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What is .aero?

.aero is a new Top Level Domain (TLD) dedicated to the aviation industry. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) delegated the .aero registry to SITA - provider of global information and telecommunications solutions to the air transport industry.

Who can register a .aero domain name?

.aero domain registration is exclusively for companies, organizations, associations, government agencies, and individuals in the aviation and related industries. Non-aviation related companies cannot register .aero domain names.

How can I find out if a domain is available?

Check if your .aero name is available:

    What are the benefits when registering a .aero domain?

    Aviation community members benefit from a structured and controlled Internet domain in which specific priorities are defined for specific Registrant Groups and Domain Types.

    Who is registering .aero names?

    Aviation companies are registering trademarks and brand names, as well as industry specific codes: company names, brands, airport codes, trademarks, and even slogans.

    How is .aero helping the aviation community?

    The main advantages is authentication of all domain name holders protecting the assets of the community, while enhancing the level of trust in Internet-based transactions.

    Can .aero web address co-exist with .Com websites?

    Yes, .aero domains work just like .com domain names. Your domain administrator configures your DNS so that your .aero addresses display the desired web site (as well as email service). Check with your DNS or email administrator for more information. We offer free web redirect and forwarding service of all .aero domain registrations to existing .com web addresses upon request.

    How can I obtain a .aero domain?

    If you are eligible for a .aero domain, complete this .aero order form, and we will process your domain registration(s). If the registry accepts your request, we will notify you of completion of your domain registration(s) and send you an invoice for the service. All .aero domain names (via Landings.com) are only $89.00 per year with available registration terms of 2 to 10 years per domain name.

    Can I transfer my .aero domain name?

    The .aero registry does not allow transfer of ownership for .aero domain names (as per SITA).

    Who sets eligibility criteria?

    Eligibility criteria is set by the registry. The criteria is defined in the Domain Management Policy in collaboration with associations acting as Representative Bodies for each Registrant Group.

    How much does it cost to register a . aero domain name?

    Via Landings.com, each .aero domain name costs only $89.00 USD per year and is available in 2 to 10 year increments.

    Why should I register my . aero domain name via Landings.com?

    Landings.com has negotiated special pricing terms and is able to offer registrations at a LOWER COST. Our domain registration partner provides redirects and additional domain services upon request. Landings.com also offers web sites services to enhance your registration and make your new .aero address available as soon as regisration is completed (see SITES Service for an easy way to add a web site).

    When can I start using a .aero domain name?

    As soon as your domain registration is completed, you can start using your new .aero domain.