Medallion IO-550 engine with various McCauley or Hartzell propellers for your Cessna Aircraft.
  • British Petroleum Company: The BP Group is one of the world's largest marketers of aviation fuels and related services.
  • Broken Wings, Inc.: Quality used Teledyne Continental and Textron Lycoming aircraft engines and their parts.
  • Cam-Fire Engineering Group, Inc.: Manufacturers of the CAM100 Honda Civic based liquid cooled 4 stroke Aircraft engine and PSRU's up to 500hp.
  • CFM International: Manufacturer of turbine engines.
  • Classic Aircraft Services Inc.: Aircraft engine overhaul, cylinder service or maintenance. Buying or Selling aircraft, engine or engine parts.
  • Crossflow Aero Corporation: We convert Subaru automotive engines for experimental aircraft. Based out of Shelburne, Ontario, Canada.
  • Consolidated Turbine Support Inc.: Turbine consulting group. We save you 15% to 25% off the cost of your service or we're free. Prescott Valley, AZ.
  • Dallas Airmotive Specialist in Aircraft Turbine Engine maintenance, overhaul, and repair. Specializing in Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, AlliedSignal TPE331. We also service and maintian airframes for Corporate Aircraft.
  • DETA Danish Engine Trend Analyzing Engine Condition Trend Monitoring performed on P&WC turboprop and fan engines.
  • Devine Aircraft Engines Inc. Custom aircraft engine overhauls, annuals, repairs and maintenance in TX.
  • D & G Supply FAA certified repair station for piston engine fuel components and systems. Located in Niles, MI.
  • Ducarra Aviation We have an extensive inventory of Teledyne Continental engine parts, particularly the 0-470 military and ground power "Packette" engines. In Niles, MI.
  • Dyna-Cam Aero Engine Corp. 200 HP cam-drive, free-piston Dyna-Cam Engine which is patented and FAA Certified for aircraft and helicopters.
  • Eggenfellner Advanced Aircraft, Inc.: Subaru Based Aircraft Engines. 165 HP Glastar Firewall Forward. Geared reduction drives.
  • Engine Components, Inc.: An aftermarket supplier of aircraft piston engine components for over 54 years.
  • Executive Wings, Inc.: TPE331 Engines are our main thrust. Overhaul and modification. Conquests, King Air B100 and Commander.
  • E-Z Heat, Inc.: Engine Preheaters since 1984. FAA accepted, you can install yourself.
  • Firewall Forward Aero Engines, Inc.: Manufacturers of liquid cooled aircraft engines 100 to 175 horsepower and PSRU's up to 500 hp. In Sidney, BC. Canada.
  • GAMIjector - General Aviation Modifications, Inc. High performance fuel injectors for Continental and Lycoming Engines. Fully STC'd. Perform better and use less fuel.
  • GE Aircraft Engines Aircraft engines from General Electric.
  • Global Heli-Spares, Inc. Specializes in helicopter airframe and engine parts sales. We can also offer overhaul service for most rotables and inspection/repair/overhaul service for airframes.
  • G & N Aircraft, Inc. Engine overhauls, full service maintenance, on-site engine repair, inspections and estimates.
  • Grahmann International Large in stock inventory of P&W JT8D/JT3D and Allison 501 engine components.
  • Helitech Inc. Speciality equipment and special tools for the helicopter and turbine engine industries.
  • The Hiller Group, Inc.: Leading branded aviation fuel supplier.
  • International Aircraft Support Specializing in the sale of Pratt & Whitney PT6, JT15 and PW100 series engines and parts. Supplier of Beechcraft, Cessna and Piper parts. Professional overhaul management.
  • International Aviation Support Aircraft engines, parts, components, tyres, oils, fluids, lubricants, test equipmen, tools, manuals, overhaul and maintenance.
  • JAS Aviation, Inc. Complete support for DeHavilland Twin Otter and PT6 engines. Parts, information and tech. support. Located in Jacksonville, FL.
  • Jet Aviation Specialists, Inc. Repair/overhaul of Pratt & Whitney JT8D-200, and JT3D components: combustion chambers, transition ducts, rear support assemblies, turbine front & rear cases, diffuser outer fan duct, rear compressor fan duct, compressor stators, guides, clamps, heatshields, and the inner & outer outlet ducts.
  • J&R Engine Service , Inc.: We refurbish readial engines. Miami, FL.
  • KelPak Industries, Inc. Offers exchanges and overhauls for airesearch/Garrett turbos, wastegates, controllers, pressure relief valves and Rajay/Rotomaster turbochargers.
  • Leading Edge Aircraft Products Inc.: The originater of the turbonormalizing system for the beechcraft bonanza IO-520 engine, provides performance, FAA certified to 24,000ft, twin performance at fraction of the cost, safety, climb to escape icing, weather, mountains.
  • Limbach Flugmotoren GmbH: Manufacturer of engines for motor gliders, light- and ultralight planes as well as unmanned aircraft.
  • LyCon: Aircraft engines, certified, experimental, dyno testing, blue printing, port flowing, balancing, parts.
  • Mattituck Aviation Corporation Overhaul Lycoming and Continental engines and distributors for engines and parts.
  • Mena Aircraft Interiors, Inc. We will refurbish your interior, along with other qualified professionals, such as exterior paint, maintenance, engine repair, etc.
  • Microlon Corporation: The one-time engine metal treatment that increases horsepower, fuel economy and engine life.
  • Mid-West Engines Ltd. Power for today & the future. The Black Hawk F/I 105 BHP aircraft engine. Microlight, UL's, Experimental.
  • M & M Aircraft Services, Inc. FAA certified commercial aircraft engine repair station located in Miami, Florida.
  • Moravia Inc.: The exclusive North American distributor for LOM aircraft engines and propellers.
  • Mr. RPM, LLC Mr. RPM Orenda Engine conversions for Aero Commanders.
  • MTU Aero Engines GmbH: Germany's leading engine manufacturer and provides engine development, engine production and maintenance services for civil and military aero engines and industrial gas turbines.
  • Nick Carter Engines, Inc. FAA Approved Repair Station. Specializing in LOM, Continental & Lycoming Engine repairs and parts. Elizabethton, TN.
  • Northwest Aero Products Manufacturing PSRU's and engine accessories for auto conversion engine homebuilt aircraft.
  • Oilamatic, Inc.: Developing products enhance aircraft safety and engine life. Our primary product is an engine preoiler.
  • Oil-E-Vac Co.: Oil evacuation (changing eqipment) vacum system. Eliminates mess. Necessity to remove cowling and drain plug eliminated.
  • Oregon Aircraft Design Heat shields protect your Cessna engine mounts from heat damage and corrosion. Ground-filters protect your engine during maintenance.
  • Orenda Recip Inc. Certified the most advanced high powered reciprocating V8 engine. Capable of producing 600 horsepower.
  • Penn Yan Aero Services, Inc. Penn Yan Aero Service has been overhauling piston engines for 50 years. We also offer the 180 H.P. SUPERHAWK and TIGER CUB conversions for the Skyhawk and Piper Super Cub.
  • Philips Aviation: Hamilton standard Propeller parts, Pratt & Whitney engine parts. General Aviation tires. Located in AZ.
  • Phillips Aviation: Phillips 66 has been serving pilots with high quality aviation fuels since 1927.
  • Power Flow Systems, Inc. Tuned exhaust systems for Lycoming powered single engine aircraft 200 hp or less.
  • Pratt & Whitney, United Technologies Corporation: The world's leading designer, developer and manufacturer of gas turbine engines for commercial, military and general aviation aircraft.
  • Precision Aviation Products OEM for Marvel-Schebler, Bendix fuel controls. Radial engines and accessories. Aircraft Starters and dealer for surplus aircraft inventory.
  • RAM Aircraft Corporation A specialized service center developing engine and product improvements for Cessna 421, 414, 402, 340, T310 and beech Baron 58P/TC.
  • Reiff Corporation Aircraft engine preheat systems (Hotpadd oil heaters and Hotbandd cylinder heaters), battery heaters, custom fitted insulated engine blankets, prop covers.
  • R.G. Aerospace We provide high quality F.A.A. approved jet engine parts, as well as thousands of aircraft parts.
  • Rolls-Royce, plc: Aircraft Engines.
  • Sanders Aero Engine Services, Inc. Orenda 14 engine parts and complete engines (Sabre).
  • The SGS Group: We manage equipment condition through oil analysis, spectrographic, fuel testing, oils and lubricants - fast, reliable and certified labs.
  • Shell Australia: The global leader in Aviation Fuel supply. Australian site with availability, products and services information.
  • Shell Oil Company: Offering a complete line of aviation products, AeroShell lubricants take aircraft engine protection to a new level. Introducing AeroShell Fluid 2F preservative oil.
  • Snecma: Aerospace manufacturer specialized in propulsion, equipment, services for aircraft engines, helicopters, launchers and satellites.
  • Soloy Corporation Aircraft turbine conversions and repair, FAA repair station, custom fabrication and engineering.
  • Standard Aero Ltd A World Leader in the repair and overhaul of gas turbine engines.
  • Sun Air Parts Aircraft engines, parts, and accessories. Recip, Jet, APU, GPU etc.
  • Superior Air Parts, Inc.: World's largest manufacturer and supplier of after-market parts for Continental & Lycoming engines.
  • Teledyne Continental Motors: A world leader in the development and production of new and rebuilt piston engines, ignition systems, battery products, and spare parts for major aviation airframe manufacturers and the engine replacement and conversion markets.
  • Texas Turbine Tooling: We build tools for maintenance, & overhaul of Allison 250 gas turbine engines.
  • Thielert Aircraft Engines GMBH: We have developed an engine for very light aircrafts: JAA certified aircraft diesel (TA 110)
  • Turbine Support, Inc.: Staffed with highly skilled technicians having over 25 years experience working with the GARRETT 331 series engine. Located in Vero Beach, FL.
  • Turbine Technologies Ltd.: Designs and Manufactures small gas turbine engines. This site describes the TTL propulsion "Mini-Lab".
  • Twigg Corporation: Manufacturers of Aerospace components (Jet, turbine Engine Components).
  • Ultimate Engine Inc. Continental Aircraft Engine Rebuilding. The ultimate engine process for a superior aircraft engine.
  • Unison Industries World's leading manufacturer of aircraft ignition systems. Products include Slick Magnetos & Harnesses, LASAR, SlickSTART and Unison turbine ignition systems.
  • Valley Oil Company: Leading branded aviation fuel marketing in the US. Specializing in helping GA businesses grow their business.
  • Venture Aerodrome: Custom exhaust systems for Rotax 912S and 912L engines.
  • Victor Aviation Services, Inc.: Specializes in airplane engine overhaul.
  • VW Engine Centre: VW RG TT2000 100 HP Helical Gear PSRU, swing bigger props/more efficiency with over 225 ft lb of Torque.
  • Woodward Governor Company Designs and manufactures engine fuel delivery, engine control systems, subsystems, and components.
  • World Fuel Service Corporation: Worldwide reseller of Aviation fuel.
  • XP Modifications, Inc Tailwheels, parts, service. IO360 continental engine conversions for cessna 170, 172.
  • Zephyr Aircraft Engines, Inc. Zephyr overhauls over 100 Lycoming and Continental engines/year. Site features general information, a pictorial shop tour, and operating recommendations.
  • Zoche In Germany. Developing a new piston engine for the general aviation: the Zoche Aero-Diesel. Engines will be available after type certification. Find information and FAQ

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