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Aerobatics Flying: Index-R-T

  • Raf Aerobatics: Site about aerobatics. Aircraft pictures, animations, videos, forum.
  • Ray LeBlanc: Vertical Productions presents Ray LeBlanc's high energy Air Shows, Sukhoi 26 photos, Biographical information and links
  • Red Arrows: Official home page of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, including team details, display dates, picture gallery and much more.
  • Red Yak 52 of Robert de Vries: About Robert de Vries, his aerobatic aircraft, his agenda and his foto gallery.
  • Rich Stowell's Aviation Learning Center: Providing pilots and flight schools with resources to improve safety while capturing the joy of flying. Spins, emergency maneuvers, aerobatics!
  • Rob Krauter Airshow Home Page: Information on learning aerobatics & the latest news about Rob Krauter Airshows.
  • Rocky Hill Airshows: Airshow performer in Extra 300.
  • The Royal Australian Air Force Aerobatic Team: An unofficial R.A.A.F Roulettes page.
  • Salto Kunstflug Crew: We are a little aerobatic team and looking for contact to other aerobatic groups or single pilots.
  • Sean D. Tucker Power Aerobatics Team: Information about the team.
  • SF260: Information on the SF260 Siai Marchetti. This is a fully aerobatic aircraft.
  • Sidewinder: Sidewinder or Smyth-Sidewinder home page and newsletter.
  • Skåne Aerobatic Club: A Swedish society round a Yak 52.
  • Skip Stewart Airshows: High-energy, fast-paced, Gyroscopic thrill ride. Modified Pitts S-2S airshows.
  • Sky Box: Aerobatic team from the Czech republic - the winner of 1st series of FAI World Grand Prix of Aviation in category "formation teams".
  • SkyJack Motor Sports: Can-Am Super Pitts airshows and unlimited competition aerobatics with Steve Jackovich and the home of a handy new patented product called the Drain Mate!
  • Skytours Aerobatics: Airshows/Commercials/Promotions.
  • Skytrace: YAK-52 Type Conversion and Safety Training, Aerobatic displays in the UK by Russian professionals.
  • Smirnoff International Aerobatics Team: Smirnoff Pitts special aerobatic team in South Africa.
  • Snowbirds: The Snowbirds are the aerobatic display team of the RCAF.
  • Spin Safety: Webpage dedicated to spin safety.
  • Sport Aviation Services: We specialize in ultralights and experimental aircraft. Aerobatic airshows, flight training, pilot services.
  • Stallion 51 Corporation: Premier P-51 Mustang Facility. Orientation flights and Checkout training available in Crazy Horse and Mad Max.
  • Sunrise Aviation: Aerobatic instruction and rental in Southern California with Michael Church. Decathlons, Pitts S-2B, Extra 300.
  • Sunshine Coast Air Race: September 5th, 1997, The 12th Annual Sunshine Coast Air Race, hosted by the Maroochy Aero club, Maroochydore Qld Australia.
  • Swedish Aerobatic Association: News, coming events, results, forum, weekly polls, gallery, known sequences and more.
  • Swiss Aerobatic Association: The SAA We is the National Aerobatic Organisation with responsibility for Aerobatic contests within Switzerland.
  • Team Eagle: Jan Emilsson - areobatic pilot from Sweden.
  • Team Staudacher: Homepage for Staudacher aerobatic airplanes.
  • Technischen Kommision F3A/X:
  • Tiger Tom Klassen: The home of Tiger Tom Klassen and the Buell Motorcycles sponsored Su-26 Buell Tiger.
  • Tim Weber Airshows: Arizona based Tim Weber performs unlimited class aerobatics in his Extra 300.
  • Twisted, Inc.: Plane Twisted - Aerobatic, spin and tailwheel training in North Texas. Awesome Twisted Joy Rides in a Pitts S2-C

Ch: Aviation (more->)

Tony Tyler: Aviation industry will handle over 3 billion passengers in ... (NWST)

Heathrow runway delay is hurting aviation industry, warns Iata chief (GUAR)

Raytheon increases pilot situational awareness with Aviation ... (AVIO)

Embraer jets receive Russian certification (JRLA)

Plymouth Airport celebrates its pioneers by naming gates for them (BOST)

Ajit Singh writes to UP CM on land for airport at Allahabad (INDI)

Airline profits pick up in 2012: IATA (TMSE)

Contract with the SAAF terminated Denel (POLI)

Denel aircraft specialists receive retrenchment notices Solidarity (POLI)

GAA signs up for BIAS2014 (BNA_)

Jet Aviation Dubai signs agreement with FEAG (CORP)

Marines hone command capabilities for Afghanistan (DVID)

Analysis: China acquires 90 ILFC stake (JRLA)

Dassault Falcon sells two jets to Wallan (TRAD)

AviancaTaca orders ATR 72 600s (JRLA)

New Issue Milestone Aviation sells 250 mln notes (RTRS)

A Chance for Ugandans to Fly (ALLA)

Col. Michael Musiol takes over 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade (OBRF)

General Aviation Taking off at MacArthur (AVIA)

Lady Antebellum chooses Skynet Aviation (REVI)

Future of GA sparks debate at Wichita event (AOPA)

The many sides of airlines (TTGA)

Ma speaks out on ICAO exclusion (TMST)

MEBA to move to dedicated Dubai world central expo site (ZAWY)

MEBAA Elects Two to Board, Ups Insurance Cover (ONLA)

Roundtable: Aviation 2013 The Latest Legal Features, Research ... (WHOS)

Research Trends and Conclusions: Aviation 2013 (WHOS)

Most Highly Regarded Firms: Aviation 2013 (WHOS)

BAE Systems Wins 400 Million US Navy Aircraft Maintenance ... (AVIA)

Natca: Sequestration Would Cripple ATC, NextGen (ONLA)

Ch: Incidents (more->)

Banner year for safety in global aviation (TN)

2012 named safest year in civil aviation history (_PST)

Neema Swai a Woman Flying Her Dream (ALLA)

Cessna aircraft makes crash landing in Malir Cantt (NWS_)

HAMM member and passenger killed in small plane crash (TYLE)

World War II Fighter Raised From Lake Michigan (CHIC)

WWII era plane recovered from depths of Lake Michigan (WREX)

Pearl Harbor Day event pulls up old fighter plane, and zebra ... (WBEZ)

WWII era plane found at bottom of lake (WZZM)

Strengthen English Skills in China's Aviation Industry (ENGL)

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