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  • Daedalus Aviation LLC: Denver's premier flying club and Cessna Pilot Center offering quality instruction and aircraft rental.
  • Daimler-Benz Aerospace: The activities of the Daimler-Benz Group is in the fields of aircraft, space, defense and propulsion systems.
  • Dakota Ridge Aviation, Inc.: A fixed base operator in Boulder, CO.
  • Dallas Aircraft Services, Inc.: Answering all your aviation needs. Flight training school, full service FBO with maintanence and avionic departments at your sevices.
  • Dallas Airmotive: Specialist in Aircraft Turbine Engine maintenance, overhaul, and repair. Specializing in Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, AlliedSignal TPE331. We also service and maintian airframes for Corporate Aircraft.
  • Dallas Avionics, Inc.:
  • Dallas Metroplex Aviation,Inc (D.M.A): Grumman Speed Mods and Fuel Montoring Systems.
  • Damarel Systems International Ltd: Damarel supplies airport systems for common user and local check-in, boarding, flight information etc.
  • Damos Research Associates, Inc.: Services in pilot evaluation and the develoment and validation of pilot selection systems. CRM courses. Low-cost simulators.
  • Dan Howard Aircraft Sales, Inc.: Specializing in Cessna 210 Centurions, 206's, 182's, & other quality high-performance aircraft. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Dan Jay Aircraft Sales, Inc.: Buyer, seller, broker of fine aircraft, quality consignments accepted.
  • Daniel's Aviation, Inc.: Professional flight training. One on one instruction. Wilmington, OH.
  • Daniel Systems, Inc.: Computerized maintenance planning services for corporate and commerical aircraft. A full line of maintenance managment services.
  • D & P Aircraft Maintenance Corp.: Provides commercial and general aviation maintenance and also a locator of aircraft parts, engines, airplanes and as professional conslutants.
  • DARcorporation: Performas airplane design and analysis consulting services and develops airplane design software.
  • Dassault Aviation: The official site of Dassault Aviation.
  • Dassault - Falcon Jet: The official site of Dassault Falcon Jet, business jet company.
  • DATAflyt: Professional Aircraft flight following software.
  • Davco Weight Scales Inc.: For all your weighing needs. Known in the rotary aviation industry for the design and manufacture of helicopter cargo hook load monitoring equipment.
  • Davidson & Derion Insurance, Inc.: The logical choice for aviation insurance.
  • Davis Aero Parts, Inc.: Pitts and Christen Eagle Parts available.
  • Davtron Inc.: Digital Avionics.
  • Day Aviation Inc.: Avionics, Pilot Supplies, GPS, Lowrance Airmap, Headsets, Aircraft Sales, David Clark, Sigtronics.
  • David Clark Company, Inc.: Aviation Headsets, Intercoms, and Accessories.
  • Dawn Aeronautics: Flight School - Charter Services - Maintainence
  • Dawson Aviation, Inc.: Full Service FBO: snack bar, pilot supplies, various Accomadations and a Travel Agency. Located at Gadsden, AL Municipal Airport.
  • DB Aviation, Inc.: Provides the ultimate in aircraft charter, FBO, maintenance and ownership. Located in Waukegan, IL.
  • dB Systems, Inc.: Manufactures fixed and rotor wing aircraft audio equipment. Including: Audio Selector Panels, Audio Amplifiers, Cabin Briefers, PA Systems, Hailing Amplifiers and Voice/Tone Generators. In Redmond, WA.
  • DBF Enterprises, LLC: Inexpensive VFR Flight planning software giving you Time, Distance, Heading, Radio Frequencys, Airport Information and much more.
  • Deer Horn Aviation Ltd. Co: Aircraft charter, sales, maintenance and line services. For all your vacation, corperate and business travel needs. Midland, TX.
  • Del Aerospace, Inc.: Manufacturer of DEL Fitting seals AKA conical seals, flaresavers, and crush washers. Located in Oxnard, CA.
  • Delware Skyways, LLC.: Premier resource for professional flight instruction and aircraft rental providing quality flight services contributing to the success of our customers.
  • DeLawRoss Fly-Drive Valet Ltd.: Valet services for light aircraft. Servicing the M25 and surrounding areas. We can also provide teflon coating to reduce drag and improve paint appearance and protection.
  • Delcom Radio Inc.: Sport avionics. Well built and reasonably priced equipment that can be used in proximity of unsheilded ignitions.
  • Delphi Aviation, Inc.: A full service FBO. Flight training, pilot supplies, maintenance. In IN.
  • Denalai Air Service, Inc.: Specializes in tailwheel instruction in a Cessna 170B, very clean and up-to-date avionics. Licensed, bonded and insured Flight School. Cambridge MN.
  • Denel Aviation: Transport and tactical aircraft support, maintenance, and manufacturing.
  • Dennis Thompson International Ltd.: New Zealand aircraft sealer. Quality aircraft for sale with photos and specifications for each listing.
  • Derco Aerospace, Inc.: Provides logistical support for a variety of military aircraft & maintains the largest, diversified aircraft parts inventory in the world.
  • Derringer Aircraft Company LLC: Manufacturer of the new 4 place, TWIN engine, high performance FAA certified Derringer Aircraft.
  • Desert Air Spares International: A leader in commercial aircraft Spares, acquisition and resale. Specializing in Boeing 727/737/747 Support.
  • Desktop Aeronautics, Inc.: A digital Textbook about aerodynamics. Available on CD-ROM
  • Desktop Wings, Inc.: Publisher of Alfred Poor's "Cross Country", 30 VFR Flights for Microsoft Flight Simulator, book and disk of situation files
  • Desser Tire & Rubber Co.: USA's #1 aircraft tire specialty distributor, supplying 50,000 + aircraft tires and tubes annually from Los Angeles & Memphis.
  • DETA: Danish Engine Trend Analyzing Engine Condition Trend Monitoring performed on P&WC turboprop and fan engines.
  • Devine Aircraft Engines Inc.: Custom aircraft engine overhauls, annuals, repairs and maintenance in TX.
  • Devtek Aerospace: Specializes in the development, manufacture and after-sales support of commercial aerospace and land defence systems. Products include flight control actuators, major landing gear components and military small arms systems.
  • D & G Supply: FAA certified repair station for piston engine fuel components and systems. Located in Niles, MI.
  • D & H Hawaii Inc.: Helicopter Training School located in Maui, Hawaii.
  • Diamond Aircraft: Manufacturer of the best-selling Katana flight trainer.
  • Digi-Key Co.: Electronic component distributor.
  • Digital Efforts Corporation: Add-on software for pilot logbooks and free aviation wallpaper.
  • Digital Image Design: Developers of EF2000 V2.0, the hottest WIN95 based combat flight simulator in the world. Soon to release TFX3.
  • Digital Perceptions, Inc.: Emergency procedure trainer CD-ROM for PC and MAC. Award-Winning Multimedia, provides effective and affordable training.
  • DigiWx - Belfort Instrument Company: DigiWx is a complete, low-cost digital local weather reporting station.
  • Direct Fly Ltd.: Manufacturer of the ASSO V and Storch Fi 156 aircrafts.
  • Direct Personnel International Ltd: International Aviation recruiters with contracts available worldwide.
  • Discovery Aviation Services, Inc.: Full service FBO, FAA approved flight school, and aircraft charter service on Florida's Space Coast (TIX).
  • Dispute Resolution Specialists: Aviation related mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution services.
  • Distance Learning Technologies, L.L.C.: Design and development of aviation training courses Online and CD-ROM.
  • Divco, Inc.: FAA repair station for crankcases and accessories. Repair station #DB2R762K. Supplier of Lockout/Tagout Tags. Tulsa, OK.
  • Diverse Images Ltd: Historic aircraft models hand crafted and painted in finest English pewter. Limited editions some signed by famous aircrew.
  • DK Aviation: International Aircraft Sales. Airliner, Corporate and Warbirds.
  • D & K Aviation Inc.: Specalizes in executive aircraft charter, aircraft management and joint ownership in in Cessna Ciation and Hawker aircraft.
  • DK Engineering: Avionics installation electrical engineering design service in El Paso, TX.
  • Dolphin Air Inc.: Specializing in passenger and cargo charters. Aviation management, aircraft sales, and consulting.
  • Dolphin Aviation, Inc.: A full service FBO on the Sarasota International Airport. Sarasota, FL.
  • Dominion Aircraft Inc.: Marketing, selling, and aquisition of business aircraft. With fifteen years of experience.
  • Double Eagle Aviation, Inc.: Largest used aircraft delearship in the U.S. Located near Tulsa, OK.
  • Double Eagle Consulting: Russian Aviation Consulting specializes in aircraft, airline, airport audits, ATC breifings, scheduling, reviews of aviation systems, etc.
  • Doppeldecker Corp.: Aviation and Art meet in our designer cotton sweaters. Great for all friends of aviation. USA made.
  • Dorr Aviation, Inc.: Aircraft finance company. Marlboro, MA.
  • Downing Sailplane Co.: B1 PW-5 sailplane dealer for the U.S. We stock PW-5 parts and accessories. Anaheim, CA.
  • Downs Technical Service, Inc.: An FAA approved repair station of aircraft instruments
  • Downtown Air Service, Inc.: First class aircraft charter, sales, leasing, rental, instruction, maintenance and consulting.
  • Downtown Airpark, Inc.: Known for its non-stop commmitment to one-stop service excellence on not only Twin Commander aircraft, but also King Airs and other turbine and piston powered aircraft, including helicopters.
  • D.P. Industries: Aircraft hangar door manufacturer with over 26 years experience. Specializing in private and military applications. Sliding doors, canopy doors, bi-fold doors, vertical lifting doors, free standing doors, etc.
  • D & R Balloons: Balloon rides and weddings over Las Vegas. FAA licensed and insured.
  • Dragon Aerospace Corporation: Manufacturer of the Drachenfeuer; an affordable 4 passenger general aviation aircraft capable of 400+mph flight. Builds engines and avionics as well.
  • Dragonfly Aviation, Inc.: A flight school in Santa Rosa, CA. Fly among the vineyards of Sonoma County.
  • Dragon Aviation LLC: Antonov An-2 sales and service center in Guatemala, Central America, world's best bushplane is now available in Latin America.
  • Dreams of Flight LLC: Specializing in tailwheel instruction, complex aircraft systems and nationwide delivery. Hampton Airfield NH.
  • Dreamality technologies, Inc.: Manufacturer of VR based simulators, Hang Glider simulator, and motion based Cockpit simulators.
  • Dreamflyer Publications: Aviation books (plus a free aviation book for an early reader child) and aviation links.
  • D & S Aviation, LLC: The ultimate entertainment experience! Shimmering Lights Private Air Tour of Los Angeles. Catalina Island and Santa Barbara are fabulous, too!
  • Dubois County Flight Services, Inc.: FBO, fuel, flight instruction, repair station for most medium/light aircraft including King Air & CE 650, 550 series. Management and sales. In Huntingburg, IN.
  • DUC Hélices: The high-performance, high-tech ultralight propeller.
  • Duffy's Aircraft Sales & Leasing, Inc.: Flight training, instruction, rental, aircraft sales, aircraft leasing All provided in Central Wisconsin.
  • DuganAir, Inc.: Professional sales representation. Make your aerospace sales soar! We work with Boeing and all of the Pacific Northwest aerospace manufacturers.
  • Dulles Aviation, Inc.: A full service FBO at Manassas Regional Airport (HEF), VA. We participate in all aspects of General Aviation: flight training, corporate aviation, fuel &amo; pilot shop.
  • Dur-A-Shield International Inc.: Uses the latest aerospace coating technology to restore color to your aircraft and protect it from oxidation and weathering.
  • Dutch Flight Support: General Aviation sales, service parts centre located in the middle of the Netherlands near Schiphol Airport.
  • D. W. Electrochemicals Ltd.: Manufacttures Stabilants. They are envinmentially safe very-long-life, contact- enhancers. Stabilant are used in aircraft navigation and instrument landing systems.
  • Dymeq Ltda.: The largest avionics distributor in Chile, providing sales, installation and service for many manufacturers.
  • Dyna-Cam Aero Engine Corp.: 200 HP cam-drive, free-piston Dyna-Cam Engine which is patented and FAA Certified for aircraft and helicopters.
  • Dynamic Aviation Data, Inc.: We specialize in customizing the FAA Aircraft and Airmen databases to meet your business needs, printed labels, flat files, etc.
  • Dynamation Research, Inc.: Supplier of aerospace hardware for commercial airlines, military aircraft, governmental agencies, as well as private industry.
  • Dynamic Aviation Group, Inc.: A very large King Air parts inventory (BE-90 & 650A90-1). Airframe, engine, and avionics.
  • Dynamic Solutions Systems, Inc.: Manufacturer of aircraft vibration analysis and balancing equipment including the MicroVib Aircraft Analyzer, the MicroBase System and the Personal MicroBalancer

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