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Landings: Aircraft Manufacturers

Aviation's Directory
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Aircraft Manufacturers

  • 1-A LLConstruct: A new innovative aircraft company.
  • AASI: Advance Aerodynamics & Structures, Inc. manufacturer of light propjet and twinjet aircraft.
  • Adam Aircraft Industries L.L.C.: The Adam M-309 an ulta-modern twin-engine aircraft that offers safe, reliable and efficient air transportation with confidence-inspiring safety. In Denver, CO.
  • Aero-K Aviation: In the development stages for our two-seat jet aircraft called "JetHawk".
  • Aero Vodochody a.s.: Development, production, assembly, maintenance, service support, repairs, marketing and sales of L159 ALCA advanced light combat aircraft / lead-in trainer, L39, L139, L59 basic and advanced jet trainers / light attack aircraft and Ae270 Ibis utility aircraft.
  • Aerodesign Desenvolvimentos Aeronáuticos: Aerodesign manufactures the airplane experimenter Pegasus, within the most up-to-date aeronautic technology. The Pegasus is furnished as a homebuilt airplane.
  • AEROMOT Group: AEROMOT SA - Site of the finest touring motorglider family.
  • AeroVehicles Inc.: Develops Hybrid Aircraft. View the Aerocat 30.
  • Air Muskoka: Exclusive Piper Aztec on floats offers twin engine speed, safety and load carrying like no other floatplane.
  • Air Tractor, Inc.: Information about the world's leading agricultural aircraft. Manufacturing facility located on the Olney Municipal Airport, Olney, Texas. 
  • Airbus Industrie: Airbus Industrie Website. One of the World's Leading Aircraft Manufacturers.
  • AMD - Aircraft Manufacturing & Development Co. Inc. IFR certified - Fly the best avionics for less than $35.00 per hour. New aircraft/New avionics.
  • Airwave Gliders: Suppliers of the best personal flight equipment in the World.
  • American Champion Aircraft Corporation: Produces FAA certified light acrobatic and utility aircraft for pleasure, work, training, and true excitement. 
  • Angel Aircraft Corporation: Manufacturer of the FAA certified, 8 place, twin engine, STOL perfomance ANGEL.
  • Anka Inc.: Home page of the all new, all composite JAR/FAR VLA two seat airplane.
  • AQUILA Technische Entwicklungen GmbH: The AQUILA GmbH is developing, building and selling the new two seat composite light airplane AQUILA A210.
  • Archedyne Aerospace: Introducing the world's first aquatic business jet: the NauticAir 450.
  • Aviat Aircraft Inc.: Manufacturers of the Pitts and Eagle aerobatic aircraft, Husky A-1 utility plane as well as original parts for the Swift. Rebuilds/repairs/inspections/annuals.
  • Aviation Technology Group, Inc.: A Denver, Colo. company. Civilian pilots will now have access to the same kind of style and performance only military fighter pilots have experienced: the fighter-like Javelin.
  • Bell Helicopter Textron: The Bell Helicopter Textron website, a subsidiary of Textron, Inc.
  • The Boeing Company
  • Bombardier, Inc.: Makers of Challenger, LearJet and others.
  • Brantly International Inc.: Manufacturer of the Brantly model B-2B. Located at the Wilbarger County Airport in Vernon, Texas.
  • British Aerospace: A major partner in the two leading commercial aircraft consortia of Airbus Industrie and Aero International.
  • Britten-Norman Ltd.: In the UK - Manufacturers of the BN2 Islander and Defender series, Europe’s most successful modern light twin-engined aircraft.
  • Buena Vista Aviation, Inc.: The factory authorized representative for Aviat Aircraft Inc. in Colorado, Alaska, and Canada.
  • Canada AIR R.V. Inc.: ARV Griffin kitbuilt/experimental/homebuilt aircraft.
  • Cap Aviation: Home of the CAP10 and CAP232 manufacturer.
  • Centaur Amphibian: Versatile six-seat flying-boat, composites and multihull yacht technology boosting payload-range, life and wave-handling.
  • Century Aerospace Corporation: Manufacturer of the Century Jet, the world's most affordable business jet.
  • The Cessna Aircraft Company: Manufacturer of single and multiengine aircraftr and business jet aircraft.
  • Cirrus Design Corporation: Manufactures and markets general aviation composite aircraft.
  • Classic Aircraft Corporation: Manufactures the brand new Waco YMF Super, a reincarnated and improved rendition of the classic 1935 Waco YMF-5 three-place, open-cockpit biplane.
  • Colorado Millennium Aerospace: Developers of the Antelope kit plane, a two-seat aircraft in the 100 horsepower range.
  • Colyaer, S.L.: Manufacturer of the Martin 3, a new concept in composite planes.
  • Commander Aircraft Company: Offers exceptional airplanes that redefine the standard for performance, comfort, luxury, and style.
  • Construcciones Aeronauticas de Galicia: Toxo Aircraft CAG.
  • Czech Aircraft Works: European manufacture of Zenair CH601 & CH701 aircraft, quick-build kits, Luscombe 8F, aluminum aircraft floats.
  • DARcorporation: Performas airplane design and analysis consulting services and develops airplane design software.
  • Dassault Aviation The official site of Dassault Aviation.
  • Dassault - Falcon Jet The official site of Dassault Falcon Jet, business jet company.
  • Derringer Aircraft Company LLC: Manufacturer of the new 4 place, TWIN engine, high performance FAA certified Derringer Aircraft.
  • DG Flugzeugbau: Manufacturer of DG Gliders DG Flugzeugbau (formerly Glaser-Dirks) Bruchsal, Germany.
  • Daimler-Benz Aerospace: The activities of the Daimler-Benz Group is in the fields of aircraft, space, defense and propulsion systems.
  • Diamond Aircraft: Manufacturer of the best-selling Katana flight trainer.
  • Dragon Aerospace Corporation: Manufacturer of the Drachenfeuer; an affordable 4 passenger general aviation aircraft capable of 400+mph flight. Builds engines and avionics as well.
  • Eagle Aircraft Pty. Ltd: Manfacturer of the new and inovative Eagle 150. The only all composite single engine aircraft built in Australia.
  • Eagle Aircraft North America, Inc.: Markets and sells the exciting Eagle 150, fully FAA certified composite trainer or recreational airplane.
  • Eclipse Aviation: Developers of the Eclipse 500 jet, featuring the revolutionary EJ-22 engine from Williams Intl'l.
  • Embraer: Regional aviation aircraft manufacturer, featuring the ERJ 145 family great success and new projects.
  • Enstrom Helicopter Corporation: Manufactures the F28f, 280FX, and 480 model helicopters. Enstrom has a worldwide network of dealers and service centers.
  • Erickson Air-Crane Co., L.L.C.: Worldwide operator and manufacturer of the S-64 Aircrane. Offering heavy-lift, construction, powerline, and firefighting services worldwide.
  • Erospace Technologies, Inc.: Manufacturers of the Aurora twin engine homebuilt aircraft kit.
  • Euro-ENAER: The official site of the manufacturers of the Eaglet, a new composite two-seat aircraft.
  • The Eurofighter Site: Project record, aircraft specification, pictures and latest news.
  • Explorer Aircraft, Inc.: The Explorer is a new composite high-wing big single retractable designed for passenger or cargo service. Various versions up to 17 seats.
  • Fairchild Dornier: Manufactures a variety of products from regional jets to components and subassemblies for every Airbus passenger aircraft.
  • FanWing Ltd.: New technology for flight.
  • This is something very different - the worldís first internet aircraft design and build house.
  • Found Aircraft Canada Inc.: A Canadian Bush Plane manufacturer. Models includes the FBA-2C1 Bush Hawk (260HP & 300HP).
  • Freewing Aerial Robotics: Rutan-Roncz-Schmittle UAV concept company.
  • Gamely Renegade Aircraft cv: A Dutch company and contains the development of a new amphibious aircraft concept, named 'The Brevity'.
  • General Dynamics: General Dynamics Aerospace group - the world’s leading designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of mid-size and intercontinental business jet aircraft. The Aerospace group is comprised of Gulfstream Aerospace and General Dynamics Aviation Services.
  • Gevers Aircraft, Inc.: Developing a high performance 6 seat triphibian with a multi-terrain landing gear, interconnected propellers, and telescopic wing. In Brownsburg, IN.
  • Gippsland Aeronautics Pty. Ltd.: Australian manufacturer of the GA-200 agricultural aircraft and the GA-8, 8 seat passenger/utility aircraft.
  • Group Genesis: Genesis 1 is a revolutionary new sailplane developed by Group Genesis, Inc.
  • Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation: Designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of Gulfstream business jet aircraft.
  • Harper Aircraft Inc.: WD Aircraft Corp. and Harper Aircraft Inc. presenting the new composite D4 Fascination high performance single engine, two place aircraft.
  • de Havilland Support Ltd.: Based at Duxford Airfield UK, DHSL provides design and airworthiness support for de Havilland aircraft, including the Moth series, Tiger Moth, Rapide, Chipmunk, Dove and Heron.
  • Helio Aircraft Company: Helio Courier, Helio Twin Courier and Helio Stallion - C/STOL aircraft
  • High Performance Aircraft: Development of a 5-seat twin powered by two diesel engines. Top speed 245 kts at FL200 with 18 gal/h (Jet).
  • Impulse Aircraft GmbH: Manufacturer of small, fast and economic lightplanes in latest composite technology.
  • Interstate Aircraft Company: Manufacturer of FAA Type Certificated Arctic Tern. A two place utility aircraft with exceptional STOL performance and durability.
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.: Wide-ranging aircraft manufacturer, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, as well as aircraft engines.
  • Kestrel Aircraft Company: Kestrel Aircraft Company Home Page.
  • Lake Aircraft, Inc.: Manufacturer of the only boat hulled amphibious aircraft in the world.
  • Lancair: Lancair Kitplanes. The Lancair family of aircraft covers the range of private pilot needs and those pilots who want to own the fastest single piston in the world.
  • Lane Aircraft Company: A Rockwell Commander dealer marketing the 112 and 114 Commander.
  • Learjet Inc.: The official Web Site for Learjet Inc.
  • Liberty Aerospace, Inc.: The Liberty XL-2 is a new, two-seat, side-by-side, 600 lb, tricycle-gear aircraft.
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation: The official site.
  • Luscombe Aircraft: In Altus, OK.
  • Merlin Aircraft, Inc.: Kitplanes, experimental airplanes, rugged homebuilt aircraft, bushplanes, seaplanes, ultralights.
  • Meyers Aircraft Company: Home of the Meyers 200D 4 place piston single. Learn about the aircraft's history and it's future.
  • Micco Aircraft Company: Manufactures the Meyers SP20. In Ft. Pierce, FL.
  • Millicer Aircraft Industries: Millicer M9-200 "Shrike" - a four seat FAR 23 approved aircraft in Australia. 200HP gives 145 KTAS cruise.
  • Moller International: Manufacturer of the Skycar.
  • Mooney Aircraft Corporation: Homepage of the Mooney Aircraft Corporation.
  • Motorávia - Aeronautic Engineering S.A.: Sport aircraft manufacturer: ULM manufacturer and general aviation supplier, all you can imagine about airplanes.
  • Multi-Mission Amphibians, Inc.: Seawolf - Patrol: long range, cost effective, multi-role, and amphibious. Seafury - Civil: versatile, rugged, fun, turns heads.
  • Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd.: Manufacture of Quality Light aircraft from 850 lbs. gross to 3000lbs.
  • The New Piper Aircraft, Inc.: Homepage of the New Piper Aircraft Company.
  • Norman Aviation Inc.: A company in Quibec, Canada, specialized in plane fabrication. We have several models to offer such as the Nrdic line and the Karatoo.
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation: Northrop Grumman is a leading designer, systems integrator and manufacturer of military surveillance and combat aircraft, defense electronics and systems, airspace management and information systems.
  • OMF Aircraft: Manufacturer of the OMF-160 Symphony, a new 2-seat trainer, certified in US and Europe.
  • Orion Technologies: A full service aircraft development firm specializing in configuration development, structural design and prototype fabrication.
  • Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A.: Makers of the P180 Avanti.
  • Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.: Known for their innovative design, precision engineering, and quality craftmanship.
  • Pioneer UAV, Inc.: The prime contractor for the US DOD Pioneer Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system in Hunt Valley, MD
  • PZL: The oldest Polish aircraft manufacturer with over 3000 aircraft of different type, sold to more than 30 countries. Established in 1928
  • Quality Aerospace, Inc.: Manufacturer of the Ayres Thrush and Turbo Thrush Agricultural Aircraft. Fabrication Contractor for Boeing, Fedex, etc. Albany, GA.
  • Raytheon Aircraft: Raytheon Aircraft Home Page.
  • R.M.T. Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd: Bateleur - an unusual aircraft with outstanding features.
  • Robin Aviation: Famous training and leisure french Robin aircrafts.
  • Safire Aircraft Company: The Safire personal Jet - an aircraft of exceptional quality and performance at affordable price. West Palm Beach, FL.
  • Scaled Composites, Inc.: Aircraft and spacecraft development. Concept to flight test to production. Composite manufacturing technology research.
  • Schempp-Hirth: The Cirrus sailplanes.
  • Scimitar USA: Homebuilt high performance composite sailplane.
  • SeaStar Aircraft Inc.: High performance composite long range Seaplane for up to 6 people.
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation: A subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation manufactures helicopters flown by commercial, government and military operators around the world.
  • Silver Arrow: Silver Arrow UAV design and production. Silver Arrow has the capability to design, build, produce and test various types of UAV's, including integrated advanced avionic packages.
  • Sino Sweringen Aircraft Company: Manufacturer of the SJ30-2 - a six-to-eight place single-pilot, light business jet designed to replace turboprops and older technology business jets.
  • Slip Stream Industries Inc.: The manufacturer of the Genesis, the Revelation, the Scepter, the SkyQuest and the Dragonfly.
  • Socata: One of the leading manufacturers of light aircraft. A subsidiary of the Aerospatial Group. From aircraft design to product support service.
  • Star Aerospace LLC: Manufactures the worlds most advanced pusher aircraft with the speed and comfort of a jet and the price of a piston
  • Sterling Aviation Technologies, Inc.: "Friends of the Tomahawk" We support the Piper Tomahawk by designing and manufacturing affordable replacement parts to keep your plane flying!
  • Striker Aircraft Manufacturing: See replica WW1 bomber, fighters,1930's air-racing craft being designed, built, and test flown in support of the film "To End All Wars".
  • Taylorcraft Official site of Taylorcraft Aircrafts.
  • Technoflug Leichtflugzeugbau GmbH: Manufacturer of Piccolo, the world's lightest self launching motorglider and the new Carat, the Motorglider for fast cruising and soaring.
  • Textron, Inc.: Official web site of Textron, a leading manufacturer of Bell helicopters and Cessna aircraft. Web site includes dozens of photos, and some multimedia files.
  • Utva Aircraft Industry: Aircraft and component manufacturer located in Pancevo, Serbia, Yugoslavia.
  • VertiFan, Inc.: A jet powered, VTOL aircraft that has all the agility of a helicopter plus high speed cruise.
  • VisionAire Corporation: Manufacturer of the VisionAire Vantage, the remarkable new single pilot, six-place business jet.
  • Vulcanair S.p.A.: The company has taken over the heritage of the fine Italian aircraft design and manufacturing in the general aviation business.
  • WACO Aircraft Company, Inc.: Manufacturers of the WACO YPF-7.
  • Zenair Ltd.: Manufactures the all-new Zenith CH 2000 FAA-certified trainer aircraft.
  • Zenith Ltd.: Manufactures the new type-certificated ZENITH CH 2000 trainer aircraft: a new and affordable all-purpose light aircraft for the '90s and beyond.
  • Zivko Aeronautics Inc.: Official home of the ZIVKO EDGE-540 and now EDGE-540T
  • Zlin Aircraft: Morvan North America, Inc.: the exclusive manufacturers

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